Camping in God’s Country

The “Best Summer Ever” continued this past weekend when we went camping with my sister and brother-in-law. Wanting to “be one with nature” and stretch beyond our comfort zones just a bit, we eagerly accepted their invite to join them at a remote campsite a couple miles north of Usk, Washington (aka God’s Country).

Sidney and I enjoying a camping weekend.

This wasn’t a glamping excursion. Although they have a camper, we spent most of our time in the middle of the woods disconnected from the world and cell phone service. It was glorious. My parents watched Beau so Sid, Sloan, and I could have a relaxing time with Miranda (sister), Jay (brother-in-law), Mikayla (niece), Johnny (nephew), and Duke (family dog).

We did get away from the campsite to visit a lake and also this gravel area where the kids got to climb a “mountain.”

A lot of the weekend was spent sitting in a circle of camp chairs just chatting…and hydrating. While the adults talked, the three kids ran around the campsite and played in the creek that flowed right by us. It was quite the scenic backdrop.

Sloan and Mikayla hold hands while walking in the creek at our campsite.

We did get away from the campsite to spend a couple hours at a nearby lake. After we swam and ate rice krispy treats, we headed to a large area where the kids could play on gravel mountains at one end while Jay and I could safely take target practice at the opposite end.

The kids (and Duke) enjoying the lake that was near our campsite.

On Saturday night, Miranda and Jay prepared venison tacos for everyone. We also made s’mores, played Taboo, and busted out the glow sticks. The kids retired inside the camper to watch a movie and the four adults stayed up well past midnight just talking about life.

Sloan decked out in glow sticks on Saturday night.

It is easy to forget about the magical world we live in. God truly designed a picturesque planet. Taking time to literally smell the fresh air, listen to a stream flow, and taste a cold beer while surrounded by nature are things we should all try to do more often. I am glad we took the opportunity to experience all three this past weekend.

Thank you to Miranda’s family for inviting us camping!

Of course these experiences are enhanced even more when you get to do them with people you sincerely enjoy. It was so nice spending quality time with Miranda and Jay while watching the three kids have an absolute blast with each other. To be isolated from the outside world but connected with family is a special thing. Don’t Blink.

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