The Hype is Real

I never thought anything could be more hyped than a Presidential Election or Super Bowl. However, I think both of those events have met their match. The contender? The Great American Eclipse of 2017.

Two weeks from today, many of us in this country will observe an amazing spectacle as a total solar eclipse will take place. While most in the country will just see it in partial form, it just so happens that South Carolina is the last state in the narrow path for complete totality!

The Great American Eclipse will pass right through South Carolina, just miles from where I live.

Thus, because of where I live, the buildup has been nothing short of intense. Let me explain it this way, reverting back to the Super Bowl as an example: No matter where you live, the Super Bowl is always a major event. Regardless of where you reside, pretty much everyone knows who is playing and who is performing. Most importantly, everyone is watching. However, if you live in a part of the country where one of the teams is from, the hype is turned up to a whole different level. From the local news broadcasts to the city newspaper to the citizens, it is all about the Super Bowl.

The Great American Eclipse is going to be one spectacular sight.

Well, this Super Bowl type of bias is directly applicable to those of us in the 70-mile band of totality that will stretch across 14 states. For those of us in this path, we have been hearing about and anticipating this event for a long time. Now that we are just 14 days away from it, pandemonium has started to set in. We have reached the point in South Carolina where most of us just have three words on our minds: ECLIPSE ECLIPSE ECLIPSE.

At a time like this, it sure is awesome to work at a university. Here at CCU, our professors in the Department of Physics and Engineering Science are working overtime to help our community understand and appreciate the Great American Eclipse of 2017. Aside from our academic brainiacs leading the way, Coastal Carolina University as a whole is trying to really make August 21 memorable. We will be hosting an eclipse viewing event right smack in the middle of Prince Lawn for our students, faculty, and staff to enjoy together. With campus already buzzing with the first day of classes, the eclipse will surely make for one of the more historic days at CCU.

Here is a social media post advertising what we have planned for our campus community.

Although Myrtle Beach isn’t in the direct path of totality, it is extremely close. In fact, the coverage of the sun will be about 99%. The temperature will drop and birds will start chirping. For those of us wanting the complete experience of totality, a short 40 mile car ride is all that separates us from complete darkness.

Are you pumped up for the eclipse? I know people who have had this on their calendar for well over a year now. Although my own personal countdown didn’t start until August arrived, I can tell you that the enthusiasm for the Great American Eclipse is really starting to engulf me. What will occur in two weeks will be pretty huge. Don’t Blink.

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