Changing Gyms

After over three years of attending the beautiful HTC Center for my workouts, I joined a new gym last month. The contrast between the sparkling facility we have here at Coastal Carolina University versus the place I am going to now is quite striking.

In short, the former is really nice while the latter is not. But trust me, I am completely fine with it.

Because the hours of operation for both Coastal’s gym and Sloan’s day care don’t mesh well together, I had to find a new exercise center, one that was open 24 hours and preferably close to our house. It didn’t take me long to pinpoint a location.

I am now a member of Gold’s Gym (you want to lift some iron, bro?). Before I address the stereotypes let me explain why I made this decision.

I am now a member of Gold’s Gym in Myrtle Beach.

Believe it or not, I have a history with Gold’s Gym. When I would return to Spokane for holiday and summer breaks when I was a college student, I would pull together the little money I had and use it to purchase whatever promo deal the local Gold’s Gym was offering to get me through the couple weeks or month I was home. Additionally, over the last couple years, I have frequented the Myrtle Beach Gold’s Gym on days the HTC Center was closed (on holidays and when campus shut down for weather events). Thus, because the Myrtle Beach Gold’s Gym is open 24 hours during the week and because it is within 10 minutes of my house, based on the familiarity I had already established with the brand, I went ahead and purchased an actual membership.

As I said, the HTC Center and Gold’s are worlds apart. I went from working out in a spacious, top of the line facility to sweating it out in an old, cramped gym. I went from exercising in the company of fit college students to being surrounded by extremely muscular and intimidating adults. I went from enjoying brand new equipment to lifting weights that could easily be confused with inventory meant for a prison gym.

I do get in a good sweat at Gold’s (and that is all that matters). The Myrtle Beach Gold’s Gym has an actual hardwood gym that I use at the end of my workout. I took this photo a couple weeks ago.

But hold on for one second. I am being a bit dramatic. Although the above comparisons are for the most part true, I do actually enjoy working out at Gold’s Gym. Even if it feels as if I am stepping into the 1980s each time I walk through the doors, it is the atmosphere that makes a gym. At Gold’s, people work hard and treat me with plenty of respect (even the ones who can bench press 1,000 pounds). The staff is incredible. The facility and equipment might be old but it is conducive to what I need to complete my workout and feel good about myself. Most importantly, Gold’s Gym allows me to show up before 5 a.m. so I can get in my workout and get home so my wife can go to work and I can take Sloan to day care.

And, in the end, I am not turning my back on the HTC Center. Although the majority of my workouts take place at Gold’s, I still have the pleasure of exercising with the campus community twice a week. However, I have learned one thing: although luxuries are nice, it is not the gym itself that works the magic; it is the person utilizing it. Don’t Blink.

Hurricane Matthew Thursday Rundown

As I sit in our living room watching the news and working on my computer, I figured this would be a good time to write my Thursday Rundown. Here we go with today’s five topics…

Hurricane Update – Yesterday I gave a summary on how the lead up to Hurricane Matthew is impacting us. I also mentioned the toll it might take when it actually reaches us. Here is the thing: Weather forecasters are having a tough time charting the exact track of Hurricane Matthew. It keeps moving around, causing frustration not just for weather people but for citizens trying to make plans. However, no matter what course the hurricane takes, our area in Myrtle Beach is going to feel the presence of it in someway. Hurricane Matthew is still not expected to directly hit our area but strong on-shore winds do figure to give us some problems. We are also expected to receive MORE than 10 inches of rain. Because our soil here in Myrtle Beach is already saturated, this could give us some real issues.

I took this photo of a TJ Maxx this morning as I was coming back from the gym. The store boarded up its windows in preparation for the storm.

I took this photo of a TJ Maxx this morning as I was coming back from the gym. The store boarded up its windows in preparation for the storm.

Alternative Places to Exercise – Because the Coastal Carolina campus is closed, so is the gym. This has forced me to go elsewhere for my workouts. Yesterday I went to ultra fancy Planet Fitness. This morning I got my pump in at traditional Gold’s Gym. Talk about the tale of two gyms! Planet Fitness was modern and large. Gold’s Gym was old school and small. Although I prefer working out at my home gym, venturing out these past two days hasn’t been too bad; in fact, I have kind of enjoyed it.

This is me taking a selfie inside the old school facilities of Gold's Gym this morning.

This is me taking a selfie inside the old school facilities of Gold’s Gym this morning.

A Good Business – I want to give a shout out to the person who helped us with the chalk art portion of our baby announcement. Brooke Holden provided us with the board and wrote the actual text on it. She was very helpful, affordable, and quick. Brooke specializes in weddings. If you have any calligraphy or chalk art needs, I highly recommend you take a look at her website.

This is the sign that Brooke Holden made for us.

This is the sign that Brooke Holden made for us.

Happy Birthday, Steph! – Last night we celebrated my sister-in-law’s birthday. Stephanie turned 34 and we celebrated with a little get together at her house. We enjoyed pizza and then ate cake and ice cream. We finished the night by watching her open presents and by playing with the kids. One final happy birthday wish to my great sister-in-law!

A scene from Steph's birthday celebration last night.

A scene from Steph’s birthday celebration last night.

Our Newest Show – Sidney and I have a brand new network show we are watching! “This Is Us” is a program on NBC that chronicles the adventures of triplets. Well, I am using the term “triplets” lightly since one of them is not biological to the two others. Anyway, Sidney got me to watch the premiere and the second show was equally as entertaining. Making things even more interesting is that my family out west is also watching the show so it gives us something to talk about with them. If you are looking for something to watch on Tuesday nights, I recommend it!


If you live in South Carolina, please be safe this weekend. Thanks to everyone who has been thinking about Sidney and I. Like I said yesterday, I think we are going to be just fine. Don’t Blink.