A Defeated Media

This past Friday was a great day for two men. First, it was special for President Barack Obama. The day signified a wrap on his eight years of faithful service to the United States. He was able to hold his head high as he boarded a helicopter to take him off on a well-deserved vacation. It was also a triumphant day for President Donald Trump. The man launched an against-all-odds campaign for the presidency and emerged victorious. His Inauguration was a textbook example to kids on what it means to never give up.

However, Friday wasn’t a good day for everyone. In fact, it was a downright lousy one for the national media.

If the media thought nothing could be worse than Election Night when national networks were humiliated for bad reporting and for the reliance on inaccurate pollsters, this past Friday proved them wrong. It was a gloomy day for an unapologetic left leaning national media forced to report all day long on the man they despise taking the reins of the office they tried so desperately to prevent him from taking. It was a bitter pill to swallow. The look of awkwardness, disdain, and anger was clearly visible on the faces of many anchors and reporters all throughout Friday.

Resiliency is a desirable characteristic, however, and there was no doubt that folks working at such networks as ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc. were not going to take their medicine peacefully. Throughout Friday, many from the national media predictably focused less on President Trump’s unlikely and historic rise to the highest office in the land and more on stories they thought would take away from the moment they hoped they would never see. Throughout the day, viewers could turn on the TV and hear about…

The awful weather. The rain and the gloom seemed to speak to the mood of the country. Mother Nature sent the dark weather to prove a point that Trump is an illegitimate president. I mean, why else would it rain right when President Trump started to deliver his Inauguration Address?

Speaking of that Inauguration Address, it was another hot topic for the press. A speech that gave power to the people and pledged for the end of “all talk, no action” politicians must be something we never let our children hear. Never mind that President Trump spoke in a clear and powerful manner that contrasted with the philosophical and vague addresses of past presidents. While many neutral citizens with an interest in public speaking and relevant content thought the speech was well-done (including this blogger), the media didn’t quite think so.

How about those Friday protestors? The national media gave a lot of coverage to the people who converged on Washington D.C. to incite violence, destroy property, and impede the progress of service men and women whose job it was to line the parade route. On a day when hundreds of thousands of American citizens gathered to mark the peaceful transition of power, the media seemed to give an unproportionate amount of coverage to the small group of people who arrived in our nation’s capital for the sole purpose of causing damage.

Then there was the crowd. How embarrassing for President Trump that, according to the media, the amount of people gathered for his Inauguration fell short of satisfactory? It was almost as if that since the press thought the amount of American citizens was not adequate for the occasion, it made President Trump’s dominiating Electoral College victory invalid.


With the last storyline mentioned, the media registered a small victory. The Trump Administration seemed offended by the constant Inauguration attendance talking point, causing White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to come a bit unglued. He lectured the media on inaccurate and biased reporting.

Here is the thing, Mr. Spicer: It is not realistic to think that the media is going to do you any favors. Get over it.


The Trump Administration needs to relax and realize one major point: On Friday, Jan. 20, 2017, President Trump won. Despite every obstacle thrown his way, he was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Conversely, the media lost. Although the press pulled out every stop to derail his campaign and to sour his Inauguration, Trump survived. So, until his term concludes or until he is impeached (I won’t be surprised if it happens), the media must wake up each morning knowing that someone they can’t stand is the president. Trump is the winner and he should act like it. Don’t Blink.

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  1. The media needs to move on report news not try to be the story themselves go back to basics and try not to sensationalize everything they give more press to bad and negative. Smile the sun will come up tomorrow somewhere

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