What Five Topics Tonight?!

Last Thursday worked out so well with me doing my multi-topic blog post that I knew when the next Thursday came along I would have to do the same. So here we are today. Same format, same conditions. Time for me to take a deep breath and throw five totally unrelated topics at you. Legggggoooooo…

The Boathouse: Last Friday my friend Seth invited me out to a place called the Boathouse. He told me Joe Diffie was playing a free concert and that it was the place to be. Once Sidney arrived at my place the two of us met Seth at the Boathouse. To say the least, it was an awesome venue. Inside they have a perfectly sized bar/restaurant with attentive service and a very charming country theme. But outside is where it is truly at. You walk out the back door and a grassy hill greets you. At the bottom of the hill sits a stage nudged right up against the Intracoastal Waterway. People pack the hill and overflow to two covered outdoor bars in the back. The vibe is awesome and the atmosphere unmatched. Best of all the quality acts they bring in are free. Everyone says the real party happens during the venue’s “Sunday Funday” series…don’t know if I will be making any of those.

Before Joe Diffie took the Boathouse stage an opening band covered some current Top 40 country songs..

Before Joe Diffie took the Boathouse stage an opening band covered some current Top 40 country songs..

South Carolina Bans Texting: It felt weird driving in a place where I didn’t have to look in all directions before sneakily grabbing my phone to send out a quick text. Both in Washington State and Missoula (the state of Montana actually does not have a ban on texting but many cities in the state do) you would get pulled over immediately if a cop suspected you of talking or texting on your phone. To not have those restrictions here in South Carolina did bring me a sense of freedom even if it did feel different at first. But that taste of liberation will disappear very quickly. South Carolina has become the 49th state to pass a ban on texting (Montana is now the only state not to have one). Although the ban does have an exception that I love: Drivers can still text at stop lights. Believe me, this is a big relief. Myrtle Beach is home to FOUR MINUTE RED LIGHTS and usually in that time when I am stopped I send out at least three tweets, catch up on texts, and respond to e-mails. To not have the option to be productive while wasting my life away in traffic would have been devastating.

Cold Water Challenge: At Coastal Carolina University today we started our own Cold Water Challenge campaign. Chauncey and myself went out and met a staffer who braved the ice water dumped over her head. I filmed, edited, and posted the video. There should be a lot more of that for me come tomorrow as other staffers respond to her call out. Unfortunately, I know my time will come very soon when I have to take the challenge myself. Keep your eye on this blog for an update.

Coastal Carolina University staff member Diane Fabiano took the Cold Water Challenge with an assist from Chauncey.

Coastal Carolina University staff member Diane Fabiano took the Cold Water Challenge with an assist from Chauncey.

“Maleficent”: On Tuesday night, Sidney and I went to the movies after feasting on macaroni and cheese egg rolls at Kingstreet in Market Common. We saw “Maleficent” starring Angelina Jolie. The movie rocked the box office this past weekend and came out with a lot of fanfare so maybe my expectations were too high going in. Whatever the case was, I didn’t get too excited after watching it. I am not a fantasy movie fanatic to begin with, however sometimes I can be swayed. I actually really enjoyed “Snow White and the Huntsman” and thought “Maleficent” might impress me as well. But I just found the movie too slow and some of the characters annoying, although I don’t speak of Angelina Jolie’s title character in that way. Funny to say, but Jolie reminded me of Katy Perry in the movie.

On Tuesday night, Sidney and I saw "Maleficent" at the Grand 14 Cinema at Market Common in Myrtle Beach.

On Tuesday night, Sidney and I saw “Maleficent” at the Grand 14 Cinema at Market Common in Myrtle Beach.

2014 NBA Finals: I thought about writing a blog post about the Finals but figured it would just be the exact same thing I have written for the past three years…I hope the Heat lose. I am not a Spurs fan by any means but my dislike for Miami makes me hope that San Antonio wipes the floor with them. I would love to see a sweep. I admit Lebron has done some great things since making the move to Miami but I still can’t get over “The Decision.” That was a deal breaker for me and I really don’t want to see King James pick up his third title. I want to see the people of South Beach embarrassed by how bad San Antonio beats their team.


