The End of President Trump

Today Donald Trump announced that he will not run for President. To that, I respond with a big, sarcastic “REALLY??”
Donald Trump’s flirtation with a possible presidential run was the biggest joke ever. Are you asking who took the brunt of The Donald’s bush league, self-promoting, far-fetched scheme? Well, that is easy: the media.
I know no one who would ever in their right mind would even consider voting for Donald Trump for President. Even my friends who are desperately hoping for some special Republican candidate to come out of the woodwork and separate themselves from the very weak 2012 GOP Presidential Candidate field never took Trump seriously. The guy literally flip-flopped all of his views over night to align with the platform of the Republican  Party.
I watched in amazement as the media did exactly what Trump wanted and bought into his fantasy run. All of the news channels had sit down interviews with him, Time Magazine ran a detailed feature on him, talk radio went on and on about his prospects, newspapers from coast to coast gave him their front page.
Bottom line is that Trump is much more obsessed with himself than his country to ever realistically consider the Presidency. Don’t get me wrong, he is a brilliant man who has earned every cent of his fortune.  Like it or not, he is a product of the American Dream and I give him a lot of credit. In fact, I admire him for this latest publicity stunt. He took the media in his hand and advanced his brand on a big national stage. Again, this post is not to call out Mr. Trump but rather to call out the media.
One more thing to illustrate the silliness of this all. Trump said he would announce on the finale of The Celebrity Apprentice whether he would for President or not. Well, the finale of that show was taped back in the Fall, way before Trump even mentioned the word “President.” Don’t Blink.

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