Sloan’s First Halloween Costume

It is time to end the suspense. For Sloan’s first ever Halloween, she is a…

Sloan is a flamingo this year!


Sidney found the costume at…drum roll…Target. The best part is the pink fur that covers Sloan’s little arms. It reminds me of the fur that actual college and professional mascots use on their suits. Besides the fur that covers the arms, it is also came with a main body piece with an attached hood, pants, and shoes.

Sloan is as happy as a lark when she is in the costume. She smiles and flaps her arms, making her look like a real bird! Picking her up is fun because she is all cuddly. I think she will be sad once we put up the costume at the end of the night.

Speaking of tonight, Sloan has had several dress rehearsals prior to Halloween.

She modeled the costume for me after it was purchased three weeks ago. Mommy put her in it and surprised me as I laid in bed on a Sunday morning…

Kind of a dark photo but this was the first time I ever saw her in her costume. Made my day!

Last Thursday, she attended the Hallelujah Fall Festival at her daycare in full flamingo garb…

Sloan sitting with her mommy at the Halloween celebration for our daycare.

Then, this past weekend, she melted her papa’s heart when she got in it for him…

Sloan modeled her costume for papa this past weekend.

Now it is time for the grand finale. We are minutes away from trick-or-treating and she is ready to go…

Sloan has her game face on and is ready to go!

Hope everyone has an awesome evening. Stay safe and wear your costumes proudly. We are humbled to have the prettiest flamingo in South Carolina. Don’t Blink.

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