Lemon and Raspberry Thursday Rundown

Can we already be exactly halfway through April? I hope your month is going well and that you are ready to celebrate the midpoint with a Thursday Rundown blog post. Let’s get started…

Chick-fil-A Potatoes – I ran into this article about where Chick-fil-A gets its potatoes to make the best waffle fries on the planet. It turns out the chicken sandwich chain raids my home state for its spuds. A farm in the Columbia River Basin that takes advantage of a very fertile soil supplies Chick-fil-A with its potatoes. The farm’s soil benefitted from the eruption of Mt. St. Helens and the ash that was deposited. The nutrient-rich ash covered the ground and mixed with the soil to significantly increase its growing quality. French fry lovers rejoice!

The potatoes for these fries come from the state of Washington.

Looking Back – Tomorrow will mark exactly seven years since I worked my last day at the University of Montana. My time at Grizzly Athletics was highlighted by playing roles in numerous big events and getting my feet wet in the professional world. Starting my career as a Griz was an awesome experience and I am so glad I had many influential co-workers to show me the ropes.

Starting my career at the University of Montana was a blessing.

New Costco Muffin Flavor – Some of you might know about my Costco muffin obsession. I love them! In fact, the first thing I ate after I finished my weight loss challenge in November was a chocolate Costco muffin. As you can imagine, I was excited when a new flavor rolled out earlier this year—raspberry lemon. On Easter I tried one for the first time and my reaction was mixed. Most bites are good but every now and then you will take a nibble that is just a little too tart. Also, Sidney and I both got raspberry seeds stuck in our teeth from eating them…so annoying! Verdict? Not bad but definitely not as good as this article makes them out to be.

These were pretty good…but they don’t compare to some of the other Costco muffin varieties.

My Spokane Barbershop – For nearly the first three decades of my life I went to Great Clips for my haircuts. However, prior to my wedding I went to a salon to get my hair trimmed and ready for the big day. After that, I started going to a barbershop exclusively for guys. There was no going back to Great Clips for me. When I moved to Spokane I needed to find a new place for my hair needs. I now go to The Man Shop, a barbershop with several locations in the Spokane area. Each location has a pool table, popcorn machine, televisions installed at each chair, and more. Best of all, I have had pretty good results each time I visited If you are a dude, live in the area, and need a haircut, you might want to try your nearest Man Shop location.

I go to The Man Shop to get a haircut in Spokane.

Texting Styles – So, what approach describes you? I am definitely the type of guy who composes one message with everything I want to say as opposed to a more free flowing, serial texter. I always have my text message notifications on silent so it doesn’t matter to me if it takes someone 10 different texts to ask if I want to go to dinner but I thought this meme was pretty funny (thanks, Lindsi!).

Which “type of person” are you?


The forecast calls for nothing but sunshine and blue skies this weekend. Wherever you are reading this from, I hope you have similar pleasant weather on the horizon. We will catch up next week! Don’t Blink.

Costco Muffins

I have written a lot about my breakfast preferences in the past. Whether it be donuts, pancakes, or cereal, I have detailed my favorite unhealthy options for the most important meal of the day. But what if I told you that there is another breakfast item I prefer even more?

I gave a little hint more than six years ago. In a blog post I titled “The Top Five Things I Buy at Coscto,” I listed muffins right at the top of the list. Well, the cat is out of the bag, there you have it folks—I am obsessed with Costco’s bakery muffins.

Me holding a pack of Costco muffins in 2014.

From a very young age, I remember the special occasions when my parents would bring Costco muffins home. Perhaps we were hosting relatives for the Thanksgiving weekend or it was winter break and they wanted to be sure that there was something satisfying and fun to choose from. Whatever the reason, I couldn’t contain my excitement. At the time, the muffins seemed bigger than my head and tasted much better than the oatmeal I otherwise would have consumed.

Fresh, sweet, filling, and—like I have already said—HUGE, there was nothing not to like. Back in those early days, my parents would bring home a variety pack of chocolate, poppy seed, and blueberry. I loved them all. Also during those younger days I learned a unique way to eat them. My dad would take a Costco muffin, cut perpendicular slits in the middle, drop butter in it, microwave it for a minute, and eat it with a fork as the melted butter oozed out. Even though it was an approach that I never adopted, it was definitely memorable.

I saw Costco muffins in many different contexts outside of the house growing up. People would bring them to potlucks. Before Krispy Kreme infiltrated Spokane, Costco muffins were the sweet breakfast treat sold at little league concession stands and roadside rest stops. When we went camping, someone always had them. Of course, this was all for good reason.

Once I left the house, my Costco muffin consumption slowed down a bit. But if my parents ever came and visited me, they would take me to Costco to stock up on various items and you better believe I threw muffins in the cart.

By the time I settled down with Sidney, I knew we were compatible because she liked Costco muffins too and we could enjoy them together. That’s another thing, it doesn’t matter where you live, if there is a Costco, the muffins will taste delicious. Washington, Montana, and then South Carolina—I have never purchased a bad package of Costco muffins in my life.

Sidney isn’t the only girl in my life who loves Costco muffins…Sloan does too! We are holding my personal favorite flavor, chocolate.

And now we are back where my taste for this breakfast item developed. In our home in the Spokane Valley we have a freezer full of Costco muffins. As I mentioned, my approach differs from the one my dad perfected years ago. I will take one out of the freezer, throw it in the microwave for 20 seconds to unthaw it just a little, and then eat it relatively cold. No fork needed here. Because of health and novelty reasons, I limit myself to enjoying Costco muffins just on the weekends. I can’t say the same for my daughter. Sloan LOVES Costco muffins the same way that her parents do. Even though she might demand a whole muffin and only eat two bites of it, I know the passion is there.

One closing example of how much I love this Costco delight. On our anniversary this year, we didn’t have any muffins at home. My wife slipped out and went to her favorite espresso stand that just happens to sell Costco muffins. She purchased a chocolate one and brought it home to me. BEST. ANNIVERSAY. PRESENT. EVER.

Well, only five more days until I can sink my teeth into another Costco muffin. Until then, feel free to tell me about any experiences you have had with this breakfast delicacy. Hope you had a good Monday! Don’t Blink.