Well Done, Target

I am not a big Target fan. I find the chain overrated, deceptively overly priced, and uninspiring. However, deep down in my heart I do have a smidge of affinity for the store. Why? My wife loves the place.

Well, that “smidge” at least doubled in size today. I read in the newspaper that Target is putting an end to what it calls the “Christmas Creep.” The phrase, which I really like by the way, refers to the tendency for many retailers to start rolling out the Christmas products and decorations well before Thanksgiving, sometimes even before Halloween. This year, Target will focus on actually promoting and recognizing Turkey Day before transforming its stores into mini Santa Workshops.

I am not a fan of Target but I really appreciate the move the company just made.

Look, I love Christmas. In fact, I love the Christmas season. But let’s be real, the Christmas season doesn’t start in October. I prefer to stay patient and wait for the good things in life. It makes them that much better when they occur. Busting out the Christmas trees and egg nog two months before the actual holiday normalizes and cheapens it.

Nothing has accelerated the “Christmas Creep” more than big box stores, malls, and other retailers. It has gotten completely out of control. These culprits have taken it to a level of absurdity. Thankfully, one of the big players is finally taking a stand.

Target says it will hold back on the Yuletide spirit because of feedback from its shoppers. Yes, the customers told the retail giant that red and green looks tacky with orange and black. Although Target might think in the back of its head that early Christmas green translates to money green, I am glad they are listening to the masses and putting a temporary delay on the madness.

As I said, I am not a Grinch by any means. I just value moderation and common sense. I don’t say this very often but well done, Target. Don’t Blink.

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