Halloween Eve Eve Eve Thursday Rundown

Trick-or-treat! I hope everyone’s Halloween preparations are going well. Thanks for joining me for the latest Thursday Rundown. Let’s get started!

Past Halloweens for Sloan – Hard to believe that this will be Sloan’s fifth Halloween. Her past four costumes include a flamingo, unicorn, Peppa Pig, and Poppy. Although I won’t reveal what Sloan will be this Halloween, you were most likely tipped off if you read a blog post earlier this week. And let’s not forget about Beau…he spent his first Halloween as a pumpkin. Stay tuned to learn what he will be on Sunday.

At the top are the Halloween costumes that Sloan and Beau wore for their first Halloweens. The bottom three photos are Sloan in her Halloween costumes as a 1-year-old, 2-year-old, and 3-year-old.

YOU (Season 3) – What a wild ride! After season 2, I said “You” improved from the debut season. Well, it seems like the series keeps getting better because I think season 3 was the best 10-episode package yet. The key formula from the past two seasons—plot twists, Joe’s deadpan narration, and fascinating characters—was back for the third…but amplified. The commentary on American suburbia was hilarious and characters like the Conrads made me cringe and laugh at the same time. There were violent parts that made my stomach turn and I did feel guilty because at points I actually sympathized with Joe, but what I enjoyed most was that Sid and I watched every episode together and exchanged many looks and entered into many dialogues about what was transpiring. My favorite part of season 3 was when Joe, in one of his inner thoughts, said with dry disgust, Disney should sue these people. If you have watched the season, you know what I am talking about!

The third season of “You” was a wild ride.

Good Halloween Reads – Our frequent trips to the library with the kids become a little more special when a holiday draws near. We make it a point to check out books that commemorate whatever holiday is being celebrated that month. Obviously, we all know what October is known for and our family has fallen suit with our reading materials. Now, one thing you need to know is that the Spokane County libraries will only check you out five holiday books per visit. Thus, we have had to make multiple visits to satisfy our Halloween fix. Our last trip to the library was yesterday and these our the final five Halloween books we will bring home until a year from now.

These are the latest Halloween books we checked out at the library on Wednesday. I think I am most excited about the snowman one.

Spirit Run – If you don’t go to Spirit Halloween solely for entertainment value, then did you really celebrate Halloween? Last Sunday, I took Sloan to the Spirit store in Spokane Valley just to get out of the house. We walked down every aisle, interacted with the displays, and tried on masks. We didn’t spend a cent but Sloan had a lot of fun. Your local Spirit location might be picked over or insanely busy at this point but if you are looking for something to do, you might consider visiting it.

Sloan scoping out one of the displays at the Spirit Halloween store in Spokane Valley.

Another Classic Post – Today marks the 7-year anniversary of when I put EVERCLEAR in my gas tank. I know, not my brightest moment. But my engine light would not go off and a South Carolina mechanic was adamant that I treat my vehicle with the alcohol to solve the problem. It didn’t work. Oh well, at least it is a good story that I chronicled with this blog post.

Me getting ready to put Everclear in my car on Oct. 28, 2014.


Happy Halloween, everyone. Please be safe and enjoy the weekend. Don’t Blink.

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