Comic and Soda Thursday Rundown

Good evening, my friends. Hope everyone has had a great first week of December. How about we begin with another Thursday Rundown?

Classic Comic – I shared this Family Circus comic strip on my Instagram account exactly five years ago today and for good reason – it is funny! I decided to dust it off and present it to you for your enjoyment. The girl asks his father: “Did Santa Claus and Jesus go to school together?” I am going to say probably not.

Still funny after five years.

My Cover Story – Almost two weeks ago, I shared the news that I wrote the cover story for the latest issue of our university alumni publication, Coastal Magazine. I counted it as a career highlight and a big step up from my blogging roots. The story is now online, so if you feel inclined, please feel free to read my work by clicking here.

I had the honor of writing the cover story of the latest Coastal Magazine issue.

Dr. Pepper – Back in May, I wrote about my top 5 favorite sodas. Cracking the top spot was Dr. Pepper. Thus, it only makes sense that I share a graphic I came across on my Timehop app about the storied history of the drink. Dr. Pepper was invented in 1885 and it was first sold by a pharmacist! That makes it even older than Coca-Cola. In a world of countless different soft drinks, according to my taste buds, the soda world got it right the first time.

Dr. Pepper is really good…and also really old.

Price Comparison – We used to frequent the supermarket right next to our house, Lowe’s, for our grocery needs (it is a really nice store!). However, we now go to Walmart Market for most of our shopping. One of the reasons why? Pricing! As an ice cream fanatic, I have to share this pricing disparity. You can purchase a tub of Great Value ice cream for a staggering $1.84 at Walmart. When I went and picked up some sour cream for our tacos the other night at Lowe’s, I looked at its store brand ice cream and noticed the $4.99 price next to its tubs. That is a difference of over the $3! But it is more than just the price; it is the quality! When I conducted a blind taste test, Walmart’s Great Value ice cream was far superior to the ice cream made by Lowe’s. You can make your own decision on where you want to buy your frozen dessert but I am sticking to Walmart!

I took the photo of the Lowe’s ice cream ($4.99) just recently and I took the photo of the Walmart ice cream ($1.84) during the summer.

Sloan at 38 Weeks – Well, it has been a bit of a tough week for Sloan. She came down with a fever and has been sweating it out the past few days. Sid and I have taken turns staying home from work to care for her. The good news is that it looks like she is on the mend! She is still as sweet as ever and even though she might not be saying it consciously, the sounds DA-DA come out of her mouth all the time. She has also mastered the “Army crawl.” We received her Santa photos yesterday and they are fantastic. I will share the experience with all of you after we send out our Christmas cards. Until then, here is the latest photo collage.

This is Sloan’s photo collage at 38 weeks.


The holiday season is in full swing. I am preparing myself for the annual Palmetto Bays Christmas party (Sidney’s work party) this weekend. If you are also venturing out over the next couple days to a holiday function, don’t forget my tips. Feliz Navidad! Don’t Blink.

My Top 5 Favorite Sodas

I grew up drinking very little soda. My parents rarely kept it in the house and my coaches always told me it was detrimental to my body. However, as I grew older, and especially since I moved to the south, I have enjoyed soda more and more. Although I will still opt for water or milk before a soft drink, I am at the point now where I drink soda multiple times per week.

Because I enjoy making “top 5” lists based on my food and drink preferences, it is only natural that I do one on soda. So, without further ado, I give you my top choices for when it comes to deciding on a highly carbonated and sugary drink.

5. Pepsi – If there ever happened to be soda in the refrigerator, or, as we called it, “pop,” it was Pepsi. My mom grew up in a home where there was an endless supply of the stuff and she never lost her taste for it. My grandpa owned a restaurant and would always bring home cases of “Pepsi-Cola.” Because I was exposed to Pepsi at a young age and because we regarded it so highly, to this day I still enjoy it. I will always choose Pepsi over Coke and I will always enjoy a slight taste of nostalgia when I drink a can.

4. Sprite – My taste for Sprite and other lemon-lime sodas has evolved over the years. My taste for it started when I had braces. My orthodontist advised that if I did drink soda, which I rarely ever did, to drink light colored formulas. This pretty much left me with Sprite. I grew to like it, a preference that continues to this day. I like the mellow, light taste of the drink. If I am eating something really heavy, such as a McDonald’s quarter pounder meal like I had on Friday, I try to neutralize it with a Sprite. Come on man, obey your thirst.

3. Orange Soda – Call me a kid but every now and then I enjoy an orange soda. If it is 100 degrees outside and I feel dehydrated, order me up an orange soda. The way I see it, no other soda hits the spot like an orange one. I don’t even care if it is Fanta, Sunkist, Crush, or the various other brands out there…an orange soda is an orange soda to me.

An orange soda is so refreshing.

2. Wild Cherry Pepsi – My favorite soda logo, I find a can or bottle of Wild Cherry Pepsi aesthetically pleasing. But besides the attractive design, I genuinely like the taste. If I want to sit on my couch and drink a soda on the rocks, Wild Cherry Pepsi is my first choice. It is tasty, refreshing, and satisfying. Also, the smell that escapes when you crack open a can or twist open a bottle is the absolute best.

