Sloan’s Latest Shoot

Over the weekend, Sid and I decided it was time to get professional photos taken of Sloan. Although we have thousands of photos of our little girl taken by some of the best iPhone photographers you will ever meet (haha), Sloan needed to spend time with a pro. So, just over a year since the talented Brittany Mauldin (highly recommend) conducted a “sitter session” with Sloan, we once again decided to put our daughter under the bright lights of a photography studio.

This time around, out of convenience/turnaround time/value, we went to good ol’ J.C. Penney in Coastal Grand Mall for Sloan’s session. On Saturday, I hopped online and was able to schedule her shoot the next day. Thus, it was yesterday when Sloan strutted into the studio like a true diva ready to get some updated shots. Trisha was the photographer and I doubt she realized the challenge she would have that afternoon.

Sloan in the middle of her photo shoot at J.C. Penney in Coastal Grand Mall. Trisha was her photographer.

You see, Sloan is a very busy little girl. She doesn’t stay still and isn’t the best at following directions. Although we knew that Trisha would have her work cut out for her, we were impressed with how patient and kind she was with Sloan. All in all, we got what we wanted. Even though Sloan frequently would dash out of the studio or rush the photographer for her equipment, Trisha got some great shots. In tonight’s blog post, I wanted to highlight my five favorite images from the shoot.

The Money Shot – Sloan did not have her standard head shot taken at picture day at daycare because she was too hysterical. For whatever reason, Sloan was scared and uncooperative for the daycare workers and their hired photographer. At the very least, we needed to make up for Sloan’s poor behavior and get her 1-year-old “yearbook” photo. Mission accomplished. This photo does the trick in documenting Sloan at 1 year.

This was the one shot I wanted the most as a result of her session.

Hands In The Air, Wave Them Like You Just Don’t Care – My favorite photo of the shoot! This shot was taken early during the session as Trisha prompted her perfectly to put her hands up in the sky. This is vintage Sloan – silly, happy, imaginative. This one will always bring a smile to my face.

My favorite shot of the entire shoot.

Watch Out, Here I Come – You know how I mentioned that Sloan kept rushing the photographer? Well, Trisha caught her in the act. Although this photo chronicles Sloan abandoning her pose to play with the camera, no one will ever know that. Instead, they will just see a sweet little girl with a half-wild look on her face in the middle of trying to get somewhere. I like how this is an action shot that catches Sloan doing something very natural.

Love this cute action shot of Sloan.

The Daydream – This is another natural shot of Sloan. She was laying on her back and Trisha caught her with this genuine little smile. This shot is just sweet to me, I can’t say much more than that — besides that it is one of my favorites.

I appreciate this natural shot of Sloan.

Blooper – Trisha gave Sloan a wand to use as a prop. Typical of our daughter, she didn’t use it quite as intended. I like how it captures Sloan acting goofy and showing off her little teeth.

Sloan being Sloan.

For those wanting a little more, here is a collage containing a few more photos from the shoot…

Some additional photos from Sloan’s shoot.


If you find yourself needing professional photos in a short period of time, J.C. Penney is a solid option. You won’t get highly edited photos or a post on a photographer’s social media account, but that is not why you choose this option. We thank Trisha for working with us and will treasure the images she took. Don’t Blink.

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