The Decline of the Anti-Trumpers

In the paper today, I read an interesting and honest article. Titled “The decline of anti-Trumpism,” it analyzed the way in which people who oppose President Donald Trump are increasingly dooming their own cause. Instead of critically explaining their arguments and offering alternatives to the policies of President Trump, they simply aim to express their hatred for the man while embracing whatever negative rumor they hear, regardless if it is completely false (such as Fire and Fury). The author of the article said anti-Trumpism is “getting dumber.”

With Anti-Trumpism on the decline, it looks like Donald Trump could once again get the last laugh.

Here is the thing – the author of the article is an anti-Trumper himself. However, he felt it was time for him to speak out against what he thinks is a troubling trend. He decided to use The New York Times to do so.

Although I don’t involve myself in politics, it has been hard to not observe what Mr. Brooks wrote about this morning. After President Trump was elected, it was a tough time for many in this country. Protests were held, steam was vented, and threats to leave the country were levied. I understood the frustration. But when Inauguration Day came around, I challenged my fellow Americans to give Trump a chance.

That never happened.

Not that President Trump did himself any favors. Instead of ignoring the mainstream media and those who never bothered to give him a fair shake, he decided to fight back. When it came to his critics, he brought the same attitude he had as a private citizen into the Oval Office. He has been nasty and rude to many, a trait that many find very unbecoming of the Office of the Presidency.

Of course, President Trump’s rhetoric has only fueled those who hate him. People have so much anger toward our Commander In Chief it is damaging their ability to actually offer critical arguments, Brooks observes. Perhaps that has been Trump’s game plan all along?

Anti-Trumpers, as hard as it might be, need to stop taking the bait. The old adage of “two wrongs don’t make a right” couldn’t ring more true. Brooks argues that at this point you almost can’t tell a difference between President Trump and those who oppose him.

Unfortunately, this stalemate favors Trump. Why? Think about it, President Trump could suddenly stop lashing out. If he did so, Trump’s accomplishments in office (and as much as it hurts many of us to admit, he has achieved a lot in his short time in office) would take center stage instead of his poor temperament. Where does that leave the anti-Trump movement? As angry and bitter as ever, just with much less leverage.

The anti-Trump movement needs to do an about face. People who despise Trump must stop pressing the retweet button on every extreme tweet they come across, cease chastising people who voted for him, and swallow the venom they spew every time they hear the name President Trump. The chance to be a clear and respectable alternative is slipping away. And we all know what that means…Trump wins, again. Don’t Blink.

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