My Presidential Election Social Media Guidelines

We have reached the point where we are past “the final stretch” of the presidential election. Instead, we have pretty much arrived at game time. To use an analogy one of my coaches used to make, “the hay is in the barn.” Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have battled and campaigned their hearts out. With less than 2% of undecided voters out there, the next President of the United States is probably pretty much already selected. We now just have to wait a little more than 48 hours for the final verdict to come in. Of course, many of us will be passing this time monitoring and sounding off on social media.

With that said, let me just offer three guidelines we can all keep in mind over the next two days as we peruse the social media waters.

1. When it comes to social media, feel free to proudly make your candidate preference known. It is your first amendment right and I personally like reading the ideas, thoughts, and opinions of my friends. However, try to be respectful and don’t take the bait. If you see someone on Twitter who doesn’t agree with you or just appears to not agree with you, there is no need to engage them by tweeting at them. Likewise, if someone writes a book on Facebook about an issue or candidate that you don’t agree with, what do you really gain by responding? Unless you are aiming for an embarrassing argument for all to see along with a bunch of annoying notifications, I would advise to just keep your opinions on your own Facebook page.

2. Don’t let Facebook give you anxiety. Although I have a tough time believing that people can actually allow the presidential election to disturb their mental health, by all means take proper precautions if it does. If the decision between Donald and Hillary is keeping you up at night, it is best to stay off of social media the next couple of days. Trust me, you probably won’t like what you see.

3. Finally, and most importantly, don’t use social media to utter the absolute worst phrase you possibly can. Come Tuesday night, no matter who becomes our nation’s President-elect, please don’t make mention of wanting to leave the country. Seriously, please don’t.

Exactly four years ago on this date, I wrote about how special a presidential election night is. I still feel this way and I will make sure to give Tuesday evening my utmost respect. Social media can both enhance and diminish from the sanctity of what the night is all about. Choose to honor it. Don’t Blink.

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