First Thursday Rundown of 2017

It is time for a celebration! Why? Because I have the pleasure of writing my first Thursday Rundown of 2017. Here we go…

A Winner – I want to congratulate Sidney for her skill and discipline at the casino. Last week, we went with my parents to Northern Quest, a resort casino just outside of Spokane. Sid played the slots and saw some success. The best part? She cashed out while still ahead! She took home an extra $16 in her pocket and it paid for our dinner after we landed in Charleston on Sunday night.

Sidney winning money at the slot machine at Northern Quest.

Sidney winning money at the slot machine at Northern Quest.

Meat Eater – One of the best parts about celebrating two Christmases is eating two prime rib dinners. We ate it with Sidney’s family on Christmas day and then we ate it with my family when we observed our Christmas celebration on Dec. 28. Sid’s family served the meat with baked potatoes and my mom served it with lasagna. Both meals were delicious.

The prime rib on the left is from Sidney's family celebration and the prime rib on the right is from my family's celebrationn

The prime rib on the left is from Sidney’s family celebration and the prime rib on the right is from my family’s celebrationn

Dinner On Me – When the dust settled on our Christmas celebrations, it became obvious that Sidney and I made out like bandits on gift cards, especially of the restaurant variety. In the near future, we will be eating at Five Guys, Outback, Chick-Fil-A, and Buffalo Wild Wings. In addition, my brother gave us a card that is good for the Darden Restaurants. Brands that fall under this family include Longhorn, Olive Garden, the Yard House, and a few other places I have never heard of. And, because it technically does serve food, can I lump in Target as a restaurant? Sid got gift cards to her favorite store from both her parents and my parents.

Oreo Truffles – As much as it pains me to admit this, the Oreo truffles I ate over the holiday break blew the Pop-Tart truffles I made out of the water. Sidney, my brother, and my sister (notice how they left me out) combined to make the truffles and they turned out absolutely delicious. They dipped some in milk chocolate and some in white chocolate. If you want an easy, fun, and yummy treat idea, go with Oreo truffles.

My siblings and wife combined to make these delicious Oreo truffles.

My siblings and wife combined to make these delicious Oreo truffles.

Baby Update – As you can probably imagine, our future baby daughter reeled in some serious loot over the holiday season. I think she now has a wardrobe bigger than her parents combined. Both of our families were very generous and thoughtful. Tomorrow, Sidney will turn 27 weeks. Then, on Saturday, it will mark exactly three months until our baby is due.


Hope your first week of 2017 is going great. My mind is starting to shift to the big College Football Playoff championship game on Monday night. Go Tigers! Don’t Blink.

Kicking Off December With a Thursday Rundown

Happy December to you all! What a fun and magical month this is. It brings me no greater pleasure than to lead off December 2016 with a Thursday Rundown.

Thanksgiving Recap – I apologize for not writing a Thursday Rundown last week…I was a little busy celebrating a certain holiday. I think it is only proper that I post the obligatory Thanksgiving spread photo in this post. If you count, you will see that we had 19 different dishes to enjoy. NINETEEN! The food was incredible and I stuffed myself silly. As usual, great work by the Mathis family.

A look at our large Thanksgiving spread.

A look at our large Thanksgiving spread.

Christmas Movies – We have prepared for December by watching way too many Christmas movies in November. Besides a full slate of Hallmark movies I have watched bits and pieces of with Sidney, we also watched a couple of classics over the past couple of nights. On Tuesday, we watched “Rudolph” and then last night we watched “Christmas Vacation.” Before watching the Chevy Chase holiday staple, I asked Sidney if she felt we were going a little overboard. She said no.

A look at the movies we watched over the past two nights along with the tweet I sent out about Sid's willingness to watch "Christmas Vacation" in November.

A look at the movies we watched over the past two nights along with the tweet I sent out about Sid’s willingness to watch “Christmas Vacation” in November.

First Visit to Sam’s Club – Some might find this hard to believe, but in my three decades of life, I had never visited a Sam’s Club before. This fact isn’t just because I am a Costco fan, rather, the truth is that Sam’s Club locations didn’t exist in the previous places I lived. But this past weekend, I finally went through the doors of the alternative wholesale warehouse giant. My initial impression? It was much more like Costco than I thought. I was hoping for some obvious differences. However, besides the store layout (which was actually in some ways similar to Costco) and the non-crowded aisles, Sam’s didn’t really distinguish itself from “the other guy.”

