Let Sid Eat Cake

Remember the time when Costco sheet cakes were all the rage? When I was a kid, it seemed like every birthday or special occasion required a Costco cake to make it legit. I remember when my family would purchase a cake we would always have so much remaining that we would freeze the leftovers and have a steady dessert option for about a month.

Well, it seemed like Costco cakes fell out of favor, at least in my inner circle. In fact, I kind of forgot all about them. However, that changed last week when I ordered a cake for Sidney. I put together a little surprise party for her milestone birthday and needed to order a cake that would feed more than just our family of four. This made me think about Costco but I ended up going a different direction.

I ordered a quarter sheet cake from Rosauers, a supermarket chain in the western United States. The bakeries in these grocery stores always receive high marks and Sidney even mentioned that she would like to try one of their cakes. I ordered one over the phone in the middle of the week as they happily accommodated my short turnaround time for a Friday pick up.

This was the cake that Rosauers created for my wife.

When I approached the bakery at our Spokane Valley Rosauers with Sloan and Beau, we received the royal treatment. The woman who greeted us brought us to a corner of the bakery and removed the top of the box so we could view the cake. Once we expressed our approval, she brought over the person who baked and decorated it. I thought it was kind of cool to meet and thank the woman who did such a fantastic job on Sid’s cake.

Later that night, after Sid was genuinely surprised by our friends, I took out the cake and placed a “3” candle and a “0” candle on it. As I lit the candles, one of our friends excitedly told us that she enjoys Rosauers’ cakes so much that she ordered her wedding cake from them! Talk about a ringing endorsement!

Sidney with her Rosauers cake prior to us singing “Happy Birthday.”

All the hype was legit. Our chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling and chocolate frosting was delicious (of course we needed a scoop of vanilla ice cream with each serving). The price was extremely fair too. If you like fresh cake and live in Washington or another nearby state, consider giving Rosauers your business. Don’t Blink.

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