Talking About My Favorite Hamburger Toppings

It was brought to my attention this morning that National Cheeseburger Day was yesterday. The craziest part about this fact? Sidney made us cheeseburgers for dinner last night! Sid doesn’t make cheeseburgers that often and we had no idea about the “holiday” so it really was the ultimate coincidence.

By the way, Sidney prepares the best cheeseburgers. She cooks them in something she calls a griddler and they are delicious and filling!

The cheeseburgers were so good that I took the unusual step of forgoing my peanut butter sandwich and bringing leftovers for lunch. The burger was just as good today as it was yesterday.

For tonight’s blog post, I thought what better way to celebrate a belated National Cheeseburger Day than to state my five favorite hamburger toppings? I mean, come on, you all are just dying to hear my list, right? Before I start, let me say one thing: I don’t eat kethcup, mustard, or mayonnaise so don’t be shocked when you don’t see those conidments on the list.

In order, here are my five favorite burger toppings…

5. Bacon – Occasionally I enjoy a bacon burger. The crispiness of a couple strips gives your sandwich a satisfying crunch. Also, it is a great way to fill up. Whereas sometimes one regular burger might not take your hunger away completely, a burger with bacon will make you feel just right. But besides the crunch and hunger satisfying attributes, we all know that anything in general is better with bacon.

4. Pepperjack Cheese – Out of the cheeses you can slice, I will always choose to top my burger with pepperjack cheese. As a guy who loves a little kick, adding some spice to my sandwich is a no-brainer. If there is enough available, and if no one is looking, I will add two slices of pepperjack.

3. French Fries – If I am served steak fries with my cheeseburger, I will take the top bun off and create a layer of potato on top of the patty. I love the texture it gives to the sandwich and there is nothing more American than meat and potatoes.

2. BBQ Sauce – I am not a condiment person by any means. As I mentioned above, I stay away from the mainstream “big 3.” However, there is one particular sauce that I really enjoy. I will usually ask for a side of BBQ sauce when I order a hamburger. Last night, I took our bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s out of the refrigerator and used it. To me, BBQ sauce just tastes natural on a burger. The smoky flavor combined with hearty beef is a winner in my book.

1. Blue Cheese Crumbles – Whenever I have the opportunity to order a blue cheese burger off any menu I will do it. Although not a big fan of blue cheese dressing, I adore blue cheese crumbles. I feel that adding some crumbles to a burger makes it taste at least 2X better. I wish I had more to say about it, but I guess all I can express is that it is my all-time favorite burger topping.

Retro photo of me eating a hamburger in 2012.

Honorable Mentions:

Mac and Cheese – Once a novelty, macaroni and cheese burgers are now pretty popular. As someone who counts mac and cheese as one of his favorite foods, it goes without saying that I don’t mind it on top of my burger.

Hot Sauce – Although BBQ sauce is my favorite sauce to put on a burger, my favorite type of sauce in the world is hot sauce. Adding some Sriracha to a burger with pepperjack cheese is a true spicy delight.

Peanut Butter – I have to be in the mood, but every now and then I will scarf down a peanut butter burger.

This is my peanut butter hamburger I ate at River City Café, a famous burger place in Myrtle Beach.


Do you like blue cheese crumbles? Do you have an obscure topping you like to put on your burger? Let me know. Until then, let me fill you in on one little secret…although toppings are great, I have absolutely no problem eating a plain cheeseburger. Don’t Blink.

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