Conversations Thursday Rundown

Good evening everyone, it is great to be back for another Thursday Rundown. Hope everyone is enjoying the basketball. The WSU men’s basketball team will tip off against Drake soon so GO COUGS! Here we go with tonight’s five topics…

Lego Load – On Tuesday night, our doorbell rang. The kids opened the door to discover our next door neighbor holding a large box. We welcomed him inside and when he put the box on the floor we saw the contents: Legos. He had brought over his entire collection to give to Sloan and Beau. Many vehicles, buildings, and other structures were already built and a whole village of Lego people were also concluded. Beau loves Legos so this was a jackpot for him. Sid and I are hoping this might get him to finally sit still for 10 minutes.

Beau holding a couple of the Lego creations that he removed from the big box.

Sloan’s Birthday Cake – I routinely share photos of the cakes from our birthday celebrations so here is Sloan’s. Although I really do prefer cakes from Rosauers, we purchased this one from Walmart. They really couldn’t do a Taylor Swift theme so they just made something pretty for her. Do you all remember back in the day when pretty much all birthday cakes were ordered from Costco and you had leftovers for like two weeks? 🎂

Sloan’s 7th birthday cake by Walmart.

Red Robin Birthday Dinner – We have had many, many birthday dinners at Red Robin and that tradition continued on Sunday night. We celebrated Sloan’s special day with burgers and fries at our local Spokane Valley restaurant and the food was excellent as usual. But you know what wasn’t the same as usual? The balloons! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the normally red party favors were green.

A few shots from Sloan’s Red Robin birthday dinner.

Mother Teresa – I recently finished a book titled Conversations With Mother Teresa. It is not a biography per se but more of a book that delves into the thoughts and philosophies of St. Mother Teresa. A lot of her insight is shared via conversations with the author, Italian journalist Renzo Allegri. Folks, to say that St. Mother Teresa was inspirational and faithful is to sell her shamefully short. The extreme way she cared for the “poorest of the poor” was saint-like in every respect you can imagine. As we are all called to be saints, I couldn’t recommend a better Holy Week book than this one.

“Conversations With Mother Teresa” should be required reading for everyone in the world.

Beating GPS – I would like to extend lots of gratitude to my friend Lindsi for allowing me to steal another one of her memes (I couldn’t resist). When it comes to GPS travel time, I am always amazed at how accurate it is. If my map app quotes me a time as I leave my driveway, I am taking that for truth and texting whoever I am visiting with that time. Although I do try to beat however many minutes the app says it will take, it doesn’t matter how many green lights I make, I usually always seem to arrive according to how long the app said it would take me.

Although this is a worthwhile goal, it isn’t always attainable.


Hope everyone has a nice weekend. Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week will soon be upon us so let’s be sure to get in the right frame of mind. Don’t Blink.

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