Headed to Spokane For Big Events

It is time to talk about the fun part!

Over the past couple of blog entries, I have alluded to a big trip we are taking. However, my writing has focused more on pre-trip logistics such as packing and traveling with a baby. Enough of that!

Sidney, Sloan, and I are about to fly to Spokane, Washington, for two weeks of fun and memories. This expedition will have three major components to it.

1. My family will meet Sloan – And we aren’t just talking my nuclear family. Aunts, uncles, and cousins will all have their first look at our beautiful angel. Judging by Facebook comments and texts, I have some relatives who are very anxiously awaiting Sloan’s arrival on the west coast. We can’t wait to show her off and properly introduce the newest Reser.

2. My sister is having a baby!! – This Friday, my sister will give birth to her first son. I was unable to leave Myrtle Beach when Miranda had Mikayla almost three years ago so I feel privileged and fortunate to have this special opportunity. Not only will Sidney and I be gaining a nephew but Sloan will have a new little cousin. Please pray for my sister that she has a safe delivery.

3. Mom and Dad’s 60th birthday party – Long before Sloan and even longer before Miranda’s happy news, this was the reason we were traveling to Spokane this summer. As my parents both have summer birthdays, we are throwing them a joint 60th birthday bash/family reunion this Saturday. Lots of family and friends will attend and we can’t wait to celebrate!

It is going to be a fun ride! Like in the past, the path to Spokane will be grueling. We will drive from Myrtle Beach to Charleston. Once at the Charleston Airport we will depart on the cross country flight to Seattle. We will then catch a plane from Seattle to Spokane, arriving at our destination around midnight. It will all be so worth it.

If you are one of my Spokane readers/friends, feel free to reach out! I am honored to head back to the city I was raised in and introduce Sloan to her “home away from home.” Don’t Blink.

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