Christmas Weekend Thursday Rundown

It is the Thursday Rundown before CHRISTMAS! Who out there is excited?! This blogger certainly is. Well, I better get started so I can go back to eating Christmas cookies.

How Do You Cut Your Toast? – If you are asking me, the answer is I don’t cut my toast. Honestly. I only use a knife to spread peanut butter on it. I pick up the piece of toast completely intact and eat it. But I am in the minority. Social media has caused millions of people to speak out on the right way to cut toast. At restaurants I have ate it all three of the ways depicted and not once did the way it was cut change the taste.

People are pretty passionate about how they cut their toast. How about you? 1, 2, or 3?

Filling Up a Journal – The next Thursday Rundown I write, I will be using a new journal. For those who follow Don’t Blink closely, you know I am an avid journaler, having chronicled every day of my life for the past 16 years or so. Each journal I use lasts me about 1.5 – 2 years and comes to represent a stage in my life. The one I am just a couple pages away from finishing is special. It contains our wedding day, our honeymoon, the day Sid told me she was pregnant, the birth of Sloan, the baptism of Sloan, and so much more. I purchased it on June 3, 2016, from Books-A-Million and it has served me very well.

I am just about finished with my latest journal. This particular one contains many special memories.

Looking For a Haircut? – I was once notorious for only going to Great Clips for my haircuts. I wised up before my wedding and went to an actual salon. Since that time, I have continued to see the same stylist at the same salon. This afternoon I went in for my pre-Christmas cut and once again wasn’t disappointed. Guys and ladies, if you want consistency and confidence, go see Hailey Watkins at Madison Avenue Salon located at 201 International Drive. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

I recommend visiting Hailey at Madison Avenue Salon. Compare my hair in this photo to my hair in the photo about my journal to see why!

Sloan at 40 Weeks – Our daughter has been all smiles this week. Would you believe that growling at her makes her laugh hysterically? Even crazier, would you believe that scaring her (yes, scaring her) makes her chuckle even harder? Both are true. Telling Sloan “boo” or surprising her by popping out from underneath her jumper toy will make her giggle. As my mother-in-law would say, she is “a mess.” Sloan has a huge week ahead as she will celebrate her first Christmas, fly cross country again, and see snow for the first time.

This is Sloan’s photo collage at 40 weeks.

Until Next Year, #CCU – At 1:15 p.m. today, our campus closed down for the holidays. Every year I try to express how grateful I am to Coastal Carolina University for being so generous when it comes to Christmas break. Staff members receive just shy of two weeks off in late December to be with their families and celebrate the season. It is the ultimate present from my employer and a major perk of working at CCU. I don’t report back to the office until Jan. 2, 2018.


I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas weekend. Enjoy your family and friends while thanking God for giving us the ultimate gift. Don’t Blink.

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