1. Dr. Pepper – Did you know that Dr. Pepper is actually the oldest soda? Well, in my book, the oldest is also the best. When it comes to types of soda that I see people addicted to the most, I can narrow it down to three major ones: Diet Coke, Mt. Dew, and Dr. Pepper. In my opinion, Diet Coke is flat out not very good and Mt. Dew is way too sugary. But with Dr. Pepper I can understand the mania. Dr. Pepper has that smooth and unique taste that allows you to drink more than one…just ask Forrest Gump. In all honesty, I just really enjoy Dr. Pepper. Like I said, there is no other taste like it (besides imitators). If you had to fill a refrigerator for me of only soda, I would say stock it up with Dr. Pepper.

Yes, I like Dr. Pepper so much I even have a Dr. Pepper shirt.


I know what you are asking right now…why don’t you just drink Cherry Dr. Pepper? Although I do like that particular flavor, it doesn’t beat my top two flavors when they are served individually. Thanks for reading! Don’t Blink.

Watching Random YouTube Clips at Night

Over the past week, I have utilized Apple TV for something other than watching Netflix. Instead of settling down before shutting my eyes with a movie or documentary, I have used the YouTube feature to watch random videos. As I have spent the past decade watching YouTube clips on a computer or my iPhone, it is kind of cool to watch the content on a large TV.

However, my late night YouTube watching has confused Sidney at times. She has woken up to some pretty random scenes on our bedroom TV. You see, just like I use Wikipedia to jump from one subject to a completely unrelated subject, I have managed to do the same with YouTube.

For today’s blog post, I thought I would share with you five of the random videos I found myself watching this past week that in turn made a groggy-eyed Sidney ask “Why?”

Don’t Blink Commercial – Watching the commercial for my blog that featured twins (debated) boosted my ego just a bit. It is one thing to watch it on a smart device screen but to view it in all its glory on a television is a bit thrilling. However, once the chorus of “Don’t Blink –” woke Sidney up, she told me to turn it off immediately.

This commercial done for my blog was a lot of fun to watch on our TV.

This commercial done for my blog was a lot of fun to watch on our TV.

Dr. Pepper Taste Test – I typed Dr. Pepper into the search bar and came across this ultimate taste test. As you might know, I am intrigued by the battle of generic vs. knockoff and I have even performed my own tests before. But what this guy did took it to the absolute new level. He sampled 11 different Dr. Pepper imitators. He had his viewers send in obscure knockoffs from all parts of the country. He then went down and tried them all. I watched it with fascination.

Take a look at the lineup  this dude has of Dr. Pepper knockoffs.

Take a look at the lineup this dude has of Dr. Pepper knockoffs.

Chucky E. Cheese Party Rock Music Video – One thing led to another and I found myself looking at Chucky E. Cheese videos. After watching different clips chronicling the history of the Chucky logo, I stumbled upon this…ummmm…gem? It is a music video from 2012 featuring Chucky singing “Party Rock Anthem.” It is everything you could possibly think it to be. My guess is that a random Chucky E. Cheese location decided to go rogue and do this themselves because I get no indication based on its quality that it had any help (or blessing for that matter) from national headquarters. Luckily, Sidney did not wake up for this one.

Watching this Chuck E. Cheese music video for "Party Rock Anthem" made me want to get out of bed and dance.

Watching this Chuck E. Cheese music video for “Party Rock Anthem” made me want to get out of bed and dance.

Cheesecake Factory Review – As I have written a couple times about the Cheesecake Factory in this blog, it probably doesn’t surprise you that I looked it up on YouTube. However, what I came across wasn’t a news report on the chain’s success or a company video describing the different kinds of cheesecakes offered. Rather, it was just a random restaurant review done by a family. The parents and a teenage daughter visited their local Cheesecake Factory for lunch in Lexington, Kentucky. They filmed the whole meal for all to see in quite some depth. Call me weird, but I enjoyed laying in bed late at night watching a family chow down at an excellent restaurant. From the bread to the entrees to the cheesecake, this family included it all and then gave a very honest assessment.

A screenshot of the dad and daughter at the Cheesecake Factory in Lexington, Kentucky.

A screenshot of the dad and daughter at the Cheesecake Factory in Lexington, Kentucky.

Creepy Silent Santa – Last Sunday night, Sidney and I were watching impressive Christmas light displays on YouTube. She drifted off to sleep and I ended up finding Santa videos. I watched one that showed a Santa actually going down a chimney. I then came to this one. This grainy video, presumably made to show children that Santa exists, was intriguing to me. But while it was intriguing to me, it was a little unnerving to Sidney. She woke up in the middle of me watching it in a confused state. Once she was able to get the gist of the video, she told me it was creepy and asked that I turn it off.

This video sketched Sidney out a little.

This video sketched Sidney out a little.


YouTube is fun! It becomes even more entertaining when you can watch it just as if you were watching television. However, be careful if you watch it so close to bedtime like I do, it can make for some wild dreams. Don’t Blink.