Groundhog Thursday Rundown

Well, the groundhog indicated six more weeks of winter but no one bothered to tell Myrtle Beach that; it was 75 degrees and sunny here today. Time for the Thursday Rundown…

Specially Made Cookie Dough Cheesecake – Over the weekend, Sidney posted a recipe for cookie dough cheesecake on my Facebook wall asking if I would make it for her. Although I knew my attempt at making it might turn out a little sketchy, I immediately told her I would. However, some awesome family friends came to my rescue. Sue and Jerry live right next door to my in-laws. About an hour after I said I would do it, Sue commented on the post saying she would lend her culinary skills to making the dessert. Needless to say, I deferred to her! On Tuesday night, we went over to their house and enjoyed dessert hour with them. The cookie dough cheesecake was delicious and Sue sent us home with most of the remaining pie. Thanks Sue and Jerry!

A photo of Sue with the cookie dough cheesecake she made us.

Baby Update – Sidney will turn 31 weeks tomorrow. We have seen recent ultrasound photos of our daughter and they are amazing! Technology is so crazy. We have signed up for a birthing class and the both of us are getting paperwork taken care of relating to our employers and leave time. With the due date set for April 7, it is very possible that she could come a little early and be born in March. With February now here, that means Sidney and I could be parents NEXT MONTH.

“This Is Us” Plot Twist – I am not afraid to admit it, Sidney and I haven’t missed one Tuesday night of “This Is Us.” In fact, this week we were all set to watch the latest episode except for one problem: there wasn’t one. In fact, there wasn’t even a re-run like our TV Guide indicated. Instead, an episode of the game show “The Wall” (not a fan) aired in the time slot of “This Is Us.” Although I make a living off of writing tweets that (hopefully) generate a lot of engagement for the university I work for, my own tweets on my personal account don’t always do so. So, when 24 people “loved” the tweet I sent out about our disappointment regarding our favorite show, it cheered me up just a bit.

This was the tweet I sent out about our “This Is Us” disappointment.

Super Bowl Memories – I will reveal who I want to win Super Bowl LI this weekend, but today I want to fondly remember that time when a team I actually cared about won the big game. Three years ago on this date, the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. It was the first time that a team I had loyally cheered for actually won a national/league title. It was a thrilling evening as Russell Wilson tore up the Broncos defense while Pete Carroll coached his heart out on the sidelines. The feeling I had three years ago was very much like the one I had about seven months ago when the Chanticleer baseball team won the College World Series.

It was a big thrill for me when the Seattle Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII.

Living By Your Faith (Even When You Are Dead) – This week, word spread about a document a priest signed more than a decade before he died. Father Rene Robert made it his priestly mission to serve those with mental health and emotional problems. Last April, Father Robert was killed by a person plagued with mental illness. Prosecutors want to seek the death penalty for the murderer. However, back in 1995, Father Robert signed a document stating that if he was to ever be killed (no matter how heinous the act was) he did not want the criminal to get the death penalty. Bishops and priests from multiple dioceses are trying to make sure that Father Rene’s wish is fulfilled. Just another reason why I am proud to be Catholic.


On that note, it is time for me to sign off for a couple days. I will touch base on Sunday. Don’t Blink.

A House Divided (but not really)

The only other place I would rather be today than Myrtle Beach is 170 miles northwest in Charlotte. The Seattle Seahawks will clash with the Carolina Panthers in a divisional playoff game inside Bank of American Stadium at 1:05 p.m. ET. Why did I let the minimal drive stop me from representing the 12th Man? Well, when you are fresh off booking your honeymoon you have to scale back a bit.

I am ready to cheer on the Seattle Seahawks today!

I am ready to cheer on the Seattle Seahawks today!

Last year, the Seahawks and Panthers also met in the divisional playoff round. Also, like last year, I once again find myself rooting for the wrong team based on my geographical location. In the blog post I wrote around this time 373 days ago, I detailed how I would be rooting for my beloved Hawks in a bar full of passionate Carolina fans. What could be more contrasting than that?! Oh man, let me tell you…

This afternoon I will be watching the Seahawks vs. Panthers game with Sidney’s family! Why did I put an exclamation point at the end of that previous sentence? Yes, you guessed it, they are Carolina fans.

Sidney’s family always entertains on Sundays and today they are centering the festivities around the big game. Because they are such great people I knew they wouldn’t shun me just because I am a Seahawks fan. However, I thought I may have pushed my luck when I dressed Sidney in a Seattle Seahawks shirt a few weeks back when we were in Spokane. My natural fan allegiance was one thing, but purchasing apparel of the rival team for one of their daughters to wear? In some family circles, that could ended wedding plans right there.

