How I Prepare For Vacation

Going on a vacation, especially an extended one, can be stressful. Our family will leave this side of the country for two weeks starting tomorrow. However, don’t think our preparation for what will be a very memorable trip started tonight.

Truth be told, I started preparing early last week. Same with Sid. In fact, last Tuesday, she was already compiling a packing checklist for Sloan. That is what it is all about, my friends…checklists.

My secret to getting organized prior to leaving is to jot everything down in checklist form. Items to pack? Checklist. Chores to do around the house before departing? Checklist. Documents and itineraries to place in a folder? Checklist.

I usually start compiling these lists 6-8 days before I leave. Now notice how I just say start. I begin the lists well in advance so I can have several days to think about what I need to do and what I need to pack. Because, honestly, who can write down the 101 things that need to be done in one hour? Giving myself 72 hours of stress free planning allows my brain to recall everything that needs to be done.

Then, with 2-3 days remaining until takeoff, I actually start to physically pack and get tasks done. Working off a thorough and complete checklist with plenty of time to spare removes most of the pressure.

How nerdy am I? I already had the clothes laid out that I would change into after work on Wednesday.

You know what else relieves pressure? Having a great wife! As I mentioned above, Sid is not just packing for herself; she is packing for Sloan too. I am extremely thankful for all the work she has done to prepare us.

Not unlike preparing at home to go on a trip, prepping to leave work for two weeks is extremely daunting as well. I have worked ferociously over the past week to put myself in position to enjoy my time off without worrying too much about my job while in Spokane. Again, checklists have proven key to keeping me on track and relieving me of anxiety.

At this point, because of great support and detailed content calendars, I am ready to step away from Coastal Carolina for two weeks so I can have some fun out west.

Granted, we will still be putting finishing touches on our preparations this evening. However, we won’t be running around with our heads cut off. I will be working half the day tomorrow before we start our travel itinerary. I am confident that I will be able to drive home after work completely relaxed and ready to go.

Yes, being prepared to go on vacation can be a lot of work. But the time put in is more than worth the fun, joy, and memories that are made. This trip especially will provide us with an extremely favorable return. I can’t wait!

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