Thanks for the Birthday Love

After a birthday, 9 out of 10 times the person’s Facebook status will read something like this: “Thank you so much everyone for the birthday wishes. I feel very loved and I had a great day. I am so lucky!”

Well, after turning 27 years old today I feel the exact same way. Only difference is that I don’t have to write that short generic status on my Facebook wall because I have this coveted blog that allows me to elaborate on for thousands and thousands of words. But I won’t put you through that misery. I will, however, elaborate just a little.

Don’t worry, if you wrote on my wall I will still make sure to respond back to you personally. After all, I can’t go back on something that I make sure to do every single year. However, you will have to wait until tomorrow for me to drill those out. I like to start on that project once all of my Facebook birthday wishes come in and with three hours of October 8 left to go, there is still the chance that others might wish this aging blogger a big ol’ Feliz Cumpleanos.

But all joking and sarcasm aside, I want to genuinely say thank you to everyone who took the time to wish me a happy birthday today. Especially in this day and age with all the different mediums out there, birthdays are definitely a self-esteem booster, even if I can’t stand getting a year older. For all the birthday wishes through phone calls, texts, e-mails, Facebook posts, twitter mentions, Instagram mentions, Snap Chats, cards, and face-to-face conversation I do feel very valued and cared for. I know I say I am not a birthday person but I would be lying if I said that all the attention and love I get from people on this day didn’t make me very appreciative.

I spent today doing what I love: working for the Griz. I got to be around my awesome co-workers and our humble and amazing student-athletes. The birthday wishes I got from both groups throughout the day again reminded me of how lucky I am to work in a first class athletic department. I then got to celebrate my birthday with someone who owns October 8 much more than I do. Sylvia Jensen is the biggest Griz supporter you will find and she turned 80 years old today. She came into the office this morning and wished me a happy birthday but this evening I got to return the favor when we surprised her at Dickey’s BBQ. I can only hope to have as much energy, enthusiasm, and love for people that she has if I am ever lucky enough to reach that age.

Thanks again for all the love you gave me today. I am so lucky to have you all in my life and I thank God every single night for my infinite blessings. It is like the ultimate birthday gift that keeps giving each day. Don’t Blink.

Hello Birthday #26!

Today I turned twenty-six years old. I must say that I am coping a little better with this birthday compared to the let down of last year. One year ago today I felt a sense of depression at passing out of the 18-24 age demographic and legitimately entering into my mid-twenties. Although twenty-six does sound worse than twenty-five I have a few reasons for not hating this October 8 as much as I did the last one.

First off, I feel that twenty-five and twenty-six are pretty much one and the same. I am still smack in my mid-twenties. I don’t have to change my Twitter bio as it still says that “I am a guy in my mid-twenties.” Besides renewing my driver’s license, there is no big change with this new year, no glaring reminder that I am getting old. Twenty-six is not the starting point or ending point for anything in life. Just saying the two ages aloud does not even bring about that much difference to my ear.

Secondly, most of the people I hang out with and deal with on a daily basis are older than me. This makes the pill of having a birthday a little easier to swallow. True, I do work on a college campus and I am constantly around young and vibrant student-athletes but besides that I roll with people who are my senior. So even if my friends give me a hard time about being old today, I can throw it right back in the faces of most of them.

Finally, I am just more accepting of life in general. Aging is a part of the human condition and I can’t stop Father Time. I think I pretty much just wasted all of my “age scorn” to last me a couple years after I turned twenty-five. I just don’t have it in me this year to get all worked up and bothered about something that I can’t control. Rather, instead of feeling sad about my age I feel thankful about my age. I have amazing people around me. At twenty-six years old I have a great job, superb health, and the best family anyone could ask for. Some people won’t ever have all three of those things in their lifetime. I am not in a bad spot.

Tonight I am celebrating my birthday at Buffalo Wild Wings with friends. Nothing like eating wings and watching some football with good company! Thank you all so much for all the birthday wishes, texts, Facebook posts, and Twitter mentions from today. I am ready to kick off this new birthday year with all of you and make it as positive as possible. Don’t Blink.