Some families would consider this crossing the line.

Some families would consider this crossing the line.

But of course the Mathis family isn’t like that. When I teased last night that I might have Sidney grace that exact same t-shirt she wore in Spokane for today’s game her mom replied back, “That’s okay. That is what makes it fun.”

Okay! So while I might be in the minority today in terms of my rooting interest, I will hardly be in hostile territory. It should be a fun afternoon. Don’t Blink.

A Jackpot Thursday Rundown

I replied to someone’s tweet a little over a week ago that questioned when is it not okay to say “Happy New Year” any longer. I think January 14 serves as a great day for the cutoff. Let’s get to the Thursday Rundown…

Powerball – I think I might have been the only person not to come down with a case of Powerball fever over the past week. As I witnessed lines at gas stations that were insane in length, I was immune to the virus even when I was standing right in the middle of them with my six-pack of beer. I did enjoy watching Sidney get excited about the Powerball as she entered into a work pool with her fellow teachers, but personally I was never tempted to buy a ticket. As I wrote extensively about a couple years ago, I understand the allure of these games but my rationality prevents me from playing.

Obama Through the Years – One year ago, I reflected on a past school project by writing this: My junior year of high school I was in an honors humanities class. The major culminating project of the class called on us to prove a thesis that we were to present to the community. Teamed up with two of my classmates, we presented and proved our thesis that the Office of the Presidency greatly accelerates aging. Besides all the research, science, and writing that went into our project, we built a walk-through replica of the White House that included before and after portraits of the Presidents from the time they started their term in office to when they ended it. Below is a two image graphic that shows President Obama during his first State of the Union Address and his last. I definitely think the Presidency has aged him but maybe not as much as I thought a year ago.

This graphic shows President Obama during his first and last State of the Union addresses.

This graphic shows President Obama during his first and last State of the Union addresses.

Gas Prices – As the price of gas plummets across the country, I would like my western friends to know that down south we have enjoyed sub $2 fuel for a very long time now. In fact, at this point, $2 gas seems expensive to me! Just take a look below to see what I filled up for last night. Yep, this is a reality in Myrtle Beach.

The price of gas in Myrtle Beach is a pretty good deal.

The price of gas in Myrtle Beach is a pretty good deal.

FOOTBALL Talk – The National Championship game on Monday was terrific. Not only was it a good game, but the level of ability by both teams was more apparent to me than any other college football contest I have ever watched. I kept telling myself that these really were the two best teams in the land.

But what I really want to talk about are the Seattle Seahawks! The ending to this past Sunday’s game against the Vikings was shocking. I went from despair to joy. You see, it just isn’t about my favorite team winning or losing. It is also about having another week to get excited about and follow a cause that is special to me. When Seattle takes on the Carolina Panthers just a couple hours from where I live this weekend, I will once again be pulling hard for Coach Pete and his team.

I can't wait to cheer on the Seahawks again this weekend.

I can’t wait to cheer on the Seahawks again this weekend.

Wedding Update #15 – Earlier this week, Sidney put three cloths of different colors in front of me and asked which one I liked best. I picked wrong. She was showing me colors of bridesmaid dresses (unbeknownst to me at the time) and I don’t think I exactly chose what she was hoping I would. It is all good, Sidney has more intelligence than to ever take my advice on fashion anyway.

After announcing last week that we had two finalists for the resort we will stay at for our honeymoon, we decided over the weekend our ultimate choice. Booking will take place very soon.


With it no longer appropriate to say “Happy New Year,” perhaps some of you might be thinking about letting your guard down on your resolutions. Don’t do it! Stay strong and keep focused. Have a great weekend. Don’t Blink.

My Super Bowl XLIX Commentary

The enthusiasm started to build. A perfect game, a perfect Super Bowl, a perfect night seemed to hang in the balance. On an evening where the halftime show dazzled and the commercials brought impact, the main event between two heavyweight football teams seemed so close to going my way. With a terrific backdrop in Arizona with all the intangibles falling into place, my favorite team was about to punch it in against the team I despise the most. One yard away from the greatest NFL evening of my life, a premature euphoric feeling started to run through my blood. Then it all went away.