Another movie is in the cards for me tonight (after the basketball game) and a fun weekend is on the horizon. However, that is for another blog post. Have a great Thursday night everyone and a safe weekend. Go Spurs! Don’t Blink.

2013 NBA Finals: The Lesser of Two Evils

So I suppose that once the conference finals were set, this was probably the most attractive NBA Finals matchup that could have occurred but I can’t lie, I am disappointed. Out of all the teams in the Western Conference I dislike the Spurs the most and out of all the teams in the Eastern Conference, check that…in the whole league, I hate the Heat the most. But I know I should shut up, this series will be “good for the league” and ratings will likely soar.

I am just having a tough time coming to terms with the reality that I will have to watch Manu Ginoboli flop and King James whine and cry for at least four more games. I cringe that I have to watch San Antonio’s style of play and Miami’s arrogance for one more series. I get depressed that I have to watch Greg Popovic pace the sidelines and Chris “Birdman” Andersen be himself for several more days. Sorry not sorry, I am not excited for Thursday.

On a lighter note, I really have no other reason to hate the Spurs than what I just highlighted above. The Miami Heat? That’s a whole different story. I threw the remote at the TV (well not at the TV but at the chair across from me) last night when Miami pulled away from Indiana in Game 7. I just can’t stand watching them play…or warm up….or conduct press conferences.

I just still have a lot of bitterness towards Lebron James over The Decision. I know by this time most of that venom should have worn off, and some of it has, but I still have a majority of it built up. I look at Lebron as the ultimate egotistical self-centered spoiled athlete. What he did three years ago on that stage across from Jim Gray, shamelessly trying to disguise it as an “act of charity”, will always stay with me. But as time goes on and people mature, feelings start to change. However, whenever it seems like I am warming up to Lebron it seems like something happens that turns me back the other way. I will watch a game in disbelief as he gets every single call humanely possible. Or I will watch a game in which a single call goes against him and he throws a king-sized fit or he decides to sprint down to the other end of the floor while the play is dead. Or I will watch a press conference and he will spout off that he had to “Go back to the Cleveland days.” All of these things rub me the wrong way.

Most of you can sense it, the main reason why I dislike the Heat is because of Lebron James. Well, Birdman is another big reason too. I want the Heat to lose 35% because of Lebron, 30% because of Birdman, 10% because of that rally that Lebron, Bosh, and Wade held three years ago, 10% because of the cockiness of the whole team, 5% because of that assistant coach who also got a technical foul when Lebron went on his full court sprint, 5% because I usually always root against the Eastern Conference, 2.5% because I hate the chants the Heat fans do during the game, 1.5% because my buddy Shaun Rainey likes Lebron, and 1% because the Heat logo is hideous.

If I had it my way, the Spurs would sweep the Heat 4-0. The series would be a bloodbath with San Antonio wiping the floor with Miami over the course of four games. I would stomach watching Ginobli hop around the court in pure glee in exchange for Lebron and his gang getting royally rejected. I would feel good about seeing the Heat players going to the post game press conferences dressed up in their ridiculous costumes answering questions about why they sucked so bad and how they couldn’t hang with the aging Spurs.

But gosh dang it, I have to be realistic. I think the Miami Heat will go back-to-back. They are younger, they are faster, and they are deeper. They have home court advantage. They also have the referee advantage. Anything close, especially anything close for King James, will go the way of the Heat. I believe the Heat will win both games to open the series at home, take one of the next three games in San Antonio, and then close it out in Game 6 in Miami.

**Hold it right there though…I am absolutely awful in predicting the NBA Finals. Check out my blog posts from the 2011 Finals and the 2012 Finals. Pretty embarrassing if you ask me!**

Even if I won’t be, I hope everyone else enjoys the NBA Finals. Congrats to David Stern on a great run as commissioner. Don’t Blink.