Thursday Rundown Before Halloween

Who out there is feeling spooooooky? This is the last Thursday Rundown before October 31 so perhaps one of the below topics will have to do with Halloween. Let’s get started so you can find out…

Decorating Your House for Halloween – Okay, my cover is blown. I am starting off the post with my scary topic. Our neighborhood loves Halloween. Many neighbors go nuts decorating their homes. In fact, two years ago I featured several examples. However, this year there is a house that goes above and beyond anything I have seen before. This particular residence has probably close to 20 witches/goblins/ghouls in the yard. Orange lights illuminate the door and windows. Spooky music plays at night. This picture doesn’t do it justice but it is pretty spectacular. I love the display but Sidney tells Sloan to close her eyes when we drive by.

This photo doesn’t do it justice but this house in our neighborhood is spectacular!

“Papa” Coming to Myrtle Beach – I am extremely excited to host my dad, or, as Sloan knows him, Papa, this weekend. He is leaving Spokane tonight and will arrive in Myrtle Beach around 10:30 a.m. tomorrow. My dad can’t wait to see our little family and attend the Coastal Carolina Homecoming football game on Saturday. I can’t wait either! This will be the first ever CCU game I attend as a fan (as opposed to working it). We have my dad for just the weekend but you can bet we are going to make the most of it!

My dad is coming to Myrtle Beach this weekend!

Life Is Tough – Don’t worry, two years after I sent out this tweet I am surviving. I still have my health, Sidney is still with me, and I actually still eat at Subway. Going through my Timehop today I saw this #FirstWorldProblems tweet and felt like I had to share it in the Thursday Rundown. Although it was a trivial, silly thing to express on social media, I am a Subway fanatic and am pretty particular about my sandwiches. Shoutout to my sister for giving me a Subway gift card for my birthday.

Here is a whiny tweet I sent out two years on this date.

World Series Reaction – I am with the rest of the country in that I was very disappointed the World Series didn’t end up with a Dodgers-Yankees matchup. God bless the Astros but I didn’t want to see a relatively new, former National League team in the Fall Classic. As you can guess, I am rooting for the Dodgers. I have always pulled for them and I even made a trip to Dodger Stadium to catch an entire series a few years ago. My dad and I will be watching Game 3 and Game 4 with each other this weekend!

Sloan at 32 Weeks – It has been an eventful week for Sloan. She had a big photo shoot over the weekend (more on that in the future) and then battled a fever for most of the work week. She went from feeling like a star to feeling like an oven. But she is now back to just feeling like Sloan. The major development as we approach Week #32 is her new love for phones. She likes to grab and play with the iphones of mommy and daddy. We figure she should be texting by Week #41.

Here is Sloan’s Week #32 photo collage.


With a busy and fun weekend lined up, there will be no Sunday blog post. However, I will be back next week with more stories to tell. Thanks for reading my blog. Don’t Bl

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