2024 Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts

My mom has always said “homemade Mother’s Day gifts are the best” and I think that rings especially true this year. Sloan and Beau worked hard the couple weeks leading up to Mother’s Day at school to create some truly heartfelt and unique gifts.

In the first grade class at St. Mary Catholic School, the children made portraits of their moms surrounded by characteristics describing them. Vibrant colors and jaded shapes were infused to make the standalone piece of art almost Picasso-esque…well, that might be a stretch 😂. But what isn’t an exaggeration is that this gift came straight from the heart of Sloan and her love shines through. Her dad might be slightly embarrassed that she can already draw better than him.

The Mother’s Day gift that Sloan made in Emily Lunsford’s St. Mary Catholic School first grade class.

Beau’s gift looked somewhat similar to something Sidney received about three years ago. Oh that’s right! Sloan made the same oven mitt present when she was in Mrs. Shaurette’s Pre-K3 class for Mother’s Day 2021. Well, if we use Beau’s version as much as we use Sloan’s, it will be an immensely useful gift.

Beau holds the Mother’s Day gift he made in Mrs. Leanne Shaurette’s St. Mary Catholic School Pre-K3 class.

But of course it isn’t the practicality that makes homemade Mother’s Day gifts so special (although it is an added bonus). Rather, it is the personality, love, and memories tucked into each one. Beau’s oven mitt is stamped on the top with his own personal mitt…err…hand. It also came with a bookmark containing a cute poem and a “recipe” straight from Beau’s imaginary cookbook. For those who can’t zoom in on the “Pasta” recipe card, it says: She cooks the pasta in a pan in the oven. Then she puts blue raspberry syrup on it (she likes that). Then we eat it at my Grandma’s. I love you. – Beau

A close up look at the gift Beau gave Sid.

Like I said, it is all about the memories 😂.

Much gratitude to St. Mary for pushing their students to make meaningful Mother’s Day gifts. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for Father’s Day 😉. Don’t Blink.

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