Working in athletics I learned to never take wins and losses too seriously. I mean come on, especially with a team such as the Seattle Seahawks who I have no affiliation with whatsoever besides being the team I grew up rooting for. But last night hurt a little bit. I went to bed feeling empty and woke up feeling the same. I just felt bad for the players, the coaches, the 12th Man, and maybe even a little for myself. But that is sports. Like I said, last night came one yard short from going down as the most glorious and complete Super Bowl ever for this fan. Even though I will always have a bitter taste in my mouth whenever Super Bowl XLIX is brought up, I will remember some aspects of the evening that almost softened the blow. I would briefly like to offer some quick commentary on the game, the halftime show, and the commercials.

The Game: Okay, let’s get this over with. That game last night was incredible. Two giants from opposite coasts with opposite coaches and opposite personalities battled it out in a nail biter. Russell Wilson was back to being his usual self after the NFC Championship game. Marshawn Lynch was a beast as usual. New England wouldn’t even think about throwing in Richard Sherman’s direction. Patriots had things clicking too. They moved the ball on the stellar Seahawks defense. Tom Brady, despite a couple interceptions, made crucial plays.

That period during the latter part of the second quarter and the initial part of the third quarter was beautiful to watch. The Seahawks built a ten point lead and had the Patriots cornered with a second down and 18 play coming up. New England answered and took the momentum for most of the remaining game, going up 28-24. But not so fast. Russell Wilson ran the two minute drill to perfection and after a miraculous catch, the Seahawks ran the ball to the one-yard line.

My stomach drops when I think of the interception. I hate that Cris Collinsworth got to blast the play call in front of millions of people, molding the perception of the whole country. Pete Carroll’s explanation made total sense. The Patriots were lined up in goal line, the box was stacked. They threw on second down thinking the pass would either be a touchdown or an incomplete pass. If it was a completion, game over. If it was an incompletion, the clock would stop and you would have Beast Mode for two plays. On that particular play, the chances of Marshawn Lynch scoring was less than on third down or fourth down. I get why the Seahawks coaching staff did what they did. Just such a horribly sad way to lose the game.

Halftime Show: I usually say that the majority of the country will bash the Super Bowl halftime show even if it was Jesus coming to midfield to perform miracles. I have never watched a Super Bowl halftime where criticism wasn’t rampant. Last night it was different…and for good reason. I tip my hat to Katy Perry and everyone who made that show possible. High energy, cool effects, good song choice, and even a little inspiring, that was one entertaining production. It was so good in fact that she was able to overcome the out of place Missy Elliott appearance to still make it a show to remember.

The huge tiger was cool and even the Lenny Kravitz duet wasn’t bad (I detest Lenny Kravitz). The now much parodied ocean backdrop with the sharks was a little corny but still fun. But that finale though! Her zooming in the air as she belted out “Firework” with the stadium exploding in pyrotechnics was a really cool moment. I think Super XLIX raised the bar for halftime performances.

Commercials: When I watch the Super Bowl commercials, my expectation isn’t for them to be funny. Rather, my expectation is for the commercials to be well done. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the different spots last night. For sure the whole tone for the ads took a different direction than usual but I was okay with it. I appreciate getting your company’s message across in an impactful way as opposed to a way in which people will laugh but the message will mean squat. Some of the ads last night resonated emotionally with me and in my opinion, that is the best way to spend your $4.5 million.

My favorite commercials? The second McDonald’s spot explaining what exactly the new payment was, the Doritos airplane ad, and the Dodge “century club” commercial.


I enjoyed watching the Super Bowl in a controlled environment last night. I got to take everything in and truly experience the spectacle of Super Bowl Sunday all the way from 6 p.m. up until the horrific ending. I would like to thank the Seahawks for a great season, the team provided me with a lot of joy. One thing is for sure, I would want no other coach leading my favorite NFL team than Pete Carroll. Don’t Blink.

Cheering on the Seahawks in Enemy Territory

Ever since last Sunday, I have been looking forward to this day. Making this Saturday special in the first place is that my Seattle Seahawks will open up their defense of the Lombardi Trophy by playing in a divisional playoff game this evening. Adding a little more luster to this game is the opponent they will be playing.

I am ready to root hard for the Seahawks tonight against the Carolina Panthers.

I am ready to root hard for the Seahawks tonight against the Carolina Panthers.

When the Seahawks kickoff against the Carolina Panthers at 8:15 p.m. ET I will be cheering on my team in enemy territory. Living in the Carolinas has exposed me to a different NFL team that also wears a shade of blue. Throughout this season I have read about the Panthers each day in the paper, watched glimpses of their games every Sunday on TV (thanks to regional coverage), and encountered scores of fans decked out in Cam Newton jerseys. With Carolina’s win in the wild card round last week, this fan base is on fire for its NFL team.

While in most circumstances I would embrace the local team in my area and root hard for the Panthers, this is definitely not the case today. My home state team, the organization that I have cheered on during its lowest and highest points, is colliding with Carolina in a high stakes playoff game and you better believe I am backing Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, and the 12th Man. There is no straddling the fence on this one.

I will be watching the game tonight in a bar surrounded by Carolina Panthers fans with a Carolina Panthers bartender slinging my drinks. As the Seahawks are defending Super Bowl champs and the Panthers squeaked into the playoffs with a losing record I will “act like I have been there” and remain classy the whole time I am cheering on Seattle. It should be a fun evening with good-natured ribbing and a win for the team from the Pacific Northwest. Let’s go 12th Man, be loud tonight! Don’t Blink.

My Look-Alike: Russell Wilson

You don’t understand. Rarely does someone tell me that I look like a celebrity. The couple times it has happened the comparisons have been, how shall I put it, less than flattering. Howard from “The Big Bang Theory” and Dory from “Finding Nemo” are the person and fish that I supposedly look like. So, after over a quarter century of life without ever hearing someone tell me that I look like a desirable famous person that all changed on Sunday night.

I don't like being compared to these two.

I don’t like being compared to these two.

If Russell Wilson ever needs a double to walk through the streets of San Francisco for him, I am his man! Yep, you heard it right. Apparently I strike an uncanny resemblance to the NFC Champion quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. Forget that the Seahawks are my favorite professional team and that I am a huge fan of Wilson myself, I am just beyond pleased that someone would say that I look like an athletic, good looking guy.

I would like to introduce you to my double, Russell Wilson.

I would like to introduce you to my double, Russell Wilson.

Let me fill you in on the backstory real fast. On Sunday night I was engaged in a Twitter conversation. One of the participants in this conversation was Mike Nugent (@MikeMNugent), a respected realtor in Missoula. While talking about Super Bowl preferences he noted my resemblance to Russell Wilson. Taken aback I asked him to confirm it and sure enough he did!

It was confirmed that I look like Russell Wilson.

It was confirmed that I look like Russell Wilson.

This excited me a great deal! In fact, it led me to hastily put together a collage comparing myself with Wilson. I then tweeted it out asking if anyone else could verify Mike’s belief.

I sent this out to my Twitter followers.

I sent this out to my Twitter followers.

I tagged my harshest critic, my brother, just so I get his sarcastic and mean tweets in response to my new discovery. Of course he delivered by entirely shooting down Mike’s thought and insulting me along the way. However, all of Glen’s barbs at me couldn’t match what my dad responded with when my brother asked him about the resemblance:

Classic response from my dad.

Classic response from my dad.

Just because my own family doesn’t buy into the Russell Wilson/Brent Reser comparison doesn’t mean it lacks validity. I have known Mike for about eight years now dating back to when we both worked for Residence Life. He has seen me in person numerous times and even though he wears glasses he is not blind. In fact the other person involved in the original Twitter conversation, Jordan Treece (@JTreece13), also agreed with the resemblance. Sounds like we are onto something here!

Jordan confirmed everything.

Jordan confirmed everything.

That night I did spend a little time in front of the mirror analyzing my physical traits. Acting impartial here, I actually saw some similarities! Our eye features are similar and our hair both turns the same type of curly when it starts to grow out. Although I am naturally not as dark as Wilson, give me an hour out in the sun during the summer and we have the same complexion. Standing at just 5’11 he is only two inches taller than me and weighs about twenty-five pounds more. I am sure we bench the same and he might run the forty just a tad faster than me.

You have to be convinced that we are pretty much twins by now, right?

You have to be convinced that we are pretty much twins by now, right?

No, I would not say the comparison of looks between Russell Wilson and myself is a big stretch. I appreciate that Mike identified my doppelganger for me. What do my readers say? Think I would pass the look test if I suited up in a #3 jersey on Sunday? If anyone wants to pay a modest sum to have a Russell Wilson look-alike come liven up your Super Bowl party on Sunday let me know…I am still working on the impression. Don’t Blink.

My Thoughts on Richard Sherman’s Post Game Interview

Last night Richard Sherman gave an interview that had everyone talking. At the pinnacle of his athletic career (thus far) he shouted into millions of living rooms his disdain for Michael Crabtree. It rubbed many the wrong way. Conversely, it intensified the love that others already have for Sherman. In the last 20 hours I have heard pretty much every single argument for and against his verbal display of emotion. Because I keep company with many Seahawks and 49ers fans, I haven’t heard too many wishy-washy stances. People either liked it or they didn’t like it.

As a Seahawks fan, I didn’t like it.

My biggest problem with Sherman’s interview was its negativity and lack of focus. Sure he screamed like a madman into Erin Andrew’s microphone but I don’t mind that too much. The volume and intensity in his voice was emotion. I can deal with that. I had no issue with Kevin Garnett’s emotion-filled address after the Celtics clinched the NBA championship nor did I get upset over Jameis Wilson’s adrenaline-fueled interview after the BCS National Championship this year. Seconds removed from athletic greatness you can’t expect someone to immediately come down to the pulse level of you and me.

So while I cut Sherman slack for his drill sergeant voice inflection I hated the content of his message. He already stuck it to Crabtree twice. First with his superb play to force the interception and then with his “good game” olive branch (bush league) and ensuing gestures. Okay, you got the best of him, you rubbed it in his face, and his season is over while you are off to the Super Bowl…do you really need to say more? Yep, apparently Sherman needed to say a lot more. After blasting Crabtree in the interview with Andrews he did the same in his next interview with Ed Werder. He then continued the trash talk on the Fox set and he has picked up today right where he left off last night.

While the immaturity has continued long after his Twitter exploding live interview with Andrews, that is the one moment I think that exemplified the most disgrace. He had the biggest stage in the world at that time to appropriately describe how he made such an amazing play, exclaim his exuberance on going to New York, give a little credit to his teammates, and maybe if he felt like it even throw a small bone to the fans. Instead he tore into his opponent with an intensity that carried with it hate and disrespect that jolted most of us sitting on the other side of the screen, children included.

I thought the arguments put forth today defending Sherman’s post game remarks incriminated him even more. First there was his article that he wrote on his behalf. While I applaud him for explaining his side of things in a well-articulated column I could barely understand any of his points because of the heavy doses of pure arrogance and ego that filled every single paragraph.

Then you had the “Forbes 22 Brief Thoughts About That Richard Sherman Interview” post that received countless Facebook shares. Although crediting it with 22 thoughts is an exaggerated stretch since many of the bullets ran together and many of them were completely irrelevant, the remaining one or two points that actually formulated somewhat of an opinion states the obvious and doesn’t address the issue. The author basically says that since Sherman won the NFC Championship he deserved to hoop and holler like a professional wrestler. Okay fine, like I said above, I am all for him exhibiting raw emotion. However, it was the content of his message that did the harm.

I don’t expect professional athletes to always show exemplary sportsmanship. Just as with any profession, I don’t expect professional athletes to love their competitors. Although in theory we should strive to “respect everyone and fear no one” I know that adage doesn’t apply for many. I understand this is the case for Richard Sherman and while not my ideal quality in a person, it is his right. I just wish he wouldn’t express his hatred for an opponent in front of millions of people after a thrilling championship game. He already did it on the field, he didn’t need to take it to our living rooms. Don’t Blink.

The Subject That Dominates My Facebook Newsfeed the Most

Of course there are times where I know that the content on my Facebook newsfeed is going to go a certain direction with my friends all posting about a similar subject. National tragedies, holidays, important votes or elections, and big moments in reality TV always transform my newsfeed into a vertical homogeneous collection of similar editorials, rants, and analysis. However, once the autumn season comes around, I can always count on my feed getting dominated by a certain subject each Sunday (and sometimes Monday).

By far the most popular subject that I routinely see posted on Facebook via my newsfeed on a consistent basis is the Seattle Seahawks. If you are reading this, I think this should come as a surprise to many of you. I mean come on, a sports team claims the title for taking over my newsfeed in the most passionate and routine fashion? And not only that, but the sports team happens to be a squad other than the Montana Grizzlies? A little shocking for sure.

I am not kidding you though. For the couple hours leading up to each game the Seahawks play in through the three hour game and then peaking like crazy for two hours after it, my newsfeed is blitzed with content related to the SEAHAWKS. It is not like these statuses are passive, lighthearted “Go Hawks” statements either. My friends get absolutely crazy on Facebook for the team and pretty much go unfiltered on what they post. It gets rather intense.

The Seattle Seahawks routinely take over my newsfeed.

The Seattle Seahawks routinely take over my newsfeed.

Of course I grew up in Washington state and many of my Facebook friends are from the Spokane area. Also, the state of Montana has no professional football team (or any sports team for that matter) so many people choose the Seattle Seahawks as their team of choice. But I still don’t think these two things alone explain entirely why each Seahawk game is such a huge deal socially. I grew up a dedicated Seattle Seahawks fan but I know for a fact that many of the people I knew at that time did not share my same passion. If Facebook existed back when I lived in Washington I know my newsfeed would not look the same that it does today.

I am pretty sure I know the real reason why I see the proliferation of Hawks posts each Sunday. Actually, let me rephrase that and say I know the reasons, because there are two. First off, the Seahawks are a winning team. Back when I lived in Spokane I locked myself in my room after each Seahawk game because I became so enraged with the way they came up with to lose the game that particular Sunday. Not so anymore. Winning solves all problems and can make a fan out of anyone.

BUT, the main reason why I think I see the crazy amount of Facebook interest each week for the Seahawks is because of the immense interest in the NFL in general. As I have written about before, it is ridiculous how popular the National Football League is. The league absolutely captivates the nation for 20+ weeks each year. Ratings and revenue go through the roof for the NFL. This mania for the league extends to each team and is funneled out to each geographic region. Of course, this interest in each geographic region is then reflected through social media. Case and point why my Facebook newsfeed, composed mainly of friends from Washington state and western Montana, gets taken over by content related to the Seattle Seahawks.

In two hours my favorite NFL team will take on the hated San Francisco 49ers in a primetime Sunday Night game. I already see the status updates popping up on my newsfeed presently but that is just a tiny preview of what is to come. Sunday night Facebook meeting Seattle Seahawk Sunday Night Football (against a rival) is going to result in a complete social media explosion. My Facebook newsfeed is going to be painted in blue and green but that is okay because I understand it….and I also love it. GO HAWKS! Don’t Blink.

Quit Blaming the Replacement Officials

While watching Monday Night Football this evening, I started to write my blog post that had no relation to the NFL or football whatsoever. After watching the ending of the Seahawks controversial victory over the Packers and watching Twitter absolutely blow up, I knew I had to dramatically switch course. Let’s talk real quick about these replacement officials.

All of us need to recognize something right now: None of us have any right whatsoever to take our anger out on the replacement refs. They have ventured into a near impossible situation. Most of these fill-ins were Division III officials last year. There is absolutely no comparison at all between a Whitworth Pirates vs. Pacific Lutheren Lutes game and a San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings game. Rules and game administration between the two levels are nowhere close to being on the same wavelength. If there is something that is similar between the two, than it is magnified 1,000x more in the NFL (everything from speed to athleticism to crowd size to intensity). To think that these officials could have an acceptable grasp on the highest level of football in the world after cramming for a summer is a joke.

Besides the major differences between the levels of football and besides the laughable amount of time they received to get acquainted with the NFL version, these men never had a chance to succeed. They got no respect from the players, coaches, or media. This of course translated into the officials getting no respect from fans. Every game I have watched this season, the announcing crew has made the officiating the focal point of the broadcast. Instead of focusing on player-related storylines, the talent on these broadcasting teams have focused all of their energy on criticizing the officials. When you get these analysts made up of mostly former players and coaches in the booth who have massive followings and larger than life personalities, they are going to sway the audience…especially when they say the same thing over and over for three hours. Over the past few weeks, I have wondered what fans would really think if they sat down and watched a whole game with the mute feature on. No way would they be as irate over the officiating.

I am mad at both the team owners and the NFL referees union for not coming to terms on a deal. Yes, the owners seem to be taking the cheap road by not meeting the demands of the referees when they are supposedly making millions and millions of dollars per team. And yes, the officials are entitled and they do feel that they are worth more than they actually are. I honestly feel that with more training, experience, and seasoning, these replacement officials could do a job on par with the locked out refs. Whenever two sides strongly disagree on issues, the best route to take is one of compromise, right? Can’t the owners and referees somehow sit down and hash something out? But who am I kidding, isn’t this what they have tried to do for several months now?

My main mission is just to get people to lighten up on the criticism of the replacement refs. I know right away that a “fan” is not very educated when they are directing their anger and insults towards the guys who have taken on such a momentous task. I really do hate to see people vilified for doing their best under uncontrollable circumstances, especially when their best is way beyond anything that you or I could ever do. Let’s realize that it is not the replacement officials who are making the most costly bad calls. Rather, it is the team owners who are too greedy to shell out a few extra bucks and the NFL referees who feel they are indispensable and who feel they should make a comfortable six figure salary for officiating sixteen games a year. There are more serious problems in this world. GO SEAHAWKS! Don’t Blink.