It’s a Peppa Pig Halloween

On our way to Target, Sid and I agreed that we would let Sloan decide on her Halloween costume this year. What better way to empower her to start making her own choices, right? We got to the store and went to the costume section. Sid and I let Sloan roam free as she looked up and down the aisles. After a couple minutes, we asked Sloan what she wanted to be. Our little girl pointed at a costume and enthusiastically said, “THIS!”

It was a food truck costume.

I mean, it’s cute, but not what we necessarily wanted Sloan to be for Halloween.

Sid and I looked at each other. We had good intentions but we didn’t know if the food truck costume would be the best representation of Sloan. After some husband-wife nonverbal communication, we pivoted.

“How about Peppa Pig?” Sidney countered to Sloan.

It’s a Peppa Pig Halloween for Sloan.


After a weekend full of Halloween festivities, Sloan’s costume is no longer a surprise. She danced and honked her way through three different Halloween events as the loveable British pig on Friday and Saturday.

This girl was meant to be Peppa.

Trust us, Sloan going as Peppa makes much more sense than a food truck. She watches Peppa Pig so much that she randomly speaks in an English accent at least a couple times per day. Heck, because of the show she refers to Santa Claus as Father Christmas.

Sloan makes a pretty convincing Peppa.

Luckily, Sloan quickly forgot about her food truck ambitions and has embraced Peppa. Although she prefers to push back the hood of her costume, she is still pretty convincing. The general public seems to feel the same way as the feedback from strangers has been positive. I never knew Peppa Pig was so popular!

Sloan has already got her (our) money’s worth with her Peppa costume.

Pig. Unicorn. Flamingo. The Halloween legacy of Sloan Anne Reser continues. She will still don Peppa several more times this week so it is still early to think about next year, but it will be interesting to see what else will be added to her eclectic Halloween mix. Don’t Blink.

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