My Top 5 Favorite Donuts

It has been several weeks since I did one of my quick countdown posts so why not get back at it today? In a July post, I mentioned I recently ate donuts for the first time in a long while. Although I don’t really eat donuts anymore (except for that day), that was not the case a decade or two ago. Whether it was after church, before early morning FCA meetings, or during the summer when my mom would bring them home from the supermarket after her gig as a mystery shopper, I ate my fair share of these sweet pastries growing up.

When someone shoves a box of donuts in my face and tells me to help myself, which one am I grabbing for? Well, read on to find out…

What are my favorite types of donuts/doughnuts? Read on to find out. —
Me with delicious Fractured Prune donuts in October of 2014.

5. Blueberry Cake Donut – I don’t think any donut smells better than the blueberry cake donut. In my opinion, not too many taste better either. Although artificial in flavor, you really can’t beat the combo of blueberries and breakfast. Add a little bit of glaze in there and you have it made. Best served warm, a blueberry donut is the perfect option for those who want something that is not messy and that won’t completely fill you up.

4. Sprinkled Donut – The desire of any kid under the age of six, it is tough to pass on a donut covered in rainbow sprinkles. Although sprinkles have plenty of sugar but no taste, they still persuade many, including myself, to snatch up. With a fresh white frosting, I think a donut covered in sprinkles gives you a mild sweet taste with good texture. I feel no shame acting like a kid and going with sprinkles.

3. Old Fashioned Donut – Tell me if I am crazy but old fashioned donuts taste, well, um…..old fashioned? When I eat one, it does seem to pack a retro taste that I would expect to enjoy at a world’s fair in the 1930s. I like it. Although basic and slightly smaller than other donuts, the glaze and nostaglic taste make me a fan. If there was ever a such thing as a donut diet, you would probably be best going with the old fashioned variety.

2. Vanilla Cream Filled Chocolate Donut – When our family would eat donuts, my dad would always go with a Boston cream chocolate filled donut. Respecting my dad, I wanted to emulate him and eat the type of donut he enjoyed. But while I could do a chocolate filled donut, I couldn’t embrace the Boston cream filling. However, I could definitely embrace a vanilla cream filling! My favorite donut for the majority of my childhood, I loved the light and fluffy vanilla cream that would fill up a delicious chocolate donut. I loved how from the outside of the donut there was just a speck of cream poking out of the top but the minute you took a bit the inside was filled with it. Although I have a new #1 now, I still have a special connection with the vanilla cream filled chocolate donut.

1. Apple Fritter – I absolutely love myself an apple fritter! Although some might make an argument that fritters deserve their own category outside of the umbrella of donuts, I actually consider them one of the most distinguishing options within the category. I enjoy apple fritters because they are BIG. It is almost like you are getting two donuts for the price of one! I also appreciate how you can pull them apart and eat a piece at a time instead of just biting into it. Apple fritters taste great both chilled or warmed up. The cinnamon, apples, glaze, and pastry itself work heavenly together. Although some might enjoy fritters kept in the oven until slightly burnt, I enjoy one that is a little less cooked. I always feel bad taking an apple fritter just because they are bigger than the other donuts in the box but I usually can’t help it.


What do you think of my list? (sorry in advance to all my maple bar lovers out there). While it might not be the best idea to eat a donut every day for breakfast, I think treating yourself to one every now and then is more than fine. Just make sure to leave the fritter for me. Don’t Blink.

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