Price Is Right – On Tuesday night, my mom and sister were audience members at the Price Is Right. But before you ask me if they met Drew Carey, let me tell you something. They attended the non-TV version of the show that travels around the country. As you can imagine, Drew and his models don’t extend themselves past the main Price is Right studio in Hollywood. My mom and sister attended their show at Northern Quest in Spokane. Although they were eligible to be contestants, they were never told to “come on down.” But they had a really good time and looked great in their cliffhangers t-shirts.

My mom and Miranda in their t-shirts before they went off to the Price is Right.

My mom and Miranda in their t-shirts before they went off to the Price is Right.

From the Archives – Oh man, I have a couple of great posts I wrote on this date in previous years. Two years ago, I wrote about an extremely unique and special tradition my dad did for us kids growing up. Then, three years ago on December 1, 2013, I wrote about a very uncomfortable situation I found myself in when I picked up a stranger in the middle of nowhere. If you want some of my more recent stuff, just last year on this date I wrote about the hottest Christmas lights trend (one that I am following this year).

My dad had a neat tradition where he would create drawings for us on special occasions. Here is some of his work from my high school years.

My dad had a neat tradition where he would create drawings for us on special occasions. Here is some of his work from my high school years.


May you all have a blessed month. I am excited for these next several weeks and I hope you are too. Don’t Blink.

Retiring From Individual Social Media Contests

Last night Sidney and I sat together in the emergency room at Grand Strand Hospital. Her mom had to pay a visit for kidney stones. As we waited, Sidney pulled out her phone. Noticing that she had a Facebook Message she opened it up to read the contents. The message went something like this…

“Yo, hope you are doing well. Could you please click here and ‘like’ my Halloween photo? I am entered in this costume contest and would love your support.”

This request sent Sidney on a small tangent about how she dislikes these random requests, especially from people she barely knows or who she hasn’t talked to in a long time. I heard her out and nodded my head.

Is it just me or does it seem like there are a million of these social media costume contests this year? You know, the ones where you “vote” for your favorite photo by “liking” it. The person who submits the image that receives the most likes receives a lucrative prize. I have seen these contests floating around my newsfeed on a very consistent basis the past several days. I know they provide great content and encourage massive engagement but I am kind of hoping that someone next year introduces a different social media method that rewards great costumes.

But back to the business of this blog post. Why did I just silently nod my agreement with Sidney? Was it because I actually ran a social media costume contest on our @CCUchanticleers Instagram this past Friday? Hardly. I didn’t voice my strong opposition to people begging for social media love because I once ran a big, desperate campaign myself.

Over three years ago I entered a Mother’s Day Facebook photo contest. The image that received the most likes and comments won a getaway prize pack for the mother of whoever submitted the photo. I spent way too much time and energy trying to generate likes and comments for the photo I entered of my mom and I. Trying to do all I could to triumph over the competition, I harassed and pleaded with way too many random Facebook friends to show their support for my photo. Ultimately, I was successful and won my mom the grand prize. (For a way too detailed account of my involvement in this contest, click here).

However, looking back at my effort over 40 months later, I don’t feel much like a social media all-star. Instead, I feel a little embarrassed. Listening to Sidney’s opinion of these “Facebook campaigners” and seeing for myself how desperate people come across when plugging their contest efforts, I think I look a little dumb.

When you enter one of these contests, it becomes the sole thing focus on. It seems like the most important thing in the world and it clouds your judgment into thinking that others do as well. This haziness in the head is what caused me to reach out to people I barely knew, people I had not talked to in a few years, and even people who I didn’t even respect. Sure I won the grand prize and my mom had a wonderful time staying at Northern Quest but I do regret bothering people who didn’t owe me a thing.

I agree with Sidney. Social media contests encourage us to awkwardly reach out to folks we probably shouldn’t. When we take the bait, it doesn’t always portray us in the best light. I am taking my victory from the Mother’s Day contest and retiring from individual social media “liking” contests. Don’t Blink.

Rubbing Elbows With Five Country Music Stars

While posting my baby photos as my #ThrowbackThursday images are always fun I very seldom get blog post ideas from them. Although I get to prove to people that at one time I was semi-cute I have started to prefer posting throwbacks that aren’t over two weeks old. Why? Because I can follow it up with a post! When I featured a photo of myself with gnarly long hair in high school I received such a strong reaction that I decided to write about it. In turn, that blog post received numerous views and many more jokes at my expense.

