Rehearsing This Thursday Rundown

I hope the lack of a Thursday Rundown last week didn’t put you in that bad of a mood. Thankfully your favorite weekly blog post is back. Here are tonight’s topics…

Dessert Date – One thing I did not share in last night’s recap about our Myrtle Beach trip was a nice outing that Sidney and I shared. Last Sunday evening, once both of our kids were asleep, we slipped out of my in-law’s house and went to a restaurant I have blogged about before called the Sneaky Beagle. We ordered dessert and a round of drinks. We split a slice of “Death by Chocolate” cake and Oreo pie. Both desserts were delicious and the two of us sure enjoyed our hour of alone time together.

Dessert at the Sneaky Beagle was a great way for Sid and I to escape and enjoy a little time together on our vacation.

Five Years Ago – As nice as the Sneaky Beagle was, it can’t hold a candle to the place we ate at five years ago on this date. The location was Thoroughbreds Chophouse and the occasion was our rehearsal dinner. The evening wasn’t perfect just because the food was superb (Sid’s uncle said it was the best prime rib he has had in his life, beating out a 5-star restaurant he ate at in Las Vegas) but because how intimate and special it was. I will always remember my dad’s speech and sharing the head table with both of our parents. I wrote this blog post about our experience.

A couple different views of the head table for our rehearsal dinner at Throughbreds

National Ballpoint Pen Day – Yet another quirk of mine is that I always carry at least two ballpoint pens in my pocket at any given time. The origin of this habit can be traced as far back as middle school. Before you laugh at me, you need to realize how many times I have saved the day by pulling out a pen when someone was in desperate need of a writing utensil. My ballpoint pen obsession reached a new level when I ordered 262 of them with Don’t Blink branding on it in 2014. Happy National Ballpoint Pen Day, everyone.

I always have ballpoint pens on me.

Family Movies – While on vacation I watched a couple movies that would be great for the whole family. We watched “Blue Miracle,” a Netflix film starring Dennis Quaid in which he plays a washed-up fisherman just looking to be relevant again. It is a short film with a strong message. We also watched “Raya and the Last Dragon,” an animated film that you can catch on Disney+. This movie has strong themes of teamwork and selflessness. If you have young teenagers, watch “Blue Miracle.” If you have smaller children, watch “Raya and the Last Dragon.”

I enjoyed watching “Blue Miracle.”

3-For-1 – On Tuesday night, I gave a Twitter shoutout to the pizza guy at the Minneapolis Airport. Well, tonight I want to give him the Don’t Blink treatment as well. I approached a pizza place near the G gates of the airport and ordered a single slice. After I put in my order I had to pay at a different checkpoint. When I returned to pick up my pizza the employee lifted the box it was in to reveal THREE slices instead of just one. He gave me a sly smile and I expressed my gratitude.

The fact that the pizza place was about to close for the night was probably a major factor in him giving me three slices.


Glad I could put together another Thursday Rundown. Hoping my wife and kids are continuing to enjoy themselves in Myrtle Beach and I hope that you have a fabulous weekend. Don’t Blink.

Eccentricity at The Sneaky Beagle

So, what do you like in your taco? Ground beef? Beans? Lettuce? Shredded cheese?

What about fettucine alfredo? Or maybe fried chicken?

I am always down for new dining experiences and fresh concepts. This past weekend, our family of three went to one of Myrtle Beach’s newest restaurants, the Sneaky Beagle. Located in the former Longbeards building on Carolina Forest Blvd., I enjoyed checking out the reincarnation of a former restaurant I once enjoyed.

The outside of The Sneaky Beagle.

The Sneaky Beagle did a great job of cleaning house. Even though I enjoyed the atmosphere of Longbeards, the new occupants gave it a makeover, one that fits the brand of the Grumpy Monk, the flagship eatery of the restaurant umbrella under which the Beagle resides.

But this post isn’t meant to evaluate the aesthetics of the Sneaky Beagle, nor is it to review the restaurant as a whole. Basically, I just want to shed light on the eccentricity of the place ¬– but even I want to compartmentalize that as well. My intention is to focus on the food, specifically the tacos. Even so, I have to quickly mention a big drawing point of the Sneaky Beagle.

This post isn’t to evaluate the aesthetics of The Sneaky Beagle, but it is nice inside.

As its name suggests, the Sneaky Beagle is a dog-friendly restaurant. There is an entire menu dedicated to canines and from what I saw on Saturday night, four-legged creatures are coming in droves. There is a large patio and deck area for the dogs to dine with their owners, but the inside is off limits to the animals – something I appreciate or otherwise I probably would not have been a customer. Remember, I am a cat person.

I promise the patio was full. The deck, where you see Sloan running on, was half full (I made her run in the area that wasn’t full).

Until a few days ago, I had never seen anything like it. As I looked over the menu that specialized in non-Mexican tacos, I smiled at the creativity and boldness of what was available. Taking the only thing that draws influence from a traditional taco, a tortilla shell, customers are able to choose from 15 different fillings. Some of these fillings are very American, some are quite funky, and some are a little shocking. But they are all original and (for the most part) intriguing.

In addition to the ones I named above, here are some of the other options: chicken waffle, tequila-lime, buffalo chicken, coconut shrimp, mushroom, and Caribbean pork.

Which ones did Sidney and I choose? None of the above! But before I tell you what we ordered, let me explain the combinations. Customers can choose to order 1 taco/1 side ($5.99), 2 tacos/1 side ($9.99), or 3 tacos/1 side ($13.99). Sides include sweet rice, fries, garlic roasted potatoes, candied cream corn, or side salad.

I am keeping the tacos I ate a secret until the next paragraph, but I will reveal my side…I had the sweet rice.

Sidney and I each ordered the 2 tacos/1 side option. I chose the Thanksgiving day taco (oven roasted turkey, stuffing, gravy) and the mac and cheese taco (pulled pork, mac and cheese, pepper jack cheese, shredded cheese) with sweet rice. Sid opted for the Sneaky taco (hand battered and lightly fried shrimp, Sneaky sauce, lettuce, cheddar, pico de gallo) and the CBR Taco (fried chicken, bacon bits, ranch, lettuce, pico de gallo) with fries.

The Thanksgiving day taco tasted just like Thanksgiving dinner inside a shell. The contents spilled out a bit but it was warm, flavorful, and comforting! The mac and cheese taco actually tasted like something I would eat in the South. The texture was more natural than the Thanksgiving day taco and it was more heavy too. I had a slight concern that I might be still hungry after eating just two tacos but that fear was unfounded. I was stuffed silly. Perhaps the rice put me over the top? It was excellent and had a very unique, but mild, taste.

I had the Thanksgiving day and mac and cheese tacos.

I can’t report on the quality of Sid’s tacos because I didn’t try them–not because my wife wouldn’t give me a bite–but because I don’t care for a couple of the ingredients in both of her tacos. But you can take her word for it when she told me that both were delicious.

A look at Sid with her tacos and fries.

If you live in Myrtle Beach and are looking to try a new restaurant that offers a menu/concept a little out of the norm, give the Sneaky Beagle a try. Woof Woof! Don’t Blink.