A Wedding Clipping to Save

It was almost as if I was reading a recap of the Royal Wedding…

This article was written about my grandparents’ wedding in 1942.

These days when you read the newspaper you might see a paragraph or two about a couple becoming engaged. Unless you are reading a tabloid, you very seldom see any article actually reporting on the intricacies of a wedding ceremony.

This wasn’t the case 76 years ago.

Over the weekend, a distant relative sent me the newspaper clippings of an article written about the wedding of my grandparents. In 1942, my mom’s parents got hitched at St. Francis of Assisi church in Walla Walla, WA. According to the town’s local newspaper, it was “one of the most beautiful weddings of the season.”

I read the article in amazement as the journalist went into thorough detail. Everything was recorded from what the wedding party wore to the gifts my grandma gave her bridesmaids to the amount of people who attended the reception. Information on the people who usually get overlooked at weddings, such as the ringbearer and the musicians, all received their due.

Besides the reporting, the writing itself was just a treat. The bride, a striking brunette, was lovely in her white velveray marquisette gown fashioned with shirred bodice with sweetheart neckline and long sleeves, full at the shoulder, and long train.

I mean come on. When Sid and I tied the knot, I think our local newspaper just carried a sentence on its website declaring that we were now legally married. Not even a quick mention that her gown was white.

Of course, I realize it was a different time back then. Without the internet or a 24-hour news cycle, media coverage was very localized. In a small town like Walla Walla, there was space in the newspaper to write a couple columns about the latest wedding.

Besides the exquisite detail and the glimpse at journalism during a different era, the article made my day because it was a record of the beginning of a very special marriage. My grandparents were married for over 60 years and their relationship bore so much fruit. Although I remember them in my heart as “grandparents,” it was neat to read the article and see them as a young adult couple just starting their lives together.

A newspaper clipping from the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin announcing my grandparents’ 60th anniversary.

What a joy it was to read. It was truly a blessed day when my grandparents stood before the “altar lovely with whit chrysanthemums and ferns and palms” and said I do. Don’t Blink.

Great, Good, Grand Thursday Rundown

Do you know what they say about the first Thursday Rundown of each month? That it is Great (notice the capital “G”)! With that said, let’s get started.

Glen – Tomorrow my brother will arrive in Myrtle Beach to spend the Labor Day weekend with me. Just like when my parents came to visit me in March, I am ecstatic to show him my home. After almost a year and a half here in Myrtle Beach, he will get his first look at where I live, where I work, and where I hangout. I am excited for him to meet Sidney’s family and for him to get a taste of what he can expect when he returns to MB in June to serve as my Best Man.

Glen and I a couple years ago.

Glen and I a couple years ago.

Grandma – Today my Grandma would have turned 98. She passed away nine years ago. Virginia Fazzari was an incredibly generous and patient woman who loved her family, excelled at cooking, participated fully in the church, and read at a frantic pace. I have many, many fond memories of my Grandma and will always miss her.

My grandma and I before we went to the church for my First Communion.

My grandma and I before we went to the church for my First Communion.

Gas – South Carolina is famous for cheap gas. We are definitely living up to that billing right now. Driving to work this morning I don’t think I saw one station that wasn’t boasting sub $1.90 prices. The cheapest of the cheap I have seen so far is a dirt cheap $1.84 per gallon. I think my brother is going to bring gas cans with him to fill up and bring home to Spokane at the end of the weekend.

It is harder than it looks to take a photo of gas prices when you are driving.

It is harder than it looks to take a photo of gas prices when you are driving. This was taken last weekend at a Myrtle Beach Kangaroo location

Gameday – Today I received my season tickets for the 2015 Chanticleer football season! Although I work all games from the sidelines, I do purchase a couple tickets so Sidney and a guest can attend. This year the home season is much anticipated just not because the team will once again be strong but because of the debut of the TEAL TURF. Also, with the recent announcement about the Sun Belt Conference, folks are more on fire about the program than ever before. Should be a great season!

It is so convenient having your season tickets loaded onto a card.

It is so convenient having your season tickets loaded onto a card.

Golf Update – Because I don’t have a wedding update this week, I decided to bring you a golf update instead. Last night Sidney and I had our latest golf lesson. For me it went well as I had my “ah-ha” moment. I was finally swinging the club well and making solid contact with the ball. It was a lot of fun! Best part was that I was barely able to outperform Sid this time around.


Have an incredible Labor Day weekend, everyone. I have looked forward to this one for a couple months now. Enjoy and be safe. Don’t Blink.