Today I posted an even more recent photo of myself with country music star Dierks Bentley. Taken two years ago (yes, I think that qualifies as a throwback) it showed the both of us during a meet-and-greet session prior to his show in Missoula. As that photo garnered more than normal comments and likes an idea came to mind.

I am a huge country music fan. Because of my love of this genre I have attended a great deal of concerts over the past several years. At some of these shows I have even had the opportunity to meet some of the performers I listen to on the radio every single day. For tonight’s blog post I want to feature the five country entertainers I have recently met and rank them according to how genuine and nice they were. Let’s go!

5. Sunny Sweeney – The first question I can already hear all of you asking: “Who is Sunny Sweeney?” Well back in 2011 she looked to be a promising country female singer on the rise. So promising that Reba Mcentire made her an opening act on her tour. In August of 2011 my brother and I attended Reba’s show at Northern Quest, a large resort in Airway Heights, Washington. The concert venue is outside in a large grassy area. Sunny completed her set and then went to her own private tent roped off from everything. When Reba started to play my brother noticed that Sunny had emerged from her tent, crossed over the ropes, and was standing by a souvenir tent. My brother and I immediately went over to where she stood.

By the time we got to the tent a group of about five people had already surrounded her. She started to get visibly nervous. As more people approached she became more distraught and said a couple times that she couldn’t be visible when Reba was on stage. Finally someone from her team came and got her and they walked back to her private tent. Although I have no idea why she strolled over to the souvenir tent in the first place I will always remember her last words before she left: “Thanks hun.” She directed them at me when I told her nice show.

Because the situation was awkward, I only managed to get this blurry photo of Summer Sweeney (in the black with blonde hair).

Because the situation was awkward, I only managed to get this blurry photo of Summer Sweeney (in the black with blonde hair).

4. Justin Moore – I met Justin Moore in 2011 in Missoula where he opened for Miranda Lambert. My friend Fawn and I had “meet and greet” passes that enabled us to talk with Mr. Moore himself. If you don’t already know, meet and greet sessions can be about as impersonal and artificial as anything you can imagine. With that said, I compliment Justin Moore for at least putting a smile on his face for us. He talked about the elk he shot in Montana that day and how he was going to convince his wife to move to Missoula with him. The thick southern accent and his incredibly short stature are the things I remember most about him. Apparently though he remembers nothing about me! I saw him from the front row at a Blake Shelton concert about four months later and when I yelled at him he looked at me like I was crazy.

Fawn and I with Justin Moore where he opened for Miranda Lambert.

Fawn and I with Justin Moore where he opened for Miranda Lambert.

3. Dierks Bentley – Now we arrive at the man who inspired this post. After seeing him twice in concert beforehand, I finally got to actually meet Dierks Bentley in April of 2012. Like with Justin Moore it was another meet and greet situation. Even though Justin Moore was nice and gracious I felt that Dierks was just a little more genuine. He introduced himself to me and talked about taking a jeep up the Rattlesnake area in town. He complimented the beauty of Missoula and thanked me for coming out.

I met Dierks Bentley in April of 2012.

I met Dierks Bentley in April of 2012.

2. Toby Keith – I had the pleasure of seeing Toby Keith in concert at the same venue I saw Reba at. He totally rocked the show. At Northern Quest they have a large casino. My boss at the time, my brother, and myself were strolling through it a few hours after the show. At that time, the casino wasn’t too busy as some tables were occupied and others were totally empty. At one of the Three Card Poker tables with players at it I noticed something a little out of place. Two very big men were standing behind another decent sized guy sitting at the center of the table. Yep, you guessed it…Toby Keith.

The three of us went over the table trying to play it cool. My brother bought in and sat down at the table right next to Toby. I watched the action for a little bit before piping up the same way I did with Summer Sweeney by dishing out the “nice show” compliment. When Toby heard the voice he slowly looked around his shoulder, identified me as the person who had called out, and gave me a pound! He also gave my boss a pound too. We enjoyed small talk with Toby as he gambled away and drank Michelobs with his body guards and a couple band members who were also gambling. For someone of that superstar status not to mind getting bothered while gambling after a long show earned him tremendous respect from me.

1. Phil Vassar – Our former athletic director has a couple of big connections in the country music business and those connections led him to develop a friendship with country music star Phil Vassar. The friendship proved strong enough that sometimes Vassar would just randomly appear in the athletic department. I had the chance to meet him once in 2010. The guy was humble as could be. He asked my name, inquired about how I liked working for Grizzly Athletics (I was new), and talked to me about my duties. He didn’t blink an eye when I asked for a picture. He was just so relaxed and kind that it seemed like the fame had never once gotten to him.

