Overlooked Feature On Our Phones

Every now and then, I like to share some of the overlooked features on our phones. Sometimes, the built-in apps on our devices can be much more valuable than anything we can get through the App Store.

If you have an iPhone, it means you have the Voice Memos app. It might be hidden in a subfolder titled “extras” but rest assured you have it. In fact, many journalists these days are well aware of it. When I worked in the athletic department at the University of Montana, all of the younger media personnel would use Voice Memos to record interviews/press conferences while the old school guys still used the classic recorder.

If you are still cloudy about the function of Voice Memos from what I said above, let me quickly explain: It is simply a tool on your phone that allows you to record sound. Not surprisingly, people use the feature for interviews. Except for the holdouts who might not have a smart phone, the need for a recorder these days is pretty much obsolete. Voice Memos will allow you to record high quality sound with just the tap of the screen.

However, many of us don’t have job descriptions that require us to interview people. What then can Voice Memos do for us?

To be completely honest, I am not the best at summarizing and relaying information verbally. If someone tells me something about a subject I might not be familiar with, I naturally struggle regurgitating that information later in the day to someone else. Thus, this is when Voice Memos comes in.

I feel much less stupid when I am able to inform someone on something another person said without leaving key detail out or by accidentally (heaven forbid) saying the wrong thing. Just a few examples for you.

– When Sidney and I go in for her prenatal appointments, I record what the doctor tells us with Voice Memos. I am bad with medical terms and I am not always able to retain all the important information we are told. By using Voice Memos, I am able to review the information later. Even better, I can instantly text the recording to my mother-in-law and my mom. My mother-in-law is a nurse so she understands everything the doctor is saying and can clarify any questions that Sidney and I might have. By sending the memos to my mom, it includes her in the pregnancy and lets her hear word for word what the medical professionals are saying.

– During the Christmas season, Sidney and I attended my work holiday party. My wife wanted me to call and ask about the dress code. Knowing that I might mess up telling Sid what was expected, I made sure to record the conversation. By putting a vacant phone on speaker mode, I used Voice Memos on my iPhone to capture the detailed response I got about what type of dress was expected at the party. I played it for Sidney and she knew exactly what to wear!

– Not wanting to go through the hassle of downloading music, I sometimes record music off of Voice Memos. For example, when I made the video of us telling my parents that Sidney was pregnant, I was able to just use a song I recorded with Voice Memos to run in the background of the video.

– Voice Memos also works great for a haircut. For example, when I finally went to an actual salon as opposed to Great Clips, I wanted to know exactly what she did to my hair. Voice Memos could capture her exact description of the cut that was given. Now, on future visits, there is no confusion on what I want.

The best part about Voice Memos is that it is discrete. You can carry it in your pocket and record without looking like an idiot. If you have it on your phone, I suggest taking a look at it. It can solve major headaches. Don’t Blink.

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