On Feb. 4, Our Questions Will Be Answered

It is about time! At the conclusion of last night’s “This Is Us” episode, a voiceover informed us that “all your questions will be answered” when the series resumes on Super Bowl Sunday after the game. Although that means we still have 11 days to wait, at least we now know for sure that on February 4 we will learn how the dad died.

Not that it doesn’t seem obvious. If we take the clues given from the previous “This Is Us” episodes, especially the one last night, it would seem logical that Jack meets his demise when he re-enters the house to save the family dog. But who are we kidding? The “This Is Us” writers are known for misdirection and curve balls so perhaps a big surprise awaits us.

As the greatest television mystery is about to be solved, I want to thank “This Is Us” for giving my family something to look forward to every week. Our “Reser Pride 4.0” group message becomes pretty active on Tuesday mornings as we text about how excited we are for that night’s show. Sid and I get to watch it first on the east coast. After sending a message to the group on whether it was a “good” or “bad” episode, we go to bed. My brother and sister then watch it on the west coast. My parents are late to the party as they usually DVR it and watch it later in the week.

After everyone has watched the latest episode, we then discuss it. We are all pretty enthusiastic about “This Is Us” except for my dad, who claims he hates it, but we all think he secretly likes it. Although we have the characters we enjoy (Kevin for me) and those who we loathe (Toby for me), we all can admit that everyone in the cast contributes to an engaging show.

There is so much I can say about “This Is Us” but I will just point out a few thoughts I have on the show.
– I find it impressive and borderline freaky that the children who play Kate, Kevin, and Randall are spot on representations of their adult characters.
– Since having Sloan, I get a little emotional watching the Jack-Kate dynamic. He treats his daughter with so much love and compassion.
– I thought last night’s episode was excellent which I appreciated because I thought the last two episodes, especially the one from last week, missed the mark.
– I am crossing my fingers that the doctor who delivered the Pearson kids will make an appearance in this upcoming episode – he is my favorite recurring character!
– Anyone else not really feeling the Randall/Beth apartment renovating angle? I know it is probably supposed to parallel Jack/Rebecca planning to flip a house but it just seems like a stretch.
– I personally root for Miguel!

Tomorrow we can start the 10 day countdown. You can bet there will be some chatter about it on the Reser Pride 4.0 group message! Don’t Blink.

Sending A Thursday Rundown Your Way

My oh my, what a gorgeous day it was in Myrtle Beach. The sunshine always puts me in a good mood. You know what else puts me in a good mood? Writing a Thursday Rundown! Let’s go…

Snail Mail – Our favorite calligrapher now sends us beautiful cards in the mail. Brooke Holden, the person behind our chalkboard baby announcement, is now sending customers/newsletter subscribers a few personalized cards in the mail each year. They come randomly and are such a nice surprise. Check out Brooke’s website if you have any calligraphy needs.

Inside this perfectly addressed envelope were samples of her work using the names of Sidney and I.

Coastal Now – At Coastal Carolina University, we produce an awesome show called Coastal Now. Some of you might know that I have my own social media segment on the show called the Social Circle. Well, the latest episode has been released. In this most recent segment, I highlight our #CCU Keys to Success campaign. If you have the guts to watch me on camera, you can watch it by clicking here.

If you the time, take a look at my latest Social Circle segment.

Baby Update – After all the excitement we had this past weekend preparing our house for our new addition, things didn’t slow down completely this week. We had another ultrasound today where we had another beautiful opportunity to see our daughter. Last night, my father-in-law set up the bassinet where our baby will sleep for the first couple months. Pretty glamorous, right? Last but not least, Sidney has her work baby shower to look forward to on Monday.

This bassinet is now in our room waiting for our daughter.

Top Movie When I Was Born – Last night I made a big deal about the website that allows you to find out what the #1 song in the country was at time of your birth. Believe it or not, that same website will also tell you the #1 MOVIE in the country at the time of your birth as well. What film was generating the most money in the theaters when I was born? It was “Crocodile Dundee.” I don’t know if that is something I should be proud of.

This Is Us Reaction – Like much of the country, Sid and I have devoted Tuesday nights to watching “This Is Us.” The second to last episode of the season was this week and it left us with a cliffhanger along with possible clues on how the dad (“Jack” played by Milo Ventimigila) dies. All I can say is this: I sure hope NBC is just giving us a little bit of misdirection and that Jack doesn’t die drunk behind the wheel. In my opinion, I think that development would be even worse than the angle of Kevin getting back together with his ex-wife.


That is all I have for now. Enjoy your upcoming weekend and thank you for your support of my blog. Don’t Blink.