When it comes to personality, Phil Vassar is my favorite country music star.

When it comes to personality, Phil Vassar is my favorite country music star.


Even though I don’t mind posing for a picture with a celebrity I do keep one thing in mind: they are regular people like you and me. Just some of them are better at embracing that reality than others. Don’t Blink

Man Vs. Food Northern Quest Style

On Thursday night I made the quite familiar trip from Missoula to Spokane so I could spend the evening with my mom who was celebrating her 55th birthday. My mom chose Northern Quest*, a popular casino resort right on the outskirts of Spokane, to mark her special day. My mom and brother ventured out to Quest in the late afternoon to start their gambling odyssey. By the time I arrived in town and my dad and I made it out to the resort, it was dinner time.

We decided to eat at The Q, a sports bar restaurant inside Northern Quest. The restaurant’s menu is very diverse with many tempting choices, but this particular time my brother and I knew exactly what we were going to order the minute we walked into The Q’s entrance. While waiting in line to get a table, we glanced at the board that contained the day’s specials and saw that Thursday featured “The Big Dog” for $9. Now I love hot dogs but I usually don’t order them as my entrée at restaurants. I usually wait to throw them back at ball games and outdoor BBQs. But on this night, a voice just seemed to whisper in my ear that I needed to go with the hot dog. Obviously, my brother had the same voice speaking in his ear as well. Our waitress took our order: My dad asked for the reuben sandwich, my mom got a burrito, and my brother and I said we both wanted The Big Dog. Our waitress asked us if we wanted to add chili and cheese to the dog for $3 more. She really didn’t need to twist our arms, we both said YES.

My brother and I had absolutely no idea what we were in for. Of course we both took note of the name of the item as well as the description on the menu that said the dog was 22 inches long but what we were about to have put in front of us dramatically exceeded our expectations.

The four of us were really enjoying ourselves. Sipping on our drinks and munching on a soft pretzel appetizer while watching the Olympics in the busy bar, we didn’t even see the waitress coming up behind our table with our food. By the time she was a couple feet from us she got our attention and my eyes widened and my jaw dropped.

The waitress immediately caught the look of disbelief on my face as she lightly laughed and waited for my brother and I to clear the table of everything so there would be adequate room to place our dinners in front of us. In two greatly elongated trays laid two gigantic hot dogs fit to feed a small army. Smothered in chili and cheese and with TWO big mounds of fries on both ends of the tray, I almost had a heart attack on the spot. Now I am not saying The Q’s menu purposely underestimated the size of these dogs but let’s just say they looked much bigger than 22 inches. Take a look at the picture and decide for yourself.

This is me with The Big Dog.

It took two minutes just for my brother and I to let the realization of what sat in front of us sink in. Then came the feeling of a little bit of embarrassment. People at the surrounding tables were glancing over at what sat in front of us. I felt like a pig. But eventually my hunger overpowered the shock and embarrassment and after eating some of the fries, I picked up my fork and the knife that came with the dog and dug in. As an avid watcher of “Man Vs. Food” I genuinely felt like I was on the show itself. Intrigued by food challenges that restaurants across the nation offer for brave customers, I have never participated in one up to this point. Although the Big Dog is not billed as an official food challenge at The Q, I felt like that was exactly what it was. It seemed to me like the only way someone was going to finish that thing was if he/she had an abnormally huge appetite, there was some type of incentive involved for finishing it, and the ambitious eater had a small cheering section.

An up close picture of The Big Dog.

I started eating the dog with the best of intentions and with a pretty high level of hunger. Eating a bag of chips for lunch, traveling, and then sitting down for a late dinner had me in an eating mood. Conversely, taking away from a better performance was the pretzel appetizer my family shared along with the 25 ounce beer I had just about completely downed. All things considered, I put my best eating effort forward. However, even with my mom and dad cutting off a bite here and there for themselves, I didn’t even finish half of The Big Dog. In fact, I didn’t even manage to finish off one of the mounds of fries. My brother did just a tad better than me. My respect for people who conquer eating challenges skyrocketed.

