Sweet Summer Experience In Spokane

Yesterday, I returned to Myrtle Beach with a fuller heart. A 13 day stay in my hometown made me feel refreshed and inspired. You see, summer in Spokane is special. The mornings are brisk, the days are hot, and the nights are cool. It stays light out late and you don’t have to worry about mosquitoes. You sleep with the windows open and you eat outside. This was exactly the backdrop that Sidney, Sloan, and I enjoyed during our duration in Washington.

Before we arrived in Spokane, we had to travel to Spokane. This is Sidney and Sloan on the plane (Sloan did great).

Over the course of almost two weeks in my hometown, I had the opportunity to experience some big events with my family.

As you know from previous blog posts, my little family traveled to Spokane to be with my big family for my parents’ birthday party and the birth of my nephew. My mom and dad’s 60th bash was a blast, a truly fun and memorable event. Then, a couple days later, my sister gave birth to her son, John. The delivery went smoothly and both mom and baby left the hospital healthy and happy.

This photo is of my sister and I with our respective children. I was glad we could be in Spokane for the birth of John.

So yes, the two major events that motivated our travel out west went great. However, we didn’t just twiddle our thumbs for the other 11 days of our trip. While in the Pacific Northwest, we managed to do the following: engaged in an epic water balloon fight, competed in a corn hole tournament, hit up the area’s major casino, watched “Dunkirk” at the theater, dueled it out at the bowling alley, enjoyed drinks at a restaurant that overlooked the local country club, made a spontaneous trip to Missoula, played pub trivia, swam in the pool, strolled through Manito Park, drank the best white chocolate mochas Spokane has to offer, and attended story time at the North Spokane Library.

Among all the fun things we did, we swam in the pool (top right), played in a corn hole tournament (bottom right), went to Missoula (bottom left), and toured Manito Park (top left).

But aside from all the “fun” we had out and about, the best part of the trip was just hanging with family. Whether it was sitting out on the front porch with everyone, watching the faces of my parents light up when they held Sloan, visiting my sister’s family at their house, enjoying delicious dinners at the dining room table, laughing hysterically at old home movies, sitting down together to watch a Redbox, cheering on the Mariners, or swapping stories over beers, the time we spent with each other at my parents’ house (and my sister’s house) was the highlight of our time out west.

Just hanging out and talking in my parents’ front yard was a highlight of the trip.

I will always remember this trip by how we celebrated some very special people. First, it was my parents. At the party on that first Saturday, we had the opportunity to really recognize the amazing lives they have led thus far. After the bash/reunion, it then became a showcase for the two newest members of the Reser family, Sloan and John. It was so nice to have two beautiful babies for everyone to adore and enjoy. As I saw tears of joy shed from family members when they would hold Sloan or John, it made me realize what life is really all about.

It was so special that Sloan and John got to spend time together.

Speaking of tears, I know it was tough for my parents to say goodbye to Sloan at the airport yesterday morning. It was very tough for Sidney and I as well. However, I now have a more calming feeling when the time comes for me to hop on a plane and leave my family. I realize that even though I am heading to a location 3,000 miles from my mom, dad, brother, sister, and others, there is a certain fact that gives me comfort: Sloan is a product of them all. The blood of my family is inside Sloan and therefore I am never too far away from my roots.

My mom and dad are tremendous parents and amazing grandparents. They treated us so well this trip.

My little family can’t thank my parents enough for all they did for us when we were in Spokane. As always, we were treated very well. Needless to say, we can’t wait to return for Christmas. Don’t Blink.

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  1. Brent, you are an amazing son, husband and father. It is so amazing and refreshing to see how much you love and respect your parents whom I can tell are very proud of you and the man you have became. I enjoy reading and watching part of the family that I grew up close to, so thank you for that

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