Sloan’s Opinion of Halloween

Sid and I are exact opposites when it comes to Halloween. I really enjoy the holiday while she can’t stand it. The basis for this difference of opinion is simple: I like scary and spooky things and Sid doesn’t.

I get a thrill going through haunted house attractions and although I usually don’t binge watch anything, I will watch horror movie marathons. I love a good ghost story and I find cemeteries fascinating. Sid doesn’t embrace the “spooky scary” feeling I enjoy and that is just fine.

But what about Sloan?

We wondered how the child of two parents with opposite opinions on all things spooky would embrace Halloween. Sloan was too young the past two years to really gauge how she felt, but this Halloween season it has been made clear: She is a fan!

Sloan is a Halloween fan!

Well, I guess it didn’t even take until “this Halloween season” to realize her preference. Halloween-related videos started playing on her iPad back in May. When she didn’t skip over them I knew she would most likely take after me. The long six-month buildup to October 31 has turned Sloan into one of Halloween’s biggest and youngest fans. She sleeps with a Halloween book, sings Halloween songs, and spontaneously yells “Happy Halloween.” She likes to drape a blanket over her head and run around the house like a ghost. She likes to “play vampires” with me. She pleads with us to drive by houses that have Halloween displays in the front lawns.

Even without a piece of Halloween candy in her system, she is absolutely giddy for the holiday.

I can appreciate that. Although I figured she was still too young for me to take her through Dr. Screams this year, that future daddy-daughter date night might not be too far away. It is great to have another Halloween fan in the house! Don’t Blink.

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