Trump is Fascinating

There is simply not a more controversial and intriguing man in the country right now than Donald Trump. Look at the media, talk to your friends, or check your Twitter feed to confirm this. Or, just check this blog. In the last few months, Trump has surfaced in FIVE different posts, including one devoted exclusively to himself. After tonight, he will have his second. The only other person who comes close to getting this type of exposure in Don’t Blink is Sidney.

Do you love him or hate him? Most people have an opinion on Donald Trump.

Do you love him or hate him? Most people have an opinion on Donald Trump.

Last night I was shocked. Even though I constantly remind myself not to be surprised by anything Donald Trump says or does, I was definitely saying to myself “he said what?” I know he wants to build a wall and I know he wants to keep the radicals out, but never did I think he would go far as to say, in the third person of course, that “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

At that second I immediately reached the conclusion that he was done. Not just suggesting, but boldly declaring, that such an aggressive action should be taken in the United States of America seemed like a death wish to his campaign. But after the shock wore off and Trump strongly kept supporting his bombshell statement, I knew I had once again underestimated the incredible thing this man has going.

This post is not about politics. When I say “the incredible thing this man has going” I am not stating that Trump is on a righteous and noble crusade. I am merely saying that what he is doing is unprecedented, calculated, and seemingly bulletproof.

Donald Trump is no longer just intriguing to me, he is fascinating to me. How else could someone who has performed poorly in the debates, insulted too many to count, and launched a war on the media still be leading this race?

Well, I think two of those three perceived negatives I just outlined happen to actually fuel him, especially the latter. The way he has assaulted and manipulated the media has catapulted him to a position in the polls that we never thought a billionaire with no political experience would be in. From his Twitter account to his speeches to his campaign rhetoric, Trump has called the media biased, stupid, and out of touch. Folks wanting to stand up for their newspaper or TV station and write a nasty column or go off on an angry tangent on their cable news programs have done so…many and many times over. But have they won redemption? Hardly.

The anger and backlash from the media has just kept Donald Trump right at the forefront of current American culture. We see his face, hear his voice, and read about his latest stunt every single day. And, supporters and opponents alike, keep reacting. My friend Danny Davis, a newspaper reporter in Texas, wrote this Facebook status.

Danny hits the nail on the head with this status.

Danny hits the nail on the head with this status.

He is 100% correct. Trump’s critics could quite possibly be his biggest asset. I looked at a local Myrtle Beach reporter’s Twitter timeline last night and it was completely full of anti-Donald Trump retweets and angry replies. I then looked at every single national news station that isn’t named Fox News and observed their unfavorable Trump coverage. It just made so much sense. The Donald has the media around his finger at both the local and national levels.

Donald Trump famously complains about unfair media coverage but don’t kid yourself, he knows he is thriving off it. Mr. Trump is a very smart man and he is managing to capitalize on both the disgust of some and the admiration of others. While I might not agree with some of his views, I can now more than ever say that he is a fascinating individual. In July I wrote to “get comfortable” and watch the “Trump Show” play out. While he has definitely made a lot of people uncomfortable, he has provided us with a show. What turn will it take next? Don’t Blink.

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