Getting Your Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Fix

Now don’t lose all hope just yet. Although you might have heard that the 2020 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is canceled, that isn’t entirely true. There will actually be a Macy’s presentation this Thanksgiving from 9 a.m. – noon on NBC. In fact, it will include Broadway performers, floats, and celebrities.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving special will look very different this year.

However, to be transparent, it won’t be an actual parade. In the words of NBC, it will be a “telecast.” Performances, most of which will be taped, will take place in a single location. No college or high school marching bands will perform. Parade participants will be decreased by 75%.

But what do you expect? As the pandemic continues to rage, precautions must be taken. A 2.5 mile parade lined with thousands and thousands of people isn’t conducive to crushing the curve. In my opinion, I am grateful that there will at least be an attempt to serve up a small slice of the Americana that has defined the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade over the years.

You won’t see shots like this on Thursday.

With that said, that small slice won’t be enough to fill the bellies of everyone, including yours truly. Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a major tradition of our little family and viewing a dramatically scaled down version won’t exactly satisfy our appetites. Luckily, watching this year’s telecast won’t be the only way to get our fill.

What happened during the summer when all professional sports leagues went on hiatus? The networks showed games from prior seasons. ESPN aired different NBA Finals games from the past couple decades, Root Sports showed some of the more memorable games in franchise history of the Seattle Mariners, and CBS showed old Masters’ tournaments. For some people, these retro competitions were appreciated. For others, it just rubbed salt into their wounds even more that they couldn’t watch the current version of their favorite team’s roster.

If you are one of those people who could still get your sports fix by going down memory lane, may I make a suggestion? Do the same thing with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Go back a few years and you can watch Ronald fly down the streets of New York.

You can go on YouTube and pull up the parade from pretty much any year you want. If there was a certain year that had a particularly memorable show, re-watch it on Thursday. Or, just choose a parade based on a year that is significant to you for reasons other than the annual Macy’s showcase. If both of those options fail, simply place slips of paper with years written on them into a hat and randomly draw one. Whatever year you draw is the parade that you watch.

Believe it or not, watching a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade of the past really isn’t that bad. How do I know? Well, I have done it of course.

Watching a parade of the past will still deliver plenty of Americana but you will also get heavy doses of history, nostalgia, and Matt Lauer. Trust me, watching a Macy’s “re-run” will still get you in the Thanksgiving spirit and you can even fast forward through the commercials. On second thought, watching the throwback ads can be thoroughly entertaining as well.

Santa will make an appearance during the NBC telecast but it won’t be his usual triumphant arrival.

Prior to watching this year’s Macy’s telecast, I recommend watching one of the actual parades from a previous year. Whether that means watching the 2007 version on Thanksgiving Eve or going back 30 years and watching the 1990 parade on Thanksgiving morning, pull up one of the classics on your TV and enjoy. Because honestly, how can you eat turkey if you didn’t see Santa’s triumphant arrival into Herald Square? Don’t Blink.

My Thanksgiving Week Blog Post

We are right on the verge of Thanksgiving week and I couldn’t be happier. I am a big fan of Thanksgiving and have racked up so many fond memories from the holiday over the years. Sure, it is Sunday and that means we must go back to work tomorrow but not for long. I think we will all walk into the office Monday morning with motivation to plow through the next few days and then get home to celebrate our blessings.

Over the years, I have written extensively about Thanksgiving via Don’t Blink. Today, to get us all excited for this special holiday, I want to re-share some of my greatest hits. If you read this post and the accompanied linked posts, I guarantee that you will be so fired up for Thanksgiving that you might host your own Macy’s Day Parade smack dab in the middle of your neighborhood streets tonight.

My mom and I both love Thanksgiving. Are you ready for another great Turkey Day?

The Official Start of the Holidays – When you wake up tomorrow morning, it just won’t be Thanksgiving week. Rather, it will be the official kickoff of the holiday season. In my book, I consider the Monday before Thanksgiving the start of the glorious winter holiday season. Starting tomorrow and lasting through New Year’s Day, we will all enjoy 42 days of festive fun. In this particular blog post from over five years ago, I give a preview of the joy and magic that await us all.

The holiday season is here!

Thanksgiving Eve Like it or not, Thanksgiving is associated with the biggest party day of the year. The Wednesday that precedes Turkey Day, AKA Thanksgiving Eve, is notorious for sleepy neighborhood watering holes transforming into party bars filled to capacity with eager college students and other people marking their triumphant returns to their hometowns. The excitement of the start of a long weekend combined with the nostalgia of being back at mom and dad’s brings out the party animal in many. Last year, I wrote about my own Thanksgiving Eve memories.

My brother and I out on Thanksgiving Eve in 2010.

Thanksgiving Traditions – Eating something sweet for breakfast, watching the Macy’s Day Parade, and enjoying ham with the turkey are all new Thanksgiving traditions that I enjoy with Sidney. Of course, before I met Sid I practiced some older traditions with my family. Days before I celebrated my first Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach, I wrote about some of those traditions we held dear and how Sidney was going to try to incorporate some of them into our east coast celebration. We all have our own unique Thanksgiving traditions and they are a major reason why the holiday is so special.

We all have our Thanksgiving traditions. Growing up, my family would always have lasagna as part of the Turkey Day spread.

TURKEY – Turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey. What is the first thing that pops into your head when someone says Thanksgiving? If you don’t say turkey, I am calling you a liar. Thanksgiving is synonymous with this particular bird that is the headliner of any Turkey Day feast. How much do I love it? Quite a bit! In 2016, I wrote about my favorite holiday meats. How does turkey match up against prime rib and ham? You will have to read to find out.

You can’t have Thanksgiving without turkey.


Are you in the “turkey” spirit now? Let me be the first to wish you a joyful Thanksgiving week. If you happen to be traveling, please arrive at your destination safely. Thanks for reading Don’t Blink and have a great Sunday.