Another angle of The Big Dog

Our waitress brought out boxes for us and we somehow managed to fit our leftovers into them. As we piled the remains into the styrofoam containers, she remarked that people usually order The Big Dog to split…yep, seems about right. Of course the minute our Big Dogs came out to our table we were taking pictures and posting to social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all got a taste (no pun intended) of what Glen and I were eating for dinner. A few of my favorite comments: “Does that come with a shot of pepto?” – “How many animals were killed to prepare that meal?” – “Did you order that for your whole family?” – “Is that for real?” – “Looks like you will have leftovers for a week.”

In the end, this is how I did

Just a couple more notes: Although I didn’t have leftovers for a whole week, I did have a couple more meals with The Big Dog after Thursday night. When it is not on special, the Big Dog is $12.95. If you ask me, just at regular price that is quite the bargain! Again, the amount of food is just outrageous. At its Thursday special price of $9, I don’t know if there is a better food deal in the state of Washington. Just the amount of fries alone is sufficient enough for a meal. Speaking of fries, you get the choice of regular fries, garlic fries, or waffle fries. I got garlic fries and my brother got waffle fries. Because it was my mom’s birthday she got free dessert which was a big piece of ice cream pie. Like good sons, Glen and I helped her eat it, even though our bellies ached.

Here I am the next day with my leftovers.

Ordering The Big Dogs added to the memorable evening of celebrating my mom’s special day. Surely we will always look back on her 55th birthday as the time we ate ourselves silly and ordered something we were totally unprepared to eat. I hope people who read this post and who venture out to Northern Quest in the future will order The Big Dog and try their luck at conquering a real beast. If you do, make sure you take pictures and send me the end result. On Thursday night at Northern Quest I went toe-to-toe with food and in my inaugural battle, food won. Don’t Blink.

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Winning a Social Media Contest

Happy Mother’s Day! What a joyful and necessary holiday this is. We owe so much to all the women out there who take on mother roles and nurture society. While one day is definitely not enough to honor all the moms out there, hopefully we all took advantage of the significance of this day and did something special for a mom, whether our own or not.

Unfortunately I did not get to spend Mother’s Day with my mom this year. However, I was given the opportunity to attempt to do something a little more out of the ordinary besides the standard card, flowers, and gift certificate.

As I have written about before, I love contests. I will enter, submit, or create just about anything for the chance to win something. Now, take a contest and throw in a social media twist and you better bet that I am not just going to participate, I am going to go all in!

Last week, Northern Quest Casino and Resort, an establishment in Spokane (and a great corporate sponsor of Grizzly Athletics!), held a special Mother’s Day promotion. Using the Facebook page of the spa located in Northern Quest, La Rive, contest organizers invited Facebook users to submit a picture of themselves with their mom (or mother figure). The pictures were put into an album and starting on Monday at noon and running through 6pm on Thursday, people on Facebook had the opportunity to vote for their favorite picture by “liking” it and/or commenting on it. The person who submitted the picture with the highest combination of “likes” and unique comments by 6pm on Thursday would win a special package for their mom that included a night’s stay in the hotel at Northern Quest, a massage, mimosas, and lunch at the resort’s popular restaurant. Didn’t take me much convincing to enter.
This was the picture that I submitted!!

Thirty-seven people entered the contest. To be honest, I was not overly confident. At work I run social media campaigns all the time which always result in amazing support. But when I run these campaigns, I am doing it with the Griz Nation brand, a brand that includes over 100,000 Facebook users in our family of fan pages. Because of the passion and dedication of our fans it doesn’t matter if I am running the Capital One Mascot of the Year campaign, a cross promotion for a department on campus, or a contest for a corporate sponsor, the response is going to be amazing. But completely take away that brand and add in a cheesy picture of my mom and I and you could see why I was wondering if any support would be there.

I have 678 Facebook friends. For someone of my age and for someone who spends way too much time as it is on Facebook, that is an incredibly low number. When I complained aloud about this fact, a co-worker confirmed that I indeed had to be a pretty big loser to have such a small number. Scouting the field a little bit before the contest I clicked on some of the other people who submitted photos and looked at their friend count. Many had over 1,000 friends. I clicked on the most attractive girl I found in the promotion album and saw that she had double the amount of me. I knew I was at a disadvantage.
Even though I felt a little behind even before the competition started, it did not mean I was not going to try my hardest to win with the strategy that I had drawn up.

One of the last ditch efforts I will do to try to increase attendance at non-football Griz events is to get on our mascot’s Facebook account and personally instant message students about the game/event. I will open with their name, add a little note about something that I saw after briefly looking at their profile, and then add the same message with all the event info after that. So even though I am basically copying and pasting this info, I am taking a few seconds to put a personal touch on it. Students love getting this perceived special attention from Monte and always respond favorably. This is what I implemented as my base strategy for the Mother’s Day promotion.

