The day after I finished 8th grade and graduated from middle school, I was in my high school gym lifting weights. This would continue throughout my high school years as I was an athlete and lifting/conditioning was mandatory. Not that I minded though, I quickly became addicted to it. After I graduated from high school I got a membership at Gold’s Gym in Spokane and lifted there during that summer between high school and college. Once enrolled at the University of Montana, I quickly became acquainted with the Rec Center and got up at 5:30am every Monday-Friday so I could be the first one at the door when the gym opened at 6am. Since graduating from college two years ago, I still hit the gym five times a week.
During this long time of hitting the weights and working out, I never once experimented with supplements.  In high school they were frowned upon and even though many of my teammates used them, I refrained, mostly in part because I did not have the access or money to purchase them. Despite being around the roid raging, muscle flexing meatheads  who always carried around their milk jugs full of whatever shit they were putting into their bodies that summer I worked out at Gold’s Gym, I never seriously thought about taking supplements then either…basically because I didn’t want to be like them. While in college, money and lack of desire was again a factor in my choice to abstain from supplements. Come post-college life, I simply had never used them before so I did not need to use them now.
My close friend and roommate is blessed with the type of body every guy wants and every girl loves. Big, muscular, and toned, Dan is the type of guy who Snooki would pounce on, her classic “guido-juicehead-gorilla” (well, minus the guido, he has absolutely no Italian blood in him). Dan is a Health and Human Performance major and he adheres to a very strict diet so based on his background and his shear physique, he is someone I listen to when it comes to fitness/strength training. Dan and I would always talk about supplements but I never really displayed much interest and he never really pushed the issue on me.
 This Spring, him and I have both been on diets trying to get ready for the Summer. As we grinded through our programs, Dan told me I should experiment a little with what is out on the market. I agreed, having really no idea what type of effect it would have on me. Dan gave me a regular serving of Jack3d, a powder supplement that you mix with water that contains creatine, Beta Alanine, and caffeine.  Before I took it, I overly guarded myself against any possible placebo effect. My mind was set to skeptical. After I downed the drink, my mind went from skeptical to WOW!!
Jack3d put me in a totally new dimension. It was as if my peripheral  vision was shut off and all I could see was straight ahead. I was that focused. My first workout on Jack3d was amazing. I breezed through it while enjoying every minute of my workout. The people at the gym who always seemed to get on my nerves were a non-issue.  I was in a great mood. I always do the anaerobic part of my workout first. It went great. I then always do my aerobic part of my workout second. It went even better. I could not believe it. Suddenly, it became so clear how over the years all of these dudes who I observed at  the gym were able to display so much energy and strength day in and day out.
My first thought after my workout was, “How is this stuff legal?” My second thought was, “Why did I not take this stuff sooner?” Of course I went out the next day and bought my own tub of Jack3d. Now, every day at work when 4:30pm comes around, I mix myself a drink. By the time 5pm hits, I am running out the door to the gym. I know I will most likely develop a tolerance sometime soon but right now I am enjoying great workouts in a way I never have before. Today I was sore from head to toe. The Arizona sun did a number to my skin and I was still feeling dehydrated. After a serving of Jack3d and a few advil though, I had a great workout and then more than enough energy to climb the M. It is incredible stuff.
Have I looked at the possible side effects and long term consequences of taking a caffeine-loaded supplement like Jack3d? To be honest, I have not. It is something I need to do though.  I mean there has to be some sort of tradeoff to taking something like this that makes you feel the way that you do. If anyone out there does know anything, please pass it on. Until I hear anything incriminating though, I am going to be JACK3D!  Don’t Blink.

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