2021 Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween! It is time to reveal the costumes of Sloan and Beau. Why now? Well, two reasons. First, it is October 31 (duh). But also, these two kids have had plenty of practice modeling their costumes during different trunk-or-treats and parties this weekend that I am confident they are finally ready to me presented to my highly esteemed blogging audience. So, without further ado…

This year, Sloan is Moana. Despite some issues with the wig, this costume has been pretty solid. Sloan likes to truly embrace character and will break into song by performing the film’s opening number, “Where You Are.” We have had zero issues with costume recognition, both from kids and adults. Success!

This year, Sloan is Moana for Halloween.

After his Halloween debut last year as a pumpkin, Beau transitioned from the vegetable to the person responsible for growing it. Ladies and gentlemen….Farmer Beau is at your service! It is a good thing that this is just a costume though because I don’t think he is cut out for the farming profession. He doesn’t like his bandana and he rather his hat be thrown on the ground instead of planted on his head.

Beau is a farmer for Halloween 2021.

There you have it. Come at me with your best Moana and a farmer walked into a bar jokes. This odd couple is ready for some serious trick-or-treating tonight! I wish everyone a spooky and safe holiday. Don’t Blink.

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