2011 NBA Finals

Tomorrow marks the start of the NBA Finals. Once the Lakers got knocked out, this is the best matchup that the NBA could have wished for and I must say I think it is very intriguing also (even though I wanted to see Chicago defeat Miami). The thing is, the NBA better enjoy the glory of having a marquee matchup while they can because I think this is going to be one lopsided series that will be finished early.
Before going into my prediction, I wish I could say I was different than all the Heat-haters out there. I wish I could say that I am above rooting against any team that has Lebron James on it. I wish I could say that I am pulling for a young coach who overcame a rough start with enormous expectations only to guide his team to the Finals. I can’t. I love these blogs because you can pretty much say whatever you want. Well, I hate the Miami Heat. Everything from their cockiness to their style of play rubs me the wrong way. I have rooted against them the whole season and cringed every single time they celebrated after each of their playoff series victories. Sadly, I am really going to hate myself in about a week and a half when the Heat win the NBA Championship.
The Heat will win this series because they have better players than the Mavericks do. I mean, what more can you say? This is not a bold statement on my part. Does anyone out there think the Mavs have a decent shot? Please let me know if you do. Despite an uneven series, I am looking forward to the James-Nowitzki matchup. I  really hope they guard each other. If it does play out this way, I think we will see a back and forth battle where Dirk will get the best of Lebron one night and then Lebon will get the best of Dirk the next night.  Of course, on the nights when Lebron gets the best of Dirk, the Heat win automatically while on the nights where Dirk gets the best of Lebron, Wade and Bosh have monster nights and the Heat still likely win. I am still excited for the one-on-one battle between the two though. The media has been billing it as the best American player versus the best European player on the biggest stage in basketball. Very intriguing.
The Miami Heat will play host to the Dallas Mavericks in game 1 of the NBA Finals tomorrow. Game 2 will be in Miami, with games 3-5 in Dallas. The series will never make it out of Dallas, but if it did, Miami will host game 6 and game 7. I bring up the Finals schedule because I feel it is a blow to the Mavericks. There is no way they can win in Miami. In American Airlines Arena, the Heat do not lose. They especially do not lose in big games. Of course the Heat are comfortable playing in their own arena and they have great fans. It is also tough for a team (the Mavericks) to travel. But mostly going against Dallas in these first two games is that the Heat get EVERY SINGLE CALL in their arena. James is God and the hardwood in American Airlines Arena might as well be water because he walks across it the whole game. Miami will win game one and game two. Once in Dallas, I feel the Heat will take game three because they will still be riding the momentum of winning the first two games and because they are just simply better. Miami has a tendency to get cocky and let up a little bit when they know they are in control. After initially proving that they can win in Dallas and showing the nation that  this series is a joke, I feel they will have a little bit of a setback in game 4 and the Mavs will take it. In game 5 the Heat will blow out Dallas and the series will be over.
Brent’s Prediction: Miami over Dallas – 4 games to 1.
There is nothing more I would like to see than a complete reversal of what I am predicting. Please, please, please prove me wrong Dallas. Enjoy the NBA Finals everyone! Don’t Blink.

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