Target Thursday Rundown

I know a lot of my readers are fans of “The Bachelor” so I hope you all have regained your composure after the bombshell episode this week. Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t watch the show (although I did write a post on a contestant from “The Bachelorette”) so don’t expect to see it included in my latest Thursday Rundown. Onward and upward…

The Target Trick – My wife was quite tickled last Sunday as she excitedly told her family what she got me to do. I am not a fan of Target – I find it overhyped and overpriced. Sidney does not share my opinion. If at all possible, I try to never walk through the doors of that store. This past weekend, Sid asked if I would join her and Sloan on a shopping outing that included Target. Not wanting to stay home by myself, I accepted. Our first stop was Target as we looked at presents and party decorations for Sloan’s upcoming birthday. We spent a long time in the store before eventually leaving. It was now time for lunch. After Sonic fell through because no one asked to take our order, Sid enticed me to go to Which Wich, a sandwich chain we really enjoy but is also really out of the way. The hidden motivation for going to the restaurant? It is right next to another Target! Yep, Sid convinced me to spend an hour in that location too, noting that this second store was so much bigger and better than the previous one. She found her little stunt quite amusing.

This is Sloan at Target (the first store) this past Sunday. As you can see, she is already getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day/her birthday.

Message in a Bottle – I am fascinated by messages that find their way to random people by way of a bottle at sea or a released balloon. In today’s newspaper, I learned that the oldest message in a bottle ever recorded was recently washed ashore in Australia. The note inside was in perfect condition and dated June 12, 1886 (132 years old!). Sadly, it wasn’t a love letter or prophetic scrolls. Rather, it just contained scientific information relating to a German experiment on global currents. Although the content of the correspondence was a letdown, it was still really cool that someone would find a message in a bottle that old.

Sloan at 51 Weeks – Here we are folks, just single digit days away from Sloan turning 1. I think Sloan is excited although I know mommy isn’t. Even though Sid is a little sad to see Sloan reach a major age milestone, she has kept herself busy planning for Sloan’s birthday party. Our little girl is standing up more and can walk with our aid or by using the walker toy she has. Sloan is starting to figure things out and she seems to have a little bit of daddy’s OCD in her. Over the past few days, Sid and I have taken moments to reflect on what we were doing a year ago at the given time, reflecting on the buildup to the birth of Sloan. So many memories.

This is Sloan’s photo collage at 51 weeks.

March 8 Archives – I have written some creative blog posts on March 8. Take for example just last year when I notified my readers about a website that gives your life historical musical context (when I was born, “Stuck With You” by Huey Lewis and The News was the #1 song in the country). On this date in 2016, I wrote about some unique treats that the Reser household grew up on. In 2015, I wrote about the great experience I had working the Big South tournament as the Coastal Carolina men’s basketball team punched a ticket to March Madness. Additionally, on March 8, 2012, I attended the best concert of my life. Standing front row at the Spokane Arena, I watched Blake Shelton put on an incredible show.

I took this up close photo of Blake Shelton at the Spokane Arena exactly 6 years ago today on March 8, 2012.

Gonzaga Still Amazing – Speaking of Spokane, I must give another nod to Gonzaga. The Bulldogs played in their 21st consecutive WCC tournament championship game on Monday night, defeating BYU. The victory automatically put the Zags into their 20th consecutive NCAA tournament. I will always be proud of the accomplishments of this small Jesuit school and will always hold tight to the small connection I have to the program.

I was a ball boy for Gonzaga years and years ago.


We are going to try to enjoy Sloan’s last weekend as a 0-year-old (typing that made me laugh) as much as we can. Thanks for reading and I will catch up with you again soon. Don’t Blink.

Ideas for the Ultimate Snack Mix

My whole life I have really enjoyed snack mixes. As a big fan of the Chex Mix varieties and of traditional trail mix concoctions, I have always liked the combination of “mega salty meets slightly sweet.” But forget the “slightly sweet,” I like the combination of just “mega salty” as well. Have you ever had the Costco Pub Mix before? You know, the snack mix packaged in that big tub? You can’t get me away from it!

I love the salty and very flavorful Pub Mix from Costco.

I love the salty and very flavorful Pub Mix from Costco.

In general, I like snack mixes just because I enjoy the different textures and different flavors coming together for one bold taste. Just make sure to have a drink with you because any mix worth a darn will make you thirsty.

When these snack mixes came out, the pattern was what I described above: either “mega salty meets slightly sweet” or just “mega salty.” However, in recent years many options have surfaced that deliver on a taste that is either “mega sweet meets slightly salty” or simply “mega sweet.”

Need examples? Chex Mix offers a family of snacks such as chocolate turtle, dark chocolate, and even muddy buddies! Reese’s even offers a snack mix that is high on peanut butter and chocolate. My favorite sweet snack mix, introduced to me by my mother-in-law, is called Monster Mix. It still has the traditional peanuts and raisins included, it just has a much higher ratio of M&M’s added with a generous portion of chocolate chips and peanut butter chips as well. I like it so much that on Halloween I opted to eat Monster Mix instead of candy.

I opted for Monster Mix over candy on Halloween.

I opted for Monster Mix over candy on Halloween.

But then on Friday everything changed. My wife surprised me with a snack mix that takes the “mega sweet” concept to a completely different level. When I came home at the end of the week, she told me to go look on our bed. When I did, I came upon a tub of Rudolph’s Mix.

Sidney surprised me on Friday night with a tub of Rudolph's Mix. You have to try it!

Sidney surprised me on Friday night with a tub of Rudolph’s Mix. You have to try it!

An item you can only get at Target, Rudolph’s Mix is probably the most sinful holiday treat you can purchase. The packaging doesn’t call it an “indulgent snack mix” for nothing. It includes milk chocolate & white chocolate-covered cereal pieces, graham bites, M&M’s, and peanut butter cups. The snack is so delicious and so sweet that you can practically feel it in your teeth when eating it.

This is me holding our tub of Rudolph's Mix. It is incredible.

This is me holding our tub of Rudolph’s Mix. It is incredible.

Perhaps the best part of it all? Rudolph’s Mix tastes like Christmas! It is hard to explain through words but just sample some and it will all make sense. The Hallmark Channel is already running Christmas movies and I kid you not, watching the films while munching on the Rudolph’s Mix will really make you feel the Christmas spirit even if it is still mid-November.

Okay, time to get to the point of this blog post. I hope I illustrated that snack mixes are getting much more…ummmm…to borrow a word from Rudolph’s Mix…indulgent. If any of my readers out there has a wild, wacky, or delicious concept for a snack mix, please let me know. I will take one idea that is submitted and actually create it. Of course I will write about it as well. So please don’t hold back. Let me know the ingredients of your dream snack mix by contacting me over social media or through Don’t Blink. Have a great Sunday and happy snacking! Don’t Blink.