A Rare Saturday Rundown

Since we stepped off the plane, it has been non-stop fun here in Spokane. However, I have managed to find a few minutes this morning to write down a few thoughts. Since I missed my normal Thursday Rundown, how about an abnormal Saturday Rundown?

We Have Arrived – On Wednesday night we arrived in Spokane just before midnight. Although our luggage was missing (we would pick it up the next morning) it couldn’t take away from the joy of reuniting with my parents. Although we have not even been in Spokane for a full 72 hours yet, it has already been a nice and busy time. Today is a big day! We host my parents’ 60th birthday party/Reser family reunion.

This afternoon, my parents’ backyard will be swarming with people.

Delicious Donuts…Retro Style – On Thursday morning, my dad and I went to pick up a sweet breakfast for the family. We stopped at Retro Donuts, a brand new place right next to our house.  The donuts at this place definitely aren’t your typical grocery store selection and they easily blow away Krispy Kreme. How good are they? Well, Sidney and I went back AGAIN this morning. The management is awesome and the donuts, especially the fritters, are huge and fresh.

If you live in the Spokane area, please pay a visit to Retro Donuts!

Change in Due Date – Wondering why I am not posting photos of my new nephew on today’s blog post? It is because the little guy has not made his appearance yet. Doctors moved my sister’s delivery from yesterday (Friday) to Monday. Although the change in dates is probably messing with my sister’s mental preparation just a bit, she is happy that she will now be able to attend today’s big party. If my readers don’t mind, I would still like to ask for your continued prayers for a safe delivery.

Sloan Meeting Special People – Sloan has been extremely busy meeting new people over the past few days. It was a big deal when she finally met her Aunt Miranda. She has also found a new best friend in her cousin Mikayla. Although Mikayla is yet to turn 3 years old, she loves Sloan and watches out for her. Yesterday, Sloan met four of her great aunts. However, perhaps Sloan will never be as social as she will today as we welcome about 60 people to our house for the party. She will be meeting many admirers.

Sloan has met a lot of new people since arriving in Spokane.

Sloan Photos – Little Sloan is now 17 weeks old. She has matured a great deal as evidenced by her capacity to travel across the country in an airplane (she did awesome). She has loads of personality, an endless supply of drool, and smiles for days. Here is the latest photo collage.

Here is Sloan’s 17 week photo collage.


I hope you enjoyed this rare Saturday blog post. Have a terrific weekend and savor up every second of summer. Don’t Blink.

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  1. Brent, it was so nice of you to visit Retro Donuts and we are so pleased you and your family enjoyed our donuts. It was very nice to meet Sidney as well. I am sure your Spokane family is enjoying every moment with you all. Safe travels!

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