A Hot Thursday Rundown

It was a hot day here in South Carolina. Temperatures hit 90+ degrees and the humidity pushed the heat index past 100 degrees. Time to cool off with the Thursday Rundown.

Fall Television – It was great to watch “This Is Us” again on Tuesday. Sidney and I are big fans and we looked forward to the season premiere. Looks like the show hasn’t missed a beat. I still managed to shed a tear, laugh out loud, and express how much I hate Toby. But perhaps “This Is Us” won’t be our only show this season. Last night we watched the brand new series “SEAL Team” and I must admit it is pretty good. However, I don’t know if I can commit to watching TWO shows each week.

Counting the Weeks – Since Sloan was born, I have taken a weekly photo of her. I make her pose with a folded piece of notebook paper with her age written out in black Sharpe. I didn’t do this to poke fun at the practice of creating elaborate chalkboards for each milestone that many parents employ. Rather, I wanted to simply document each week of her life in a non-tedious way. My intention was never to embarrass Sidney by letting the world know that I do something that many would consider sloppy. But because Sid actually shared one of these photos on her Facebook page this past weekend (much to my honor) I decided I would share my low-maintenance method on my blog.

Each week, I rip a piece of paper out of a notebook, mark it with Sloan’s age, and pose her next to it.

280 – The magical number in the social media world right now is 280. Twitter finally announced that it will begin rolling out its increased character count starting with randomly selected accounts. I have learned that you can’t be a traditionalist and survive in my profession so I am happy that Twitter is giving all of us a little more freedom when it comes to expressing ourselves. My only question is WHAT TOOK SO LONG? Twitter has flirted with increasing the character count on tweets for such a long time that it almost became a joke. Heck, I wrote a blog post about the anticipated change practically two years ago! Glad the adjustment is finally here.

Sloan at 28 Weeks – Sloan keeps rolling and rolling and growing and growing. She loves her solid food and becomes upset when she sees that it is almost gone. Sidney and I can both make her laugh instantaneously and she lights up our world by flashing us a big smile whenever we see her at the end of the work day.

Sloan will turn 28 weeks tomorrow. Here is her latest photo collage.

Flo – I give credit where credit is due. Although I despise the Progressive Insurance commercials featuring Flo, it sure has worked out well for the company over the years. However, did you know Flo has an acting career outside of her Progressive gig? The other day, Sidney and I watched an old Ben Stiller movie from 2007 on Netflix called “The Heartbreak Kid.” We were just watching the film when all of a sudden Sidney exclaimed “It’s Flo!!” We looked it up and sure enough an actress named Stephanie Courtney (Flo) has quite an extensive list of acting credentials. I still don’t like her.


Don’t worry about me too much. After today the temperature is going to dip and we will have a weekend that hovers in the upper 70s. Life is tough. Thanks again for reading my blog and I hope you have a great evening. Don’t Blink.

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