A Jackpot Thursday Rundown

I replied to someone’s tweet a little over a week ago that questioned when is it not okay to say “Happy New Year” any longer. I think January 14 serves as a great day for the cutoff. Let’s get to the Thursday Rundown…

Powerball – I think I might have been the only person not to come down with a case of Powerball fever over the past week. As I witnessed lines at gas stations that were insane in length, I was immune to the virus even when I was standing right in the middle of them with my six-pack of beer. I did enjoy watching Sidney get excited about the Powerball as she entered into a work pool with her fellow teachers, but personally I was never tempted to buy a ticket. As I wrote extensively about a couple years ago, I understand the allure of these games but my rationality prevents me from playing.

Obama Through the Years – One year ago, I reflected on a past school project by writing this: My junior year of high school I was in an honors humanities class. The major culminating project of the class called on us to prove a thesis that we were to present to the community. Teamed up with two of my classmates, we presented and proved our thesis that the Office of the Presidency greatly accelerates aging. Besides all the research, science, and writing that went into our project, we built a walk-through replica of the White House that included before and after portraits of the Presidents from the time they started their term in office to when they ended it. Below is a two image graphic that shows President Obama during his first State of the Union Address and his last. I definitely think the Presidency has aged him but maybe not as much as I thought a year ago.

This graphic shows President Obama during his first and last State of the Union addresses.

This graphic shows President Obama during his first and last State of the Union addresses.

Gas Prices – As the price of gas plummets across the country, I would like my western friends to know that down south we have enjoyed sub $2 fuel for a very long time now. In fact, at this point, $2 gas seems expensive to me! Just take a look below to see what I filled up for last night. Yep, this is a reality in Myrtle Beach.

The price of gas in Myrtle Beach is a pretty good deal.

The price of gas in Myrtle Beach is a pretty good deal.

FOOTBALL Talk – The National Championship game on Monday was terrific. Not only was it a good game, but the level of ability by both teams was more apparent to me than any other college football contest I have ever watched. I kept telling myself that these really were the two best teams in the land.

But what I really want to talk about are the Seattle Seahawks! The ending to this past Sunday’s game against the Vikings was shocking. I went from despair to joy. You see, it just isn’t about my favorite team winning or losing. It is also about having another week to get excited about and follow a cause that is special to me. When Seattle takes on the Carolina Panthers just a couple hours from where I live this weekend, I will once again be pulling hard for Coach Pete and his team.

I can't wait to cheer on the Seahawks again this weekend.

I can’t wait to cheer on the Seahawks again this weekend.

Wedding Update #15 – Earlier this week, Sidney put three cloths of different colors in front of me and asked which one I liked best. I picked wrong. She was showing me colors of bridesmaid dresses (unbeknownst to me at the time) and I don’t think I exactly chose what she was hoping I would. It is all good, Sidney has more intelligence than to ever take my advice on fashion anyway.

After announcing last week that we had two finalists for the resort we will stay at for our honeymoon, we decided over the weekend our ultimate choice. Booking will take place very soon.


With it no longer appropriate to say “Happy New Year,” perhaps some of you might be thinking about letting your guard down on your resolutions. Don’t do it! Stay strong and keep focused. Have a great weekend. Don’t Blink.