First Ever Halloween Thursday Rundown

Happy Halloween! The last time that Halloween fell on a Thursday was in 2013 and I did not write a Thursday Rundown that day. So, that means this is my first ever Halloween Day Thursday Rundown. Oh my, the pressure!!

Preparing For a Long Night – Our neighborhood is insane on Halloween. Think of a Halloween movie that shows a daytime, over-the-top trick-or-treating scene because that is where we live. Children in the Myrtle Beach area come from near and far to trick-or-treat in our hood, numerous lawn parties take place, and the flashing lights of police cruisers illuminate the streets. We will undoubtedly run out of candy sooner rather than later but there is little we can do––even if we raided the Hershey’s factory I doubt we would have enough to satisfy the crowds we will soon see.

Sidney and Sloan hanging out on the driveway on Halloween night in 2018.

Please, Mommy – Passing out candy in our neighborhood on Halloween is an experience but actually trick-or-treating in it is too! Because Sloan has already attended three different trunk-or-treats and accumulated a lot of candy, Sidney floated the idea of having her sit tonight out. Thankfully, she listened to my pleas and will allow Sloan to have one last trick-or-treating hurrah as Peppa Pig. I had to reason that the previous functions were just tune ups for the main event and that her daddy would be just a tad disappointed if he didn’t get to trick-or-treat too. My understanding wife conceded! Peppa Pig and her child-like father will be on the streets tonight.

Sloan participated in her third trunk-or-treat event on Tuesday night. It was hosted by the Spadoni College of Education (Coastal Carolina University). Her best friend, Jacqueline, participated too.

Another Pig in the Family – Sloan isn’t the only person in our family dressing up as a pig for Halloween. Sid joined her fellow fourth grade teachers by dressing as a pig to fit the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf theme. Don’t they all look great? When Sloan saw Sid in her costume, she said “Oooohhh you’re Mama Pig!” (a character from “Peppa Pig”). Not exactly, but I guess it works.

Sid (on the far left) dressed up as a pig to fit the Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf theme that her fourth grade teacher team executed.

Baby Update – Time is flying in Sidney’s second pregnancy. On Saturday, she will reach 23 weeks. We know the sex and we have the full name picked out. We even have a delivery date scheduled! I could feel the baby kicking for the first time yesterday and I must admit it was pretty cool. Sid keeps telling people that this pregnancy has been easier than the previous one so let’s hope that it continues.

Sid is doing great as she approaches 23 weeks.

All About the Presentation – I often say that the food at all family Mexican restaurants tastes the same to me. Although I have recently made some concessions, up until last Saturday I would still say that my two enchilada platter at Place A looks very similar to my two enchilada platter at Place B. This past weekend we ate at the El Cerro Grande location on 29th Ave. Let me tell you, the exterior of the restaurant is as welcoming as the way the food is presented. Usually I don’t notice things such as food presentation but the neat and colorful way my dinner came out made me take a moment to appreciate it.

Have you ever seen a Mexican restaurant with a facade quite like this? I bet you haven’t seen enchiladas, rice, and beans looking this good either. Well done, El Cerro.


Okay, I really got to go because trick-or-treaters are starting to come to the house! I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween. Make sure to give your best candy to the trick-or-treaters who dress in the best costumes. Don’t Blink.

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