A Parade of Three Fun Facts

I have been a lifelong newspaper reader and although I have shuffled through many different periodicals depending on where I was living at during the time, there has always been one constant: Parade Magazine. Because of its status as a national magazine insert in more than 700 of America’s newspapers, I have never subscribed to a newspaper that didn’t carry it.

For tonight’s blog post I thought I would relate three items I learned from yesterday’s Parade Magazine (April 17, 2021) that I didn’t know before reading the issue.

Tonight I bring you three things I learned from the April 18, 2021, issue of Parade Magazine.

1. Toilet Paper Waste – I thought last year’s toilet paper shortage was the craziest thing I would ever hear about TP. But that changed yesterday when I was reading an article about how we can all go a little greener. It turns out that 27,000 trees are cut down per day to supply the world with toilet paper. That’s a lot of trees for a single use product. If we want to be more eco-friendly, we can reference the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Toiler Paper Scorecard to see which companies are using a higher percentage of postconsumer recycled fiber to produce their product. One bonus tidbit on trees in general: Each year we cut down 15 billion trees while only planting 4 billion.

2. Honey Never Goes Bad – I have referenced Marilyn vos Savant’s Parade Magazine column in this blog multiple times over the past 10 years. Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world’s highest IQ, I never doubt the answers she dishes out to readers. A fellow from Kansas City asked her yesterday if the rumor is true that honey never spoils. Well, according to vos Savant, it isn’t a rumor. Believe it or not, honey is not susceptible to bacterial growth. In general, most of honey’s water is evaporated and the low H20 content dehydrates bacteria. Furthermore, honey contains acid including a hydrogen peroxide which inhibits bacterial growth. Turns out the honey I received six years ago from a co-worker to help remedy my terrible South Carolina allergies would still be good!

3. Burps vs. Hiccups – Although burps and hiccups can both be caused by eating or drinking too fast, a burp comes from air expelled from your stomach and a hiccup is created from a contraction or spasm in the diaphragm. If you are interested (and I really was not) an entire article was devoted to burps. In fact, I learned that the length of the longest burp on record was 73 seconds.

Did you learn something tonight? If you did, you’re welcome. Don’t Blink.

Last Rundown of the Summer

Is it already Thursday again? Indeed it is. I hope everyone has had a great week so far. Let’s start the latest rundown…

Study Advice from World’s Smartest Person – I read Parade Magazine every Sunday and I look forward to reading Marilyn von Savant, the woman credited with having the highest IQ in the world. Each week she answers intellectual questions. Three years ago today, someone asked her how she would approach preparing for an exam 30 days away covering a 600-page book. Marilyn explained that she would read 30 pages every day and then repeat the process twice more. She noted that repetition just doesn’t help us remember, it helps us understand. I love learning tips from smart people!

I love Marilyn von Savant’s column in Parade Magazine. I enjoyed the advice she dished out three years ago.

Note on Mac and Cheese Burgers – Earlier this week I mentioned that I occasionally enjoy macaroni and cheese topped on my burger. However, this post that I viewed this morning from the Food Porn account is not what I have in mind. I prefer it Cheesecake Factory style with a deep fried ring of macaroni and cheese neatly placed on the burger itself. I will pass on the mess below.

When I said I enjoy macaroni and cheese on my burger, this is not what I had in mind.

Sloan Update – Our half-year-old girl can now roll over like it is going out of style. Whereas before when we placed her on top of her blanket she would perhaps slowly go from her back to her stomach, now she does it freely and frequently. Yesterday she practically rolled across the whole carpet! She is also at the stage now where she will put anything in her mouth. I was changing her diaper this morning and she grabbed a piece of plastic and proceeded to put it in her mouth, giving her daddy quite a scare (I was able to intervene). Oh, by the way, her cheeks are still chubby.

Here is the latest Sloan collage made up of photos from this week.

Reaction to Big Brother 19 Finale – I was both happy and upset with last night’s Big Brother 19 finale. In my heart, I was glad that Paul at least made it to Final Two. He can hold his head high knowing he pulled off a near impossible feat by making it to finale night two years in a row. He did absolutely everything he could possibly do before his fate was put in the hands of the jury. For that I am happy and proud. However, for the second year in a row, Paul was robbed of the Big Brother title and a half million dollars. For the second year in a row, he played a far superior game compared to that of the other finalist. For the second year in a row, he was the victim of a bitter jury. You hate to see such injustice but I guess in Big Brother there is no such thing as an impartial jury. PISSED!

Update on Monday’s Post – The saga impacting the schools in Flathead County took a bizarre twist a few hours after I published Monday’s post. After instilling fear into the community, the hacker notified district officials that he wasn’t some lone wolf psycho craving bloodshed but rather an extortionist representing a notorious hacking organization called the Dark Overlords. In a threatening and sinister ransom note fit for a movie, the hackers belittled the school district while demanding bitcoin. It was unlike anything I had ever seen in real life. Crossing my fingers that even though the school officials are in a tough situation at least the community itself can feel at ease knowing that the violent intentions expressed have no merit.


Enjoy the last day of summer! Time now to put the computer down and hang with my wife and daughter. Don’t Blink.