Halloween 2020

After spending the past six October 31 dates in South Carolina, it was a nice change to enjoy it out west this year. It just seemed more like Halloween. The air was crisp, the leaves were different colors, and I didn’t have to worry about candy melting.

Tonight I thought I would just cover some highlights and themes from the 2020 Reser Halloween.

Costumes: This year, Sloan dressed up as Poppy from “Trolls.” Having watched the movie no less than 100 times over the summer, Sloan was more than happy to wear the DIY costume that Sid put together for her. Beau was insistent on being a pumpkin and since it was his first Halloween, we granted his wish. For a quick video of both children in their costumes, click here.

Sloan as Poppy and Beau as a pumpkin.

Trick-or-Treat Plan: My sister and I trick-or-treated together for the first time in about 25 years on Saturday night. Well, our kids did at least. Sid and I took Sloan over to Miranda’s house so she could trick-or-treat with Mikayla and Johnny through their neighborhood. Every house we went to did a superb job of passing out candy in a way that was compliant with social distancing. Chutes, tongs, and gloves were all common as we trekked through the streets. Probably the biggest surprise of the night was the numerous full-sized candy bars the kids scored. It was a lot of fun!

These three had a great time trick-or-treating together.

Busy Streets: Before and after trick-or-treating with my sister, we spent time at my parents’ house (my mom watched Beau when we went over to Miranda’s). We helped pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters who seemed to ring the doorbell non-stop. Although it was about 50 less than normal a normal year, 163 trick-or-treaters still stopped by my mom and dad’s.

Sloan helping to pass out candy at my parents’ house.

Haunted Maze: While trick-or-treating with the kids, we encountered a house that had turned its lawn into a haunted maze. Props, eerie sounds, fog, and socially distanced spooks provided quite the experience. Sid wouldn’t even go through it because it looked so scary! Her fear was my advantage as she and my brother-in-law watched the kids as Miranda and I weaved through it.

This haunted maze was pretty impressive.

Blasts: In our first real break from our diets, Sid and I celebrated Halloween with Trick-or-Treat Sonic Blasts. We had planned this for a long time as we looked forward to Sonic’s seasonal treat. The Trick-or-Treat Blast came with Snickers, M&M’s, and Oreo cookies. So. Worth. It.

Our Trick-Or-Treat Sonic Blasts with a bowl for Sloan.


I hope everyone had a nice Halloween. Special thanks to Glen (my brother) and Carrie (his fiancée) for inviting Sloan and Beau over early on Saturday for a private trick-or-treating session. Let’s all have a great November! Don’t Blink.

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