Sloan’s Big Photo Shoot

I recently mentioned that Sloan received superstar treatment as she starred in her very own photo shoot. Two weeks ago this weekend, we took her to Brittany Mauldin Photography for a “sitter session.” Sloan (and mommy) worked with the photographer for about 45 minutes to create some visual magic.

Here is a behind the scenes look at Sloan’s photo shoot with Brittany Mauldin Photography.

On Thursday, we received the digital files. We were not disappointed! In my Sunday blog post, I want to feature the five photos from the shoot I liked the best. So, in no order, here are my favorites.

Our Girl

This was our favorite photo from the shoot. It describes Sloan perfectly.

Out of all the incredible photos that Brittany took, there was one clear cut favorite that Sidney and I liked the most. This portrait of Sloan melted our hearts. As Sidney said to me, “This photo captures everything we love so much about our little Sloany.” This image will soon be gracing the desks of some proud parents and grandparents.

The Tumble

I loved that Brittany was able to capture this.

This action shot of Sloan taking a spill is an inside look at our little girl’s gracefulness (haha) and a testament to the photography talent of Brittany. We loved that this moment was captured and that Sloan handled it with laughter.

Like Mother Like Daughter

This photo reminds me exactly of Sidney when she was a baby.

This photo shows off Sloan’s piercing and beautiful eyes. It also reminds me exactly what Sidney looked like as a baby. This image is natural and expressive, one that might look great in black and white.

Ready to Crawl (just not yet)!

These days, I gaze down at Sloan to find her looking just like this.

When Sloan plays these days, this is the position we usually find her in. Although she can’t crawl yet, she has at least mastered the crawling position. Because this sight is so familiar and because she has a wide open smile it makes this image another one of my favorites.

As Soft As A Baby’s…

This photo speaks for itself.

This photo is…well…cute. It highlights a little bit more of Sloan than the other ones and when others see it, they can’t help but express an “awwww” of delight.

Honorable Mention


This photo earns honorable mention recognition for its use of props.

People who associate with me know that I love incorporating props into photos. Thus, I had to include this image on the list. Speaking of props, let me give some major ones to Brittany Mauldin Photography. We had not met Brittany until we went in for our shoot but we will return for future photo needs. She is an incredibly talented photographer who offers extremely affordable prices in a professional setting. To our many friends in the Myrtle Beach area who have little ones, Sidney and I highly recommend.

To view all images from Sloan’s photo shoot, click here. Thank you for tolerating me as I was “that parent.” Have a wonderful Sunday! Don’t Blink.

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