Random and Boring

It is a Thursday evening so why don’t I run down some random and insignificant topics for you? Okay, let’s do it! Time to go rapid fire through five unrelated discussions.

Which Wich – On Sunday night on our way back from Atlanta Sidney and I stopped in Augusta, Georgia, to find a place to eat. We decided to dine at Which Wich. Now I understand that this place is a very popular sandwich chain with locations in the majority of the states but I had never tried it before. Let me tell you, I had been missing out. I got a chicken pesto sandwich and it was superb. I loved how you placed your order by checking off items on a card and simply handing it to the counter. The large variety of what you could make had me stressing over what I wanted to order. Although it is expensive for the type of place it is ($22 for Sidney and I) the quality of the sandwich will not disappoint you.

Movies, Movies, Movies – On Tuesday night I watched a film called “13 Sins.” Entertaining and disturbing with a very interesting premise I recommend it. Last night I sat through “The Purge” for the second time so Sidney could see it before the sequel comes out next Friday. Tonight the film at the Reser Apartment will be “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” Of course I am watching it so I set myself up for tomorrow evening when I watch “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” in the theater. Some of the guys from work are attending the show and I have accepted their invitation to tag along.

Perks of the Job – Exactly one year ago today I blogged about the top three perks of my job at the time. Now that I have a new gig I took a couple minutes to think about the different perks I enjoy in this capacity. I thought up about ten but for the sake of congruity here are three:
1. I get to work in a department where news breaks, decisions are made, and the rest of campus looks up to you.
2. I work on a campus with about twelve different fountains, infinite sunshine, and a state of the art gym.
3. On Fridays during the summer we go home at 1 p.m. and we enjoy the whole week off between Christmas and New Year’s.

Lebron: The Decision, Part II – Come on King James, just let us know who you are going to sign with. This whole thing has already spun out of control and I am sick of it. I know you have your mind made up so please just issue a quiet statement through your agent, don’t say anything about taking your talents anywhere, act humble, and go away for the rest of the summer.

Newspaper – As Sidney is fond of saying, I am a “creature of habit.” Besides a million other things, one item I need in the morning is my newspaper. When I arrived in Myrtle Beach one of the first things I did was subscribe to the local periodical. Much to my chagrin the past two months have not treated me too well in the newspaper delivery department. By far, less than half the days since I have paid my subscription has a paper actually arrived. I reported the problem through the paper’s e-mail report service and their automated voice system. I talked to different customer service representatives (outsourced) SEVEN times. I even typed out a letter and sent it to them. Nothing worked. On Tuesday I called up again and just flat out asked for a refund. I guess those words lit a spark in them. The past two mornings my paper has been right at my door inside a bag with my address personally written on it. I don’t want to jinx it but I think I finally got through to them.


Never quit trying to improve yourself my friends. Thanks for reading what I have to say and I wish you an awesome weekend. Don’t Blink.

2013 NBA Finals: The Lesser of Two Evils

So I suppose that once the conference finals were set, this was probably the most attractive NBA Finals matchup that could have occurred but I can’t lie, I am disappointed. Out of all the teams in the Western Conference I dislike the Spurs the most and out of all the teams in the Eastern Conference, check that…in the whole league, I hate the Heat the most. But I know I should shut up, this series will be “good for the league” and ratings will likely soar.

I am just having a tough time coming to terms with the reality that I will have to watch Manu Ginoboli flop and King James whine and cry for at least four more games. I cringe that I have to watch San Antonio’s style of play and Miami’s arrogance for one more series. I get depressed that I have to watch Greg Popovic pace the sidelines and Chris “Birdman” Andersen be himself for several more days. Sorry not sorry, I am not excited for Thursday.

On a lighter note, I really have no other reason to hate the Spurs than what I just highlighted above. The Miami Heat? That’s a whole different story. I threw the remote at the TV (well not at the TV but at the chair across from me) last night when Miami pulled away from Indiana in Game 7. I just can’t stand watching them play…or warm up….or conduct press conferences.

I just still have a lot of bitterness towards Lebron James over The Decision. I know by this time most of that venom should have worn off, and some of it has, but I still have a majority of it built up. I look at Lebron as the ultimate egotistical self-centered spoiled athlete. What he did three years ago on that stage across from Jim Gray, shamelessly trying to disguise it as an “act of charity”, will always stay with me. But as time goes on and people mature, feelings start to change. However, whenever it seems like I am warming up to Lebron it seems like something happens that turns me back the other way. I will watch a game in disbelief as he gets every single call humanely possible. Or I will watch a game in which a single call goes against him and he throws a king-sized fit or he decides to sprint down to the other end of the floor while the play is dead. Or I will watch a press conference and he will spout off that he had to “Go back to the Cleveland days.” All of these things rub me the wrong way.

Most of you can sense it, the main reason why I dislike the Heat is because of Lebron James. Well, Birdman is another big reason too. I want the Heat to lose 35% because of Lebron, 30% because of Birdman, 10% because of that rally that Lebron, Bosh, and Wade held three years ago, 10% because of the cockiness of the whole team, 5% because of that assistant coach who also got a technical foul when Lebron went on his full court sprint, 5% because I usually always root against the Eastern Conference, 2.5% because I hate the chants the Heat fans do during the game, 1.5% because my buddy Shaun Rainey likes Lebron, and 1% because the Heat logo is hideous.

If I had it my way, the Spurs would sweep the Heat 4-0. The series would be a bloodbath with San Antonio wiping the floor with Miami over the course of four games. I would stomach watching Ginobli hop around the court in pure glee in exchange for Lebron and his gang getting royally rejected. I would feel good about seeing the Heat players going to the post game press conferences dressed up in their ridiculous costumes answering questions about why they sucked so bad and how they couldn’t hang with the aging Spurs.

But gosh dang it, I have to be realistic. I think the Miami Heat will go back-to-back. They are younger, they are faster, and they are deeper. They have home court advantage. They also have the referee advantage. Anything close, especially anything close for King James, will go the way of the Heat. I believe the Heat will win both games to open the series at home, take one of the next three games in San Antonio, and then close it out in Game 6 in Miami.

**Hold it right there though…I am absolutely awful in predicting the NBA Finals. Check out my blog posts from the 2011 Finals and the 2012 Finals. Pretty embarrassing if you ask me!**

Even if I won’t be, I hope everyone else enjoys the NBA Finals. Congrats to David Stern on a great run as commissioner. Don’t Blink.