Pez Thursday Rundown

Happy Groundhog Day! I actually watched the movie with Bill Murray probably five years ago so I could understand all the “Groundhog Day” references. I wasn’t too impressed. Speaking of not being impressed, I am sure you will feel that way after reading tonight’s Thursday Rundown…

Sid’s Birthday Recap – Sidney turned 31 this past Saturday. For the second year in a row we celebrated with a Rosauers birthday cake. The day didn’t go exactly according to plan as sickness prevented Sid and I from going out to dinner that night. It was all good, we moved our birthday lunch celebration with the kids to a birthday dinner celebration and ordered Olive Garden takeout. Among other things that we gave Sid for her birthday, she was most excited about her Ulta gift card.

This was Sidney’s birthday cake from this past weekend, courtesy of Rosauers.

Valentine’s Month – I thought about waiting to share this photo on Valentine’s Day but I couldn’t resist. This picture of Beau was taken at daycare last week. I think even those of us who dislike Valentine’s Day can warm up to the holiday after seeing this little guy clutching his heart.

I couldn’t wait until the 14th to use this Valentine-themed photo of Beau.

The Pez Outlaw – I watched this Netflix documentary earlier this week with mixed feelings. I am not a fan of the over-the-top, dramatic filmmaking style utilized in “The Pez Outlaw.” However, I was fascinated by the audacity of Steve Glew and sympathetic to Pez USA. For anyone working in marketing and/or licensing, you should definitely watch this. If you are simply a person looking to be entertained, you will also probably be intrigued by “The Pez Outlaw.”

How could any company allow Steve Glaw to get away with what he was trying to do? (Picture: Gravitas Ventures)

Right on Red – The state of Washington is considering a ban on making right turns on red lights. Washington would be the only state with such legislation and it could become law by 2024! As a motorist, I have found myself with great anxiety at a certain major intersection in Spokane that I navigate twice a day as I take Sloan to/from school. It is an intersection where I take a right on red and I spend most of my energy making sure that no traffic is coming from the left. Because my attention is mostly focused there, checking to see if a pedestrian is going across the crosswalk turns into an afterthought. What a monster I am! I would support this ban.

I am fine with a ban on making right turns on red lights (photo courtesy of WUSA)

Bash on February – Although I think this installment of The Family Circus uses faulty logic, I still agree that if any month had to have fewer than 30 days, February would be my nominee. With that said, and correct me if I am wrong, summer wouldn’t be shortened in any way if July had one less day, it would just mean that it would start one day earlier in the calendar. Am I right?

If it wasn’t for February being my son’s birthday month, I would dock it even more days and just end it on Feb. 25.


It was Sidney’s birthday last weekend and it will be Beau’s birthday this weekend. Hope your February is off to a good start and hopefully I can publish some decent blog posts throughout the course of this shortest month. Don’t Blink.