An Elusive Thursday Rundown

It looks like you have returned. Good. I have my latest Thursday Rundown fully prepared for your enjoyment. Off we go….

Vacation Bible School – This week Sloan is attending Vacation Bible School. All the parishes in the Spokane Valley combined together to offer this year’s faith camp. The theme is “the Vatican Express” and Sloan has had a blast learning about Peter and the Holy Papacy that he started. Each day is full of games, crafts, music, teachings, and everyone’s favorite—snacks. I have a lot of fond memories from attending Vacation Bible School myself so I am glad that Sloan is getting the opportunity to start making her own.

Sloan holding a couple of the things she made at Vacation Bible School yesterday. She has her fishing pool so she can be a “fisher of men” and her “I am re-lion on God” craft.

Camp Snack – With my sister and brother-in-law providing dinner and breakfast at camp this past weekend, the least we could do was bring snacks. One item my wife made was Rice Krispies treats. I don’t know your personal opinion, but I don’t think it gets much better than this childhood (and adulthood) snacking staple. My wife always makes a delicious batch of Rice Krispies treats and it was evident at camp because there wasn’t one remaining when we went home on Sunday. Do you have a special trick for making your own?

Sidney working hard to bag up the Rice Krispies treats she made for camp.

Meeting the Mouse Himself – I have kept you updated on the adventures we have had with our Chuck E. Cheese summer pass. Well, I have something new to report this week. Sloan finally met the living/breathing costumed Chuck E. Cheese! Although she posed for a photo with an inanimate Chuck E. Cheese, she never had the pleasure of meeting the actual person…umm…mouse? The reason for this is that we haven’t even seen the costumed character until this latest visit. He is tough to track down during this COVID era. Despite his elusiveness, Sloan was happy to finally get a hug.

The different stages of Sloan’s interaction with Chuck E. that resulted in a hug.

Cheetos Mac’N Cheese – I am known to be a sucker for novelty products so it might not come as a surprise that I bit on the below item. I found this macaroni and cheese box at Grocery Outlet for 79 cents and knew I had to give it a try or deal with lifelong regret. I cooked it up yesterday for lunch and when I went to put the seasoning on something became very apparent to me. The orange stuff I was sprinkling on the pasta smelled exactly like a crunchy Cheeto. There was little doubt in my mind that it was the same “dust” that tops Chester Cheetah’s most popular snack. As for the actual taste of the dish, it definitely wasn’t the best boxed mac and cheese I have ever had. It tasted like it smelled (like a crunchy Cheeto) with some spice thrown it. I won’t be getting it again.

Trying Cheetos Mac’N Cheese once was enough for me.

Beau At 1.5 – Today Beau turned a year and a half. To commemorate his 18-month milestone, I made the below collage to show him at 0 months, 6 months, 12 months, and today. Our little boy is a tornado full of energy who loves to pull his sister’s hair. But he is also one of the most affectionate little dudes you will ever meet. We sure love him.

Beau on February 5, 2020 (top left), Beau on August 5, 2020 (top right), Beau on February 6, 2021 (bottom left), and Beau on August 5, 2021.


That will wrap it up for tonight. Hope your August has started off on the right foot and that the first full weekend of the month is an exciting one. Don’t Blink.

Watching Random YouTube Clips at Night

Over the past week, I have utilized Apple TV for something other than watching Netflix. Instead of settling down before shutting my eyes with a movie or documentary, I have used the YouTube feature to watch random videos. As I have spent the past decade watching YouTube clips on a computer or my iPhone, it is kind of cool to watch the content on a large TV.

However, my late night YouTube watching has confused Sidney at times. She has woken up to some pretty random scenes on our bedroom TV. You see, just like I use Wikipedia to jump from one subject to a completely unrelated subject, I have managed to do the same with YouTube.

For today’s blog post, I thought I would share with you five of the random videos I found myself watching this past week that in turn made a groggy-eyed Sidney ask “Why?”

Don’t Blink Commercial – Watching the commercial for my blog that featured twins (debated) boosted my ego just a bit. It is one thing to watch it on a smart device screen but to view it in all its glory on a television is a bit thrilling. However, once the chorus of “Don’t Blink –” woke Sidney up, she told me to turn it off immediately.

This commercial done for my blog was a lot of fun to watch on our TV.

This commercial done for my blog was a lot of fun to watch on our TV.

Dr. Pepper Taste Test – I typed Dr. Pepper into the search bar and came across this ultimate taste test. As you might know, I am intrigued by the battle of generic vs. knockoff and I have even performed my own tests before. But what this guy did took it to the absolute new level. He sampled 11 different Dr. Pepper imitators. He had his viewers send in obscure knockoffs from all parts of the country. He then went down and tried them all. I watched it with fascination.

Take a look at the lineup  this dude has of Dr. Pepper knockoffs.

Take a look at the lineup this dude has of Dr. Pepper knockoffs.

Chucky E. Cheese Party Rock Music Video – One thing led to another and I found myself looking at Chucky E. Cheese videos. After watching different clips chronicling the history of the Chucky logo, I stumbled upon this…ummmm…gem? It is a music video from 2012 featuring Chucky singing “Party Rock Anthem.” It is everything you could possibly think it to be. My guess is that a random Chucky E. Cheese location decided to go rogue and do this themselves because I get no indication based on its quality that it had any help (or blessing for that matter) from national headquarters. Luckily, Sidney did not wake up for this one.

Watching this Chuck E. Cheese music video for "Party Rock Anthem" made me want to get out of bed and dance.

Watching this Chuck E. Cheese music video for “Party Rock Anthem” made me want to get out of bed and dance.

Cheesecake Factory Review – As I have written a couple times about the Cheesecake Factory in this blog, it probably doesn’t surprise you that I looked it up on YouTube. However, what I came across wasn’t a news report on the chain’s success or a company video describing the different kinds of cheesecakes offered. Rather, it was just a random restaurant review done by a family. The parents and a teenage daughter visited their local Cheesecake Factory for lunch in Lexington, Kentucky. They filmed the whole meal for all to see in quite some depth. Call me weird, but I enjoyed laying in bed late at night watching a family chow down at an excellent restaurant. From the bread to the entrees to the cheesecake, this family included it all and then gave a very honest assessment.

A screenshot of the dad and daughter at the Cheesecake Factory in Lexington, Kentucky.

A screenshot of the dad and daughter at the Cheesecake Factory in Lexington, Kentucky.

Creepy Silent Santa – Last Sunday night, Sidney and I were watching impressive Christmas light displays on YouTube. She drifted off to sleep and I ended up finding Santa videos. I watched one that showed a Santa actually going down a chimney. I then came to this one. This grainy video, presumably made to show children that Santa exists, was intriguing to me. But while it was intriguing to me, it was a little unnerving to Sidney. She woke up in the middle of me watching it in a confused state. Once she was able to get the gist of the video, she told me it was creepy and asked that I turn it off.

This video sketched Sidney out a little.

This video sketched Sidney out a little.


YouTube is fun! It becomes even more entertaining when you can watch it just as if you were watching television. However, be careful if you watch it so close to bedtime like I do, it can make for some wild dreams. Don’t Blink.