Over the course of the four days that the promotion ran, I sent out 250 personalized messages to my  Facebook friends.  They all were drafted the exact same way. I would greet the person, write a couple sentences talking about a specific memory, hobby, or acquaintance that we had and then I would hit them with the contest. I made sure to apologize a couple times for the inconvenience and then to also thank them for taking the time to read it. I would then add a last personal note to the request. The response was absolutely overwhelming. In the first couple days I would just message the people who were online as indicated by the chat tool bar. As the contest got into Wednesday I messaged all the people who had recent newsfeed activity. By Thursday I was messaging people who I classified as “shots in the dark”…people with no newsfeed activity who I had not talked to in a while. I do want to note though that I did have standards throughout this whole deal and there were some people who I would not reach out to…ex’s, old high school friends, people who had recently lost their moms, or moms who had recently lost a child did not get messages from me.
The contest went back and forth. Including me, there were two other strong competitors who battled it out for top supremacy. Late Wednesday night, my picture was down about forty “likes” to a picture of a lady surrounded by four little kids. Although it would be a little more dramatic to say that I was worried about the large disparity I really wasn’t.
I felt confident for two reasons: 
1. The picture with the most “likes” on Wednesday night had missed out on an important part of the contest…unique comments were counted as well. Yes, comments and “likes” were added up to form a final number. So while I had personally told everyone to add a comment along with their “like”, this picture with just the most “likes” had not.
2. I had not tapped into a resource yet…
So while I went with soliciting “likes” off of personalized messages to my friends, pretty much everyone else in the competition generated “likes” by asking people to share the photo on their Facebook page along with the directions of the contest. You see, I have a tough time doing that. I, for one, would never put a random picture of a friend and his mom on my wall. Sorry, but my Facebook page is my space to advance my personal brand…not to help someone win a stupid contest. Because of my feelings on this subject, I didn’t decide to utilize this strategy until the last day on Thursday, and when I did, there was an incentive. Basically, all I did was request that people share the picture on their wall and if they did, they would be put into a drawing for a gift certificate AND they would be mentioned in this blog (see below*). I reposted this status every hour on Thursday. I also stepped up my personal campaigning a notch too. Pretty quickly, the numbers started to swing.
I think the real turning point came when our local radio DJ, Aaron Traylor (@DjAaronTraylor), gave me a much too nice shout out on his station and shared the picture on the 107.5 Facebook page.  What was once a 40 “like” lead for the picture of the mom surrounded by her kids had blossomed into a 20 “like” lead for the picture of some ugly dude in a gray polo standing next to his mom in Ellensburg, Washington.
As I had fully expected, the mom surrounded by kids picture made one late push at the end. However, because of the comment disparity and the “like” lead that my picture had built, it was not enough. When 6pm hit, my picture was the overall leader in both. And although the runner up tried to claim victory, you have to understand, I am a complete nerd. I had my friend sitting right next to me with her lap top so she was on the competitor’s picture the whole time while I was on mine. When 6pm hit, I was four “likes” (and countless comments) ahead. Nice try though.
About two hours later, the La Rive Facebook page announced the official results. My mom had won the grand prize. The mom surrounded by kids picture won second and their people complained. The third place person (contest gave prizes to three people) spoke out against the complaining, thanked Northern Quest, and then sent me a friend request. We chatted for a while, delightful girl.
I called my mom and told her the news. She was on cloud nine. I then told her that she would have to give back the regular gift I had gotten her…..just kidding. I immediately started getting texts and Facebook messages from people congratulating me.
The best part of this whole contest was that I got to do something special for my mom. The second best part was that I got to reconnect with a bunch of people who I had not talked to in a while. Sure, the initial message I sent was a basic form letter with a selfish request from me, but the conversation that developed afterwards in many of these cases was awesome.
Thank you so much to Northern Quest! They have a great social media department that is doing engaging and interactive work. In order to be successful in social media you have to show your client base that you care, and NQ is ahead of the game.
Once again, happy Mother’s Day! Thank you mom for the amazing job you have done raising the three of us. Enjoy your grand prize. I love you. Don’t Blink.
* Thank you so much to Aaron Traylor, Jerek Wolcott, Ellie Nadeau, Steph Williams, Sylvia Jensen, Julie Gemar Williams, Diane Beck, and Nick Batista for sharing my picture!