Groundhog Thursday Rundown

Well, the groundhog indicated six more weeks of winter but no one bothered to tell Myrtle Beach that; it was 75 degrees and sunny here today. Time for the Thursday Rundown…

Specially Made Cookie Dough Cheesecake – Over the weekend, Sidney posted a recipe for cookie dough cheesecake on my Facebook wall asking if I would make it for her. Although I knew my attempt at making it might turn out a little sketchy, I immediately told her I would. However, some awesome family friends came to my rescue. Sue and Jerry live right next door to my in-laws. About an hour after I said I would do it, Sue commented on the post saying she would lend her culinary skills to making the dessert. Needless to say, I deferred to her! On Tuesday night, we went over to their house and enjoyed dessert hour with them. The cookie dough cheesecake was delicious and Sue sent us home with most of the remaining pie. Thanks Sue and Jerry!

A photo of Sue with the cookie dough cheesecake she made us.

Baby Update – Sidney will turn 31 weeks tomorrow. We have seen recent ultrasound photos of our daughter and they are amazing! Technology is so crazy. We have signed up for a birthing class and the both of us are getting paperwork taken care of relating to our employers and leave time. With the due date set for April 7, it is very possible that she could come a little early and be born in March. With February now here, that means Sidney and I could be parents NEXT MONTH.

“This Is Us” Plot Twist – I am not afraid to admit it, Sidney and I haven’t missed one Tuesday night of “This Is Us.” In fact, this week we were all set to watch the latest episode except for one problem: there wasn’t one. In fact, there wasn’t even a re-run like our TV Guide indicated. Instead, an episode of the game show “The Wall” (not a fan) aired in the time slot of “This Is Us.” Although I make a living off of writing tweets that (hopefully) generate a lot of engagement for the university I work for, my own tweets on my personal account don’t always do so. So, when 24 people “loved” the tweet I sent out about our disappointment regarding our favorite show, it cheered me up just a bit.

This was the tweet I sent out about our “This Is Us” disappointment.

Super Bowl Memories – I will reveal who I want to win Super Bowl LI this weekend, but today I want to fondly remember that time when a team I actually cared about won the big game. Three years ago on this date, the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. It was the first time that a team I had loyally cheered for actually won a national/league title. It was a thrilling evening as Russell Wilson tore up the Broncos defense while Pete Carroll coached his heart out on the sidelines. The feeling I had three years ago was very much like the one I had about seven months ago when the Chanticleer baseball team won the College World Series.

It was a big thrill for me when the Seattle Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII.

Living By Your Faith (Even When You Are Dead) – This week, word spread about a document a priest signed more than a decade before he died. Father Rene Robert made it his priestly mission to serve those with mental health and emotional problems. Last April, Father Robert was killed by a person plagued with mental illness. Prosecutors want to seek the death penalty for the murderer. However, back in 1995, Father Robert signed a document stating that if he was to ever be killed (no matter how heinous the act was) he did not want the criminal to get the death penalty. Bishops and priests from multiple dioceses are trying to make sure that Father Rene’s wish is fulfilled. Just another reason why I am proud to be Catholic.


On that note, it is time for me to sign off for a couple days. I will touch base on Sunday. Don